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Example sentences for "blenched"

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blemish; blemished; blemishes; blemishless; blench; blend; blende; blended; blender; blending
  1. I might, and though she often blenched for the pain of it she uttered no complaint.

  2. Adam blenched and (for the first time in my remembrance) his keen eyes quailed before mine, and over his bronzed face, from aggressive chin to prominent brow, crept a slow and painful red.

  3. But the Duchess spake not, nor blenched even when the dagger gleamed to strike--O sweet God of mercy, to strike!

  4. Now looking from the man's grim features to this murderous cord, Beltane blenched and shivered, whereat Black Roger laughed aloud, and pointed a scornful finger.

  5. Now beholding the face of the speaker, his proud and noble bearing, his bold eyes fierce and bright and the grim line of nose and chin, Duke Ivo blenched and drew back, the smile fled from his lip, and he stared wide of eye and breathless.

  6. The idea came to her that if she blenched then she would for all time forfeit his respect as well as her own.

  7. She blenched a little in spite of herself.

  8. There grew to be a rather bleak look in his face, something blenched his blue eyes.

  9. He woke in a cold sweat and lay trembling, blenched with fear.

  10. I, and so bitterly-fierce that she blenched from me.

  11. But now, and suddenly, she was before me again, this poor Spanish lady I had slain upon a time, wherefore I blenched and shrank from her coming.

  12. And here the old harridan railed at me until the child whimpered for fear and even I blenched before the woman's fierce aspect and shrewish tongue.

  13. Now at this I blenched and well I might, and she smiled down at the long tress of hair she was braiding and then glances at me mighty demure; quoth she: "But only sometimes, Martin.

  14. Mr. Dalroyd and, soft though his voice was, Joseph blenched and cowered.

  15. So he said: "Give me the point and edges that I know, that I may smite myself therewith and not the foemen; for I have feared and blenched from the battle.

  16. Colonel Bishop stood in the waist, his great face blenched to the colour of clay, his mouth loose, almost afraid to look at the sturdy ruffians who lounged about the shot-rack on the main hatch.

  17. The blood crept slowly back into his blenched face, and his glance grew in insolence, almost in menace.

  18. Long and bitter was the battle, and the Burgers were fierce without head-strong folly, and the Wheat-wearers deemed that if they blenched now, they had something worse than death to look to.

  19. The tone of it was so different from the woodsman's generally strong, happy-go-lucky manner of speech, that Dol blenched as if he had been struck.

  20. Her pinched features and over-wise eyes told a tale of suffering, and so did her high-pitched, quivering voice, as it made elfishly sharp remarks about the boys until they blenched before her.

  21. Can anyone say that I blenched from it, or hid myself in my zenana?

  22. At first he blenched not even at the news of Friedland.

  23. No beautiful and graceful young girl on the stage blenched before the salacious witticisms of the tireless comedian; on the contrary he remained the darling of the stage.

  24. And if no beautiful and graceful young girl blenched on the stage, neither did the beautiful and graceful young girls in the audience blench.

  25. It was past three in the afternoon, cold with a blenched light.

  26. Cashmore no more blenched now than he had blenched at the puce garment.

  27. And again as I blenched from the horrible face my eyes fell on the horse, and I saw that the poor little beast was no less than distraught with fright.

  28. As I blenched before them, I saw that a stout pole held his body upright, a pole lashed firmly at the tail of his crupper, and terminating in two forking branches like an inverted V, against which his legs had been bound with leathern thongs.

  29. Mrs. Trapes actually blenched before the glare in his eyes that was so strangely at odds with his soft, lazy tones.

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