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Example sentences for "bodied"

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bodes; bodi; bodice; bodices; bodie; bodies; bodiless; bodilie; bodily; boding
  1. The money value of the women, children, and old men being much less than that of the able-bodied men, twenty-two of the slaves were assigned to him.

  2. Baltimore was sacked in the early seventeenth century by Algerine pirates, and all the able-bodied inhabitants sold into slavery.

  3. We see it to be a long-bodied spider thickly beset with hairs which entirely hide the integument of the abdomen.

  4. You may chance to see a little zebra-striped, flat-bodied spider exploring the surface and directing its opera-glass-like eyes in all directions in search of prey.

  5. Always bear in mind how unimportant you are, how small a figure on the great field, and that if every shell fired had killed one soldier there would not be an able-bodied man in uniform left alive on the continent of Europe.

  6. Nor should it be forgotten that among the freedmen who come within our lines, there is only a small proportion of able-bodied men capable of enduring the hardships of the service.

  7. Probably these gorgeous visions were bodied forth so as to inspirit the soldiery and enthrall the imagination of France.

  8. Rather significantly this colonial Domesday of 1681 mentions that the sixteen able-bodied men of the seigneury possessed 'seven muskets' among them.

  9. In all the years that the colony had been under French dominion a single word from any seigneur was enough to summon every one of his able-bodied habitants to arms.

  10. Every able-bodied citizen of moderate means has this outfit hanging in his andronitis, and can don it at brief notice.

  11. Possibly there are more able-bodied male slaves in Attica than male free men, although this point is very uncertain.

  12. Picking himself up, he no sooner starts again when he finds his face in the middle of a strong web which some huge-bodied spider has been laboriously constructing.

  13. It was his business to visit the different villages, buy, barter, or steal able-bodied men for so much a month, and rush them in gangs to the coast under charge of an escort.

  14. Very different is the spirit bodied forth in the architecture of Imperial Rome.

  15. Such being the relation between them, the difference in the nature of the ideas bodied forth in music and in architecture becomes apparent.

  16. It is true the great genius in letters, or any other kind of art, can never rest content until he has bodied forth in a multitude of works all of that complex which is his conception of life.

  17. They impressed me as two husky and happy-bodied little beings and I remembered that whatever prairie-life had cost me, it had not cost me the health of my family.

  18. It was all light-hearted enough, until Dinky-Dunk happened to notice that Dinkie wasn't enjoying the water as an able-bodied youngster ought.

  19. It's hard to keep a house spick and span, with two active-bodied children running about it.

  20. To enable the use of a stout-bodied boring tool, while keeping its cutting edge below the centre, the top face of the tool may be depressed, as shown in Fig.

  21. And me an able-bodied woman that could turn him acrost my knee?

  22. Any able-bodied man who will deliberately make a barbecue of himself for a gang of blood-thirsty insects ought to be hanged.

  23. The great European States maintain standing armies in which all able-bodied citizens have to pass a longer or shorter period of military training.

  24. This step is the more necessary because the present available cadres are insufficient to receive the mass of able-bodied recruits and to provide for their thorough training.

  25. These figures being white, or the colour of the vellum, give additional brightness to the full-bodied red by which they are surrounded, and materially add to the beauty and effect of the whole letter.

  26. In the other three editions, one Latin and two Dutch, in which the text is entirely from moveable types, the ink is also full-bodied and nearly jet black, forming a strong contrast with the faint colour of the cuts.

  27. He had harangued his people into the belief that the fight going on among the whites in the South had drawn off all the able-bodied men, leaving none but old men, women and children.

  28. Watch how negligently he lays his arms, heavy with broad ivory wristlets, on the shoulders of the supple-bodied youngsters, who are jealous of this high honour conferred on them.

  29. She will be called before the coroner, her mediumship and Clarke's control of her will be howled through the street--" He groaned with the shame and anguish of the scene his imagination bodied forth.

  30. He bodied forth the emotional moralist seeking escape from the ferocity of the creed in which his youth had been nurtured, rather than the self-seeking, coldly calculating fortune-hunter.

  31. Hyde: "An able-bodied man who does not contribute to the world at least as much as he takes out of it is a beggar and a thief; whether he shirks the duty of work under the pretext of poverty or riches.

  32. A hundred and fifty sailors, aided by three hundred and fifty able-bodied negroes, should make quick work of it.

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