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Example sentences for "bidder"

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bidarkas; bidd; biddable; bidde; bidden; bidders; biddes; biddest; biddeth; biddies
  1. An’ I’ll see t’ it ’at the right bidder gits the goods.

  2. The sale ’ll have to be made conditional on satisfactory evidence that the highest bidder is an honest, respectable sort of person.

  3. The following is a specimen:--Speech of the Bidder in 1762.

  4. A bidder goes from house to house, with a long pole and ribbons flying at the end of it, and standing in the middle floor in each house, he repeats a long lesson, with great formality.

  5. You understand by this Time that I was left in a Brothel, and exposed to the next Bidder that could purchase me of my Patroness.

  6. But whether the Government, rather than accept less than its claim, should become a bidder and thereby the owner of the property, I submit to the Congress for action.

  7. Dey put 'em up on a big old block, an' de highest bidder got de Nigger.

  8. I never seed no Niggers sold, but Mammy said her and her whole fambly was sold on de block to de highes' bidder and dat was when Ole Marster got us.

  9. The postmaster-general was to give the preference to such bidder as should propose to carry the mails in a steamship rather than a sailing-ship.

  10. Only one bidder appeared (as was evidently expected)--the Pacific Mail Steamship Company.

  11. A bid to play alone is higher than a bid of five and if the bidder takes all the tricks his side scores ten.

  12. The highest bid wins and the bidder is entitled to the widow, selecting any cards he wishes and discarding others in their place.

  13. The bank was the highest bidder at $3,500.

  14. On the second day, they went for as little as six pistoles, the highest bidder for that day being Henry Salkeld, who purchased lots Nos.

  15. It was the unsuccessful bidder for Captain Miles's picture.

  16. So he used to invite Bidder to have a quiet wrestle with him, for old acquaintance sake.

  17. I am not speaking ironically, gentlemen: any bidder of the description I have named will get these children at a satisfactory figure.

  18. I motion every other bidder withdraw in deference to the deacon's claim," rejoins Romescos, laughing.

  19. Sometimes the girl's father proposes for her; and when a young woman does not receive an early proposal, her father or brother go from kraal to kraal and offer her till a bidder is found.

  20. As for the list of peoples among whom brides were sold--usually to the highest bidder and without reference to feminine choice--that would be much larger still.

  21. A bidder must be able to command his temper, both that he may be able to keep his head cool when tempted to bid recklessly, and that he may disregard the not very carefully concealed sneers of the professionals.

  22. This check was to be forfeited to the Exposition Company in the event the successful bidder failed to enter into a contract with the salvage committee within five days after they accepted the bid.

  23. I have been a bidder at many sales of both Government and city, property, and the method employed at such sales provided for the opening of bids in public in the presence of such bidders as desired to be present.

  24. He told me when he came out that he had entered a vigorous protest as to the way the bids were being handled, and that he as a stockholder and a bidder had again demanded that the bids be opened in the presence of the bidders.

  25. Do you suppose it is none to have me bandied about from bidder to bidder, and offered for sale to a gentleman who will not buy me?

  26. A genuine buffalo robe was knocked down to a bidder at the price of eighty dollars.

  27. Phœbe, triumphant bidder for a pair of hand-beaten copper sheep bells, turned and looked at the farmer.

  28. A superb specimen of Claude Lorraine encouraged no bidder beyond twenty-seven pounds, six shillings.

  29. In the year before the great Exhibition at the King of Holland's sale, a 'Holy Family' attributed to Raphael found no bidder beyond two hundred and fifty pounds.

  30. With Bidder the gift persisted through life, but grew weaker as he grew older.

  31. Mr. Bidder could determine mentally the logarithm of any number to 7 or 8 places, says (p.

  32. I don’t care a blank whether you are Mr. Bidder or Mr. Auctioneer,” turned on his heel and walked away.

  33. Bidder was the first General Manager of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada.

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