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Example sentences for "borrower"

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borowed; borrer; borrered; borrow; borrowed; borrowers; borrowing; borrowings; borrows; borry
  1. The premium may consist of the amount which the borrower pays in excess of the legal interest, or it may consist of a certain number of payments of dues or of interest to be made in advance.

  2. In the great majority of cases the borrower effects an insurance with the savings bank so that his repayments terminate at his death.

  3. The advance is made to the society at 3 or sometimes at 2½% interest, and the borrower pays 4%.

  4. Meanwhile, the man who was insulted would be again struck; the poor man who had lost one thing would lose two; the hard-working, frugal labourer would have to support the beggar and the borrower out of the fruits of his toil.

  5. None committing an assault would be punished; every unjust suit would succeed; every forced concession would be endorsed; every beggar would live in luxury; every borrower would spend at will.

  6. In a loan of money, under mutuum, the borrower was not required to pay interest.

  7. In regard to loans, the borrower was obliged to take care of it as if it were his own.

  8. The same rich borrower owed something to William Browne, who, in his turn, like the Fletchers, but with a much less extensive indebtedness, levied on Spenser.

  9. But Desportes, the chief creditor alleged, was himself an infinite borrower from the Italians.

  10. For els he shall be a byer, a borrower or a beggar.

  11. In consequence of this decampment, the borrower had withdrawn himself; so that the lender was obliged to have recourse to his security.

  12. No borrower to have more than sixty pounds sterling, nor less than fifteen.

  13. If the borrower lived for five years the loan would be paid out of the income.

  14. Thus, in Tessin, there are many "iron cattle" which the borrower is obliged to return at their original value, plus an interest of about 36 per cent.

  15. If, afterwards, the debtor declares under oath that he made no profit, the creditor has no more to say; but then the borrower would lose all credit in the future.

  16. The former consists in the price paid by the borrower for the use of the factor of production to the owner; the latter in the immediate products which the employment of the same productive power brings on one's own account.

  17. It was a discovery of Locke's, that borrowing from foreign countries was advantageous in all those instances in which the inland borrower earned more than the amount of his interest by means of the loan.

  18. Besides, the Austrian usury law of 1803 punishes the borrower also as a spendthrift, and imprisons him for six months (Sec.

  19. I venture to assert that the treatment cured the error, and the borrower will not violate the law again; while he might have run riot in open crime, had he been openly dealt with.

  20. The person did not lock his granary, and no borrower I dare say has set foot in it since.

  21. If the borrower does not belong to the same family or clan as the lender, the difficulty will be greater, but it may perhaps be overcome by the same description of pressure, by means of friends.

  22. The amounts borrowed are usually small, and each borrower must have a security from among the contributors to the fund.

  23. Loss or misplacement of books or periodicals should be at once reported and adjustment made, otherwise fines will be assessed as above on borrower charged with them.

  24. Any borrower for wilful or continuous violation of library regulations may be debarred by the Librarians from library privileges for the remainder of the current semester and for such other specified term as the President may direct.

  25. A renewal may be made by mail or by telephone but there is less chance of error when the borrower calls in person.

  26. They should not be passed on to other readers or left out of use on some shelf or table while the borrower is away at class or meals.

  27. Misunderstandings occur because a book cannot be renewed and the borrower has left without waiting to get this report.

  28. It must not be taken from the building, lent to another reader, or left around the library, but returned and discharged as soon as original borrower can no longer continuously use it.

  29. Books charged on a Library Use Slip and not returned the same day, when recalled will be treated as overdue and the borrower becomes subject to the prescribed fines.

  30. A book becomes due the day recalled and if not returned on the third day overdue borrower is subject to the prescribed fines.

  31. But the possessor of money has rarely been willing to pay anything; he has usually and rightly believed that the borrower would discover him soon.

  32. The borrower sees that, although by means of his business he may have at the end of a year five per cent more of commodity in his possession, prices will probably have fallen so as to enable him to realize in money only four per cent.

  33. It is possible that, where this subject has been considered, the impression may prevail that this reduction in the nominal rate of interest is the result of foresight on the part of borrower and lender.

  34. He is satisfied with this increase; and, moreover, he is forced to adopt it, since the natural increase of real capital will not enable a borrower to pay more.

  35. The lender gives to the borrower twenty units of "commodity" and gets back twenty-one.

  36. The borrower will please read and return this Book uninjured and without delay.

  37. Here the borrower must pay eight or ten per cent.

  38. This will frequently be the talukdhar, or sub-renter, who exacts from the needy borrower whatever interest he thinks the unfortunate may he able to pay him, often at the rate of one per cent.

  39. The amateur who is the proud owner of a single book out of the common should hide it from the borrower even as from a book worm.

  40. Not one person in a hundred knows how to treat a book properly, and the borrower is therefore usually regarded as but one degree removed from an enemy.

  41. It is a library truism that a librarian can tell from repeated experiences just when a borrower is calling at the library to announce her engagement or to proclaim that his new job has been secured.

  42. As each borrower returned his book he was catechised as to its contents, if the examination was satisfactory he was allowed another book for the coming year; if not, he must take his old book again.

  43. These latter encourage the people to take loans and discourage repayment until the debt has increased by accumulation of interest to a sum from which the borrower cannot easily free himself.

  44. Some Plagiarists I Have Known--A Peculiar Case of Plagiary--A Borrower from Stedman 139 XLII.

  45. Sidenote: A Borrower from Stedman] The other case was a more subtle one, and incidentally more interesting to me.

  46. True, I once knew a book-lover who was not afraid of telling the would-be borrower that he never lent books.

  47. Often when a borrower has read Moon for six months or a year, he is able to learn the Braille, his fingers being trained by the Moon to remain in a proscribed space, and his confidence in their ability fully established.

  48. Our first borrower was a lady of ninety years, and so we realized at once that there was practically no age limit in this work, thus proving the truth of the well-known saying, "we are never too old to learn.

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