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  1. On the Mino River, Tuy and Orense were frontier towns, to populate which, bishoprics were erected.

  2. With the exception of Oviedo, all the bishoprics in this group fall under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Burgos.

  3. In their abbeys or bishoprics they were as debauched as those who followed arms for their profession.

  4. No one can adequately describe the material damage which the Catholic parsonages and benefices, convents and bishoprics had to suffer on their suppression.

  5. Our intention,” says Luther quite plainly, “is to establish an example to show how the bishoprics may be reformed and governed in a Christian manner.

  6. Bolwiller represented that no time was to be lost if France was to be prevented from fixing her hold upon the Three Bishoprics forever.

  7. On the case of the Three Bishoprics see St. Sulpice, ibid.

  8. The bishops of the Rhine kept quiet; only in Lorraine and the Three Bishoprics was Catholic enlisting unimpeded.

  9. It is modified to the effect that the above three per cent shall be collected generally, not only in this capital and the bishoprics of Cebú and Nueva Cáceres, but also in that of Nueva Segovia, which had been excluded before.

  10. Only one vacancy of one of the bishoprics was then found without pay warrant, but its warrant was expected immediately.

  11. M142) During his first administration he recommended for no fewer than twelve bishoprics and eight deaneries.

  12. Outside the Roman state, I am amazed at the Italian government giving over into the hands of the pope not only the nomination to the bishoprics as spiritual offices, but a nomination which is to carry with it the temporalities of the sees.

  13. After an attack of influenza which had left him very weak in the spring of 1891, he endangered his life by attending a meeting on behalf of the Colonial Bishoprics Fund, for which he had spoken fifty years before.

  14. Bishoprics were in those days regarded chiefly as pieces of rich preferment with which prime ministers bought the support of powerful adherents.

  15. Stephen endowed the bishoprics and monasteries with a generosity truly royal.

  16. During the Commonwealth period the bishoprics which became vacant were not filled; but on the accession of Charles II.

  17. Pensions and sinecures which would not bear the light in England were charged on the Irish establishment, and even bishoprics were given away on the same principle.

  18. You have all manner of fat rectories to get, and possible bishoprics to enjoy.

  19. I suppose he'll be looking for bishoprics some of these days--a man that hardly knows who his father was; a man that I found without bread to his mouth, or a coat to his back.

  20. Whiston complains that 'the bishops of his day were too well known to be tools of the Court to merit better bishoprics by voting as directed.

  21. All the booty of the Huns, which he found in Pannonia, he divided most liberally among the bishoprics and the monasteries.

  22. Wherefore now study to attain to perfection; and I will give you bishoprics and splendid monasteries, and you shall be always honourable in my eyes.

  23. Scotland should hold their bishoprics during will and pleasure; I do not find that the High Church complained of this as an encroachment, &c.

  24. They might as well have made Cardinals Campegi and de Chinuchii, Bishops of Salisbury and Worcester, as have enacted that their several sees and bishoprics were utterly void.

  25. Amongst the few prominent Eusebians of the West were two disciples of Arius who held the neighbouring bishoprics of Mursa and Singidunum, the modern Belgrade.

  26. Henceforth sound belief was to be guaranteed by communion, no longer with Rome and Alexandria, but with Constantinople, Alexandria, and the chief bishoprics of the East.

  27. The bishoprics of Lubeck, Ratzeburg and Schwerin owed to him their origin, while he it was who caused the marshy lands around Bremen to be reclaimed and cultivated.

  28. It was not only from the lands of the Crown and the manors of earls that bishoprics and monasteries derived their large endowments.

  29. In return for this Edward yielded up his illusory rights over the three bishoprics of Limoges, Périgueux, and Cahors.

  30. Inscription of Tralles; see Ramsay, Cities and Bishoprics of Phrygia, i, 94 ff.

  31. Basel and Lausanne figure as bishoprics under Besancon; while Constance, a bishopric under Mainz, asserted episcopal rights over Zurich and the neighbourhood.

  32. Many of the monks, however, were dispersed by the king’s command among bishoprics and abbeys, to be kept under guard.

  33. The Corsican bishoprics furnished him with another means of establishing his influence in the island.

  34. The old bishoprics of Birka and Sigtuna were changed into that of (Old) Upsala, where the pagan temple seems to have been at last changed into a church.

  35. New bishoprics were created in Linkoeping, Strengnaes, Westeros and Vexio.

  36. The Catholics of Holland refused to recognise these bishoprics as did also the Pope, whose only reply to their overtures was a sentence of excommunication and interdict.

  37. Philip decided that the time had come when the number of bishoprics should be increased, and the jurisdiction of foreign metropolitans should be abolished.

  38. Matters had reached such a crisis that many of the bishoprics in Portugal and the Portuguese colonies were left vacant.

  39. The Bishoprics of Hildesheim and Naumburg were captured by force, and it required all the efforts of the Pope and of the Emperor to prevent Cologne from being handed over to Luther's followers by its prince-bishop (Hermann von Wied).

  40. Two bishoprics were erected, one at Pekin and one at Nankin.

  41. Later on the Bishoprics of Haarlem (1742) and of Deventer were established as suffragan Sees to Utrecht.

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