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Example sentences for "bossed"

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bosomed; bosomes; bosoms; bosques; boss; bosses; bossing; bossy; bost; bosun
  1. Joey loved her dearly in an easy-going brotherly way, but maintained that she "bossed the show" unduly at times, and on such occasions he was apt to kick against her pretensions.

  2. Now I'm going to have mine, and you must submit to be bossed in your turn.

  3. I maintain it was the work of that sweet little cherub, who, for his own reasons, "bossed up the whole show!

  4. We wondered sometimes whether the Captain bossed the negro or the servant bossed the Captain, for he slept in his tent and helped to drink his whiskey.

  5. But the bay is bossed with rocks and skirted with shoals; they lurk treacherously under water, and have brought many a tall ship to grief.

  6. The jays bossed the woodpeckers, the woodpeckers bossed the chickadees, and the chickadees bossed the kinglet.

  7. As the stones which a builder sets in the wall of some high house which is to give shelter from the winds--even so closely were the helmets and bossed shields set against one another.

  8. Thick as the chill snow-flakes shed from the hand of Jove and borne on the keen blasts of the north wind, even so thick did the gleaming helmets, the bossed shields, the strongly plated breastplates, and the ashen spears stream from the ships.

  9. The bossed shields beat one upon another, and there was a tramp as of a great multitude--death-cry and shout of triumph of slain and slayers, and the earth ran red with blood.

  10. Mighty was the din as the bossed shields pressed hard on one another--death--cry and shout of triumph of slain and slayers, and the earth ran red with blood.

  11. Some vases are merely covered with knobs, or with a sort of honeycombing in relief[902]; in others toothed or bossed bands are employed, either simply or combined into complex patterns.

  12. We was his onliest slaves and as he wasn't married and lived at home wid his parents we was worked and bossed by his father, Cap'n William Bell and his wife, Miss Mary.

  13. Master Frank told him that he never used white overseers, that he had one nigger that bossed around some when he didn't do it hisself.

  14. Marse Billie bossed his place and us never knowed 'bout no trouble.

  15. I don’t intend to be bossed by any little boy you may see fit to place over me.

  16. I never was bossed by any boy, and I don’t begin now,” blustered Oscar, moving towards the stern of the boat.

  17. All right," said Helen meekly, wondering at her own docility in so calmly being bossed by this person whom she still meant to despise.

  18. Anyhow, he took her at a disadvantage from the beginning and sneered at her and bossed her, and she hated him and did not trust him one inch.

  19. But how about those who bossed it after they were dead?

  20. I'm talking of the men who bossed the job when they were alive.

  21. But it should be something to show them all that he could no longer be bossed and insulted and jeered at--all in that bumptious, braggadocio, bucko spirit of the woods!

  22. He wouldn't have let us come on such a crazy errand if I hadn't bossed him into it.

  23. It will be the first time I've ever bossed any one, and I'm looking forward to it a lot.

  24. Her one fault is that she's always bossed me.

  25. They were all pretty sore at being bossed around by a "furrinor" anyway.

  26. How it must go against their grain, he thought, to be bossed about by a woman.

  27. I don't mind the Sooprintendent; but I'd be dead before I'd be bossed by a woman, see?

  28. Only I can't be bossed by a girl like you.

  29. My mother was a good weaver, and [HW: she] wove all the cloth for her own family, and bossed the weaving of all the other weavers on the plantation.

  30. An aunt of mine was head weaver on our plantation, and she bossed the other women weavers and spinners.

  31. No gentle processions to churchyards among the fields, the bronze crests bossed deep on the memorial tablets, and the skylark singing above them from among the corn.

  32. For truly, every pinnacle and turret glanced or glowed, overlaid with gold, or bossed with jasper.

  33. At the top of the board were four beautiful reliefs representing nautilus shells, set round with crystal plaques, and bossed with crystal.

  34. So saying, Hector of the glancing helm departed, and the black hide beat on either side against his ankles and his neck, even the rim that ran uttermost about his bossed shield.

  35. I thought he was a mighty shady customer from the first look I got at him, when he come alongside and bossed things.

  36. It come down at the last minute and he bossed the job of gettin' it aboard.

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