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  1. At Amiens the transport and machines were parked outside the town, without cover, and the officers were billeted at the 'Hôtel du Rhin' and elsewhere.

  2. At Compiègne, where they were billeted in a school, Major Baring records that they were in tearing spirits.

  3. It would appear that the English were billeted on the Irish throughout the country; and when De Burgo demanded wages for them, the Connacians rushed upon them, and slew six hundred men.

  4. From the village of Gheluvelt we moved on a mile nearer to Ypres, where we billeted in the Chateau de Gheluvelt, from which the owner (Monsieur Peerebone) and his family had evidently departed in great haste.

  5. The men were speedily billeted in sweet straw, laid down in the upper dormitories of the building; whilst the hundred and twenty horses were stalled in the spacious stables; and beds provided for the officers in the dormitories.

  6. We billeted in every kind of building, some of them very strange; but I think the strangest of all was a cow-house.

  7. We reached our village at about four o’clock in the afternoon, and each platoon found itself billeted in a barn at one of the farms which abounded in that particular locality.

  8. We went along a whole stretch of country till we reached a small village and billeted there.

  9. Infantry were stationed in Marsden, and the 10th King's Bays, the 15th Hussars, and the Scots Greys were alternately billeted in the place.

  10. A company of infantry marched in and were billeted upon the town.

  11. But billeted men have their food cooked by some village woman, or a group build wood fires against a wall.

  12. They were billeted at Elverdinghe till the village crumbled under shell fire.

  13. What with the thousands of Belgian, French and English troops billeted in the town, there was not a vacant room left.

  14. The quartermaster, Reggy, and I were billeted in one large room at the Louvre.

  15. He raised himself on one elbow, and commenced reminiscently: "Our dear old colonel was billeted in the tenement row which used to be in the square of Ypres, close to the Guild Hall.

  16. A bold double-billeted moulding is continued below the clerestory, whose windows adapt themselves to the binary arrangement of the bays.

  17. Needless to say, a sigh of satisfaction could be heard when word reached us to the effect that we would be billeted in barracks, instead of the usual hay mow.

  18. Without exception, it was the cleanest town in which we were billeted during our stay in France.

  19. Immediately upon our arrival in Haussonville we were billeted in a large barn and "hit the hay" for a few hours.

  20. We learned that the division was billeted a few miles south and the next morning we received orders to move to Eloyes at two P.

  21. The Battalion was billeted in the remains of the barracks, and was joined during the evening and night by the rest of the Brigade.

  22. The eighteen huge land-mines in whose shafts our second line had been so often billeted were now at last exploded and the sky was full of powdered earth, with God knows what other fragments.

  23. Here, at the head of a long valley which runs down to the Meeting of the Waters, was built one of the barracks which billeted the original garrison of the road.

  24. We were marched to the top of the town, and billeted in a convent.

  25. I was billeted upon a young widow, who did all in her power to make me comfortable, alongst with her aged father.

  26. A good many were billeted in the town, the convent being not large enough to contain us.

  27. The first four days we were billeted in houses and shops, which had been shelled to pieces, and set to work digging ways through the walls of cellars for means to get out should the house be hit again by a shell during a bombardment.

  28. They had placed barrels filled with earth over these holes, and carried on business in the same old way, making quite a good living from the English troops billeted there.

  29. At one place at which we were billeted five of these Germans stopped in the house next to a barn where a platoon of the Connaughts[1] were.

  30. On the fourth we were relieved, and proceeded to Bethune, where we were billeted in a school.

  31. It was a very unenviable berth, as the majority of French people objected to have soldiers billeted on them, and our Officers were often very dissatisfied with the billets we found for them.

  32. On the way there we passed the Black Watch, who were billeted just in front of us; they were preparing to enjoy New Year's Eve.

  33. In the mean time soldiers were billeted on the people.

  34. His third Parliament had complained, in the Petition of Right, of his fondness for martial law, and of the vexatious manner in which he billeted his soldiers on the people.

  35. The troops had again been billeted on the people; and it was clear to the Commons that the five subsidies which they had given as the price of the national liberties had been given in vain.

  36. There are twelve officers and two hundred men billeted here.

  37. They are fortunate, for only two or three are billeted in each little house, where they are quite domestic pets by this time.

  38. C" are billeted in a village two miles away, and we see them but rarely.

  39. I am billeted in an estaminet by myself, and Bill Fiddian is with two other officers on the same course in another estaminet in a large room with three beds, out of which all the bedrooms open.

  40. We are billeted in a sort of irregular ring round the village, with Battalion Headquarters in a small chateau.

  41. It is quite a nice little village in a hollow, only it is crowded with troops--three Battalions and various other units all billeted in it.

  42. The house where I am billeted is owned by a topping old man.

  43. We are billeted in a topping farm, and I have a huge great room with a big bed and a fire.

  44. The brigades billeted forward were relieved from time to time under divisional arrangements.

  45. The detachment marched off to the headquarters of the offending Chinese detachment, which was billeted in a pawnshop, and tried to force their way past a sentry who stood his ground, into the inner courtyards.

  46. Professor Snodgrass was billeted temporarily in a farmhouse on the edge of a little French village near which the boys were on duty.

  47. Ned, Bob and Jerry were billeted with five others at a French farmhouse, where they were given beds in the attic.

  48. All the officers were billeted out, and my quarters were with Mr. Murreyfield, the local squire.

  49. The regiment was quartered at Radchurch, in Essex, where the men were placed partly in huts and were partly billeted upon the inhabitants.

  50. I got billeted in the same house together.

  51. Here we came in for most delightful quarters, being billeted in the houses, where we all had excellent beds.

  52. That was the reason you were billeted in his house.

  53. Marie said that Madame was billeted in her home and had asked her to come along with the welfare workers.

  54. Mrs. Smythe has kindly offered to share her apartment with me, and I understand that you are billeted in the same house, so we should have some pleasant chats.

  55. When we get to the Rhine we probably shall be billeted in a house where we can have ordinary comforts.

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