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  1. I selected the bivouac myself, as I did not get billeting orders in time, and I preferred open fields on a hot night for the troops instead of stuffy billets in the town.

  2. Our billeting parties had, of course, been sent ahead and started on their work.

  3. The fact was, a force of German cavalry had turned up at Béthisy, just as our billeting parties were entering it, and the latter had only just time to clear out.

  4. In billeting and requisitioning, and in all matters requiring tact in connection with the inhabitants or the French Army, he was invaluable.

  5. The billeting had already been done for us by our (5th) Divisional Staff, and we found no difficulty in shaking down.

  6. To reach the line in two days meant a very considerable march table for each day, and Zermezeele had accordingly been fixed as the billeting area of the batteries for the night of December 2nd/3rd.

  7. As you see, it stands in this little backwater, and is not included in any of the regular billeting areas of the town.

  8. II The Battalion, headed by their tatterdemalion pipers, stumped into the town in due course, and were met on the outskirts by the billeting party, who led the various companies to their appointed place.

  9. I am going to see the Town Major about a billeting area.

  10. The chalked billeting marks of the Germans were still on the doors of the cottages.

  11. So I was sent, together with the Quartermaster-Sergeant and the Sergeant-Major, on billeting expeditions.

  12. I went on into Carlepont, and made myself useful to the Billeting Officer.

  13. Bavai, and I was sent on to find out about billeting arrangements, but by the time they were completed the rest had arrived.

  14. A couple of miles from Béthisy we came upon a billeting party of officers sitting in the shade of a big tree by the side of the road.

  15. Add a chateau (not a grand one) for the Headquarters, a modest office for the Staff, and you have a fair conception of the billeting place which shelters that part of the division which reposes.

  16. It required a thirty-five minute hike from the battery billeting area to reach the drill field.

  17. This village was the billeting center for the 2nd Battalion of the regiment.

  18. A section of a motor transportation corps was dispatched to La Tracey to convey the regiment to its new billeting district.

  19. The same day a detail of five men were were dispatched to the new billeting area to make ready the new battery location.

  20. A farming community, named Benoite Vaux, in the Department of Meuse, about twenty-five kilometers from the celebrated American battle sector of Saint Mihiel, was selected as the new billeting district for the regiment.

  21. The second night the regiment had to scatter for billeting at Bure, Echenay, Saudron, and Guillaume.

  22. Thursday, November 14th, the regiment had the task of getting its matériel to the station at La Courtine for transportation by rail to a new billeting area of France.

  23. On August 7th, the day of the 311th's arrival, the troops waited at the station for several hours while the billeting officers were locating billets throughout the town.

  24. The area billeting officer produced a large key, threw open the door and half the battery was ushered inside.

  25. The march through the town to the various assigned billeting districts was started from the station at 9:30 o'clock.

  26. The stables were completed in February and were in use long enough for an order to be issued to clean them out by way of demonstration, then the battery was ordered to proceed to another billeting district.

  27. Estree St Denis, to which I rode in advance with a billeting officer from each battery, proved to be a drab smoky town of mean-looking, jerry-built houses.

  28. I have been with my Captain, who has been billeting us here in Cheasingholt.

  29. I never heard of the billeting of grit stones," exclaims a bard of those days, "though I have heard of the billeting of soldiers: but now we see the stones of Aileach billeted on the horses of the King of the West!

  30. He assigned my brother at once to the Sixteenth Infantry, and ordered me to go with the advance billeting detail to the Gondecourt area, where our troops were to train.

  31. The billeting party, after working very hard and accomplishing very little, divided the area up as the French suggested.

  32. We sent forward, as was customary, a detail of officers to make sure that billeting accommodations were forthcoming and that everything would be as comfortable as possible for the men.

  33. We hiked through a beautiful peaceful country, the most lovely we had yet seen in France, billeting for the night in a little town where a whole company of mine slept in an old chateau.

  34. Men on the casual march, say, from one billeting place to another, are apt to push ahead stolidly and for the most part in silence.

  35. Coming away--and we came reluctantly--we skirted the edge of the billeting area where the regiment of Southern negroes was quartered, and again we heard them singing.

  36. The organization of billeting during reliefs broke down.

  37. Billeting accommodation in the villages was inadequate, and had to be augmented by tents.

  38. When, however, they were used as "staging areas" and billeting was at all close, their poverty was only too apparent.

  39. Philippe's mother, a call of state farewell from the billeting lieutenant.

  40. I think this is a question for the billeting lieutenant," said Fanny.

  41. I was interested to know how the billeting would work out.

  42. I had sent out a billeting officer, Lieut.

  43. He adopted the atrocious scheme of the dragonade, or the billeting of soldiers, over whom there was no restraint, in Huguenot families.

  44. Gustavus should be given the right of billeting whenever it were necessary.

  45. The practice of billeting in the towns and monasteries was made necessary by the paucity of land about the royal castles, but this necessity he hoped would not exist much longer.

  46. The French clergy had for some time granted permission for billeting there; I found this out the next morning, when I saw a party of nuns cleaning it up as much as possible after we had left it.

  47. We came away back to billets in the usual way after our first dose of the Douve, and all wallowed off to our various billeting quarters.

  48. About three weeks after I returned from leave, I had to move my billeting quarters.

  49. Even the manure heap in the billeting farm yard looked covered with roses.

  50. Richebourg St. Vaast, on the other hand, was well behind our lines and was considered by our billeting officers quite a good residential neighbourhood.

  51. The hostel is a grand scheme for billeting gratis the relatives of badly wounded men, who could otherwise not afford the journey.

  52. Was he still billeting his soldiers on the people?

  53. Another act was passed to enforce the trade laws, and still another to suspend the New York Assembly for its defiance of the Billeting Act.

  54. News from England indicated that parliament would take measures to enforce the billeting act.

  55. They had ample billeting space, and their great hospitals were within easy reach.

  56. He was billeted in villages where the people had been billeting soldiers for four years.

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