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Example sentences for "bodices"

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  1. They wear bodices and overdresses of the very palest pink, flowered with deep-pink roses.

  2. Court ladies in pale-yellow bodices and looped overdresses over white.

  3. They are maids of the court, who wear rose-pink bodices and overdresses over white.

  4. Pale-blue bodices and looped-up overdresses over white.

  5. By far the greater number wore trunk hose and fleshings; but many were attired in the short skirts of the ballet, with some attempt at bayadere and daughter of the regiment in the bodices and trimmings.

  6. On gala days they don velvet bodices laced with gold, and silk skirts, which may be white to match the chemisette, or coloured, an essential accessory being a scarlet apron.

  7. It was in the earliest days of the nineteenth century that artificial flowers began to obtain considerable popularity, and they were used in the hair and on the bodices and in festoons on the skirts, and on the hems of trains.

  8. Trains extended themselves when the waists of the bodices grew shorter, and the dresses were gathered in front, pleats falling from the bust or just below the short waist.

  9. They also display a pretty taste in jewellery, wearing pearl ear-rings and pearl and coral necklaces, other articles of attire including black velvet slippers, and sleeveless bodices laced with ribbon over a white chemisette.

  10. Beneath the panier of the full skirt, which was trimmed with many bands of gold and embroidery, appeared a frilled apron, and the bodices were high at the back, and cut square in front, and over the shoulders was worn a scarf.

  11. Her earlier dresses displayed stiff pointed bodices with stomachers, held with little tied bows of velvet, and paniers bunched liberally on the hips to show the under-dress of lace, bordered with flounces, headed and festooned with roses.

  12. The Hungarian peasant women may be noted in passing for their yellow leather boots and low iron heels, and they study the serviceable and the beautiful in their many coloured bodices and petticoats, and white apron and long plaits.

  13. The bodices were cut low off the shoulders, laced in front, with tightly-fitting sleeves that buttoned the whole length, and were finished by cuffs extending over the hands.

  14. Sidenote: Sleeves] When bodices are worn under the arm, rip the seams and set in a new "under arm" piece.

  15. In sewing buttons on bodices a tape should be sewed over the front basting for a stay.

  16. About 1630 shorter waisted bodices came in, with full, loose sleeves set in epaulets: the neck shape was rounded or square.

  17. Bodices with a low curved neck often had a short skirt or shaped pieces, as well as a shaped short sleeve over a gathered lawn one, while many wore long sleeves to the wrist, and a waistbelt is sometimes noted.

  18. These types of sleeves were usually worn over a tight one or a full lawn sleeve gathered at the wrist; most bodices with this sleeve were closely fitted and high in the neck, the waist often being cut into small tabs.

  19. Spencer bodices were an additional interest at this period, and a short puff sleeve was generally banded or caught with bows; these being often worn over a fairly loose long sleeve gathered by a wristband.

  20. The bodices were often slashed, and the full sleeves, cut into bands, were sometimes gathered by cross bands from one to three times.

  21. The bodice again became much longer and of a pointed shape, but many corset bodices took a round point, and a round neck coming well off the shoulders became general, usually decorated with a plain wide band of lace.

  22. Most bodices took a very deep curved front at the neck, and large padded sleeves narrowed at the wrist still continued, besides the high fan collar at the back of the neck, and large ruffs were used by many.

  23. Around the table were rows of grim men in black hats and plump Puritan women in tight bodices and starched collars.

  24. In return for this he washes all the clothes of the family two or three times a month, except the loin-cloths and women's bodices which they themselves wash daily.

  25. High dresses of transparent materials, and low bodices with capes of black lace, are considered sufficiently full dress on these occasions.

  26. No dressmaker can fit you well, or make your bodices in the manner most becoming to your figure, if the corsage beneath be not of the best description.

  27. Some wore scarlet gowns, bodices covered with metallic ornaments, embroidered chemisettes and a profusion of glass trinkets.

  28. Of course hearts that beat beneath silken bodices may be wrung as bitterly as those that serge covers.

  29. I took off my coat, and they were obliged to unlace their dresses, the bodices of which were lined with fur.

  30. This made them gayer than ever, for they had not noticed that their unlaced bodices and short petticoats let me see almost everything.

  31. Their dresses fitted their figures, and were trimmed with fur and stiffened with whalebones, so they went into the next room, and came back in white bodices and short dimity petticoats, laughing at the slightness of their attire.

  32. In the center of the stage sat some girls in red bodices and white skirts.

  33. The countess was to wear a claret-colored velvet dress, and the two girls white gauze over pink silk slips, with roses on their bodices and their hair dressed a la grecque.

  34. The bodices came to a peak in front and were round behind.

  35. Another thing the women did was to cut from their bodices all the little strips but the one in the middle of the back, and this they left, like a tail, behind.

  36. The dames of such as wear the cote-hardie imitate its tightness in the sleeves and bodices of their long gown.

  37. This autumn I must again mention the numbers of slightly full bodices of the "Garibaldi" and "Norfolk jacket" class that this season has brought out, to be worn with skirts of different materials.

  38. So far as I can see in the newest styles, the loose-fronted bodices have it all their own way.

  39. Yoked bodices will be a decided winter style.

  40. With these bodices there is generally a turned-down collar and long cuffs of velvet, and the belt should be also of velvet.

  41. Gathered bodices and full plain skirts, confined by broad sashes, combined the elements of grace and utility, and exhibited no foolish attempt to distort and pervert nature.

  42. Bretelles of velvet are used as trimmings to the bodices of these rough woollens, and the collars and cuffs are almost invariably of the same material, which seems likely to retain its popularity through the winter.

  43. It was these last who first introduced into Brittany the large borders, the bodices opened on the hips, and the hanging sleeves.

  44. Skirts as well as bodices are ornamented with gathered ribbons.

  45. I daresay you will have already seen, though perhaps not quite realised, the change, that dresses are now worn with bodices of the same material, and the sketch in question displays this alteration in style.

  46. I must not finish my chat without mentioning the ribbon trimmings which have so largely replaced lace, tulle, and chiffon ruches, especially upon bodices and blouses.

  47. All modern habit-bodices are made entirely without perceptible basque, having merely the coat-tail at the back.

  48. Bodices which open much at the throat are very apt to give colds and coughs to the wearers of them.

  49. I therefore recommend that when open bodices are worn in chilly weather, a fold of chamois, or warm soft flannel, should be placed across the chest.

  50. Separate bodices and skirts, heavily flounced, were worn; through all varieties of fashion the dresses were sewn and shaped.

  51. The same costume, without any girdle, is worn by two women in a kitchen: they seem to have bodices and skirts (plate 30).

  52. These bodices are very heavy and are fitted upon them and sewn before each performance, so they form as it were a new skin and reveal with a clearness that is nothing short of impressive the slightest undulations of the body.

  53. They have bodices of silk stitched with gold and adorned with precious stones.

  54. Skirts won't be much good without the bodices to match!

  55. It would be as bad as losing two boxes, for of what use were bodices minus skirts to match?

  56. They were quietly but very elegantly dressed, handsome furs being thrown back, to show pretty bodices of ninon and lace.

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