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  1. The difference between a bibliophile and a bibliomaniac has been described as between one who adorns his mind, and the other his book-cases.

  2. Huth, who has made a number of important additions to it, and who is as ardent and as genuine a bibliophile as his father.

  3. The bibliophile Jacob is mistaken in asserting that I followed a tradition preserved in the family of the Duc de Choiseul; M.

  4. For a continuation see Bibliophile Belge, Vol.

  5. This is doubtless because the sphere of his operations becomes wider until it exceeds that of his experience; the seventh age of the Bibliophile is even as his first.

  6. The merest tyro sometimes experiences a success which the experienced bibliophile sighs for in vain.

  7. Bibliophile Edition This Edition of the Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart, is limited to One Thousand Numbered and Signed Sets, of which this is Number .

  8. It is a credit to be a bibliomaniac provided one is a bibliophile as well.

  9. The bibliophile must judge for himself as best he may, what books indicate by their nature and celebrity a permanent value and what books command excessive prices for the moment simply because of inflated interest and demand.

  10. I have designed it especially for the bibliophile who enjoys "fussing" over his books and who receives, in seeing them in good condition and repair through his own efforts, an echo of the pleasure he receives from reading them.

  11. A careful sifting of these translations, therefore, might very well furnish the bibliophile who is inclined toward such reading with a library of classics easily readable in good, accurate translation.

  12. And the rich Bibliophile now, as in your satire, clothes his volumes in purple morocco and gay dorures, while their contents are sealed to him.

  13. Sad to relate, this bibliophile died like other men, and the collection of a lifetime came to the inevitable hammer.

  14. Accordingly, we find that every book which excites the cupidity of the true bibliophile derives its magic power primarily from within, and that this power is often materially increased by reason of extraneous considerations.

  15. I cannot believe the great poet to have been a bibliophile like Jonson.

  16. And the rich Bibliophile now, as in your satire, clothes his volumes in purple morocco and gay dorures, while their contents are sealed to him.

  17. At the end of the letter is a passage which can be read only in the Boston Bibliophile edition, referring to Dyer's Poems, to John Woodvil and to Godwin.

  18. Garnett, who annotated the Boston Bibliophile edition, is convinced that "evening" is the word, and he says that the bricks meant were probably briquettes of compressed coal dust.

  19. Two or three lines have been omitted from this letter which can be read as written only in the Boston Bibliophile edition.

  20. My attempt to induce the American owner of the largest number of new letters to allow me to copy them from the Boston Bibliophile edition has proved fruitless.

  21. That bibliophile never pats his horse or his dog.

  22. Some one has said that "to call a bibliophile a bibliomaniac is to conduct a lover, languishing for his maiden's smile, to an asylum for the demented, and to shut him up in the ward for the incurables.

  23. There is as much difference between the inclinations and taste of a bibliophile and a bibliomaniac as between a slight cold and the advanced stages of consumption.

  24. Another and more palpable fraud has been perpetrated in copying the name of The Bibliophile Society, but with a slight prefix, just enough to afford a loop-hole through which to escape legal prosecution.

  25. Now, he knew a little about rare books; so he practiced talking about books like a bibliophile and buyer; and very shortly, he started for Spain.

  26. It is a faithful record of the life and experience of this bibliophile of the olden time.

  27. The west of England was honored by many a monkish bibliophile in the middle ages.

  28. The bibliophile will regard it with still greater love; for, in its day, it was one of the most eminent repositories of those treasures which it is his province to collect.

  29. There is a curious illumination of this monkish bibliophile in the Cotton manuscript.

  30. Richard de Bury the prototype of a much honored and agreeable bibliophile of our own time?

  31. A few additional copies were struck off, but these did not bear the Bibliophile book-plate.

  32. So Charles Nodier, cited in the Notice by Bibliophile Jacob, pp.

  33. Notice of Bonaventure Desperiers, by Bibliophile Jacob [i.

  34. Latour did not suppose that "dans ce bas monde it fut permis aux joies du bibliophile d'aller encore plus loin.

  35. Poulet Malassis have written the history of these slender works of art, and each bibliophile may have his own engraved, and may formulate his own anathemas on people who borrow and restore not again.

  36. Again, the bibliophile may prefer to have the leather stamped with his arms and crest, like de Thou, Henri III.

  37. A bibliophile who could say this could say anything.

  38. The bibliophile asks about his books the question which the metaphysician asks about his soul.

  39. There was once a bibliophile who said that a man could only love one book at a time, and the darling of the moment he used to carry about in a charming leather case.

  40. I have seen an Australian bibliophile enraptured by the rare chance of buying, in Melbourne, an early work on--the history of Port Jackson!

  41. The amateur, then, is the person we have in our eye, and especially the bibliophile who has but lately been bitten with this pleasant mania of collecting.

  42. But the magnum opus of them all was a green buckram affair in thirty tall tomes calling itself "The Bibliophile Library of Literature, Art and Rare Manuscripts.

  43. In the general case, however, a bibliophile at the head of a public library is genial and communicative, and has a pleasure in helping the investigator through the labyrinth of its stores.

  44. The great bibliophile stroked his beard slowly, at the same time turning over the evenly-written parchment folios.

  45. He was certainly the leading bibliophile of his day, at once the most cultivated and the most liberal in the acquisition of rare books.

  46. Vingtdeux, a priest bibliophile of the eighteenth century.

  47. Produced ex-libris for the bibliophile Pierre Deschamps, and for the Docteur GĂ©rard Piogey.

  48. On page 38 is the tiny little plate of Paul Lacroix, better known, perhaps, as the bibliophile Jacob, whose writings have done so much to popularize the study of the manners of the Middle Ages, and the progress of civilization in France.

  49. A pictorial plate designed for a bibliophile of Montpellier.

  50. Abel Picard, an eminent bibliophile holding a high official position in Paris.

  51. It occurred to me that the new owner of the "Legende Doree" might be some intelligent and liberal bibliophile who would allow me to examine the MS.

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