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Example sentences for "buffing"

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  1. Of this type of safety roller, the Seymour-Jones attachment to the shaving and buffing machine is of great importance.

  2. Examine the plate critically after buffing to detect any appearance of scum or film on the surface.

  3. Every operator should have two plate-holders; one for cleaning and one for buffing the plate; for when using only one, the rotten stone is liable to get on the buff and scratch the plate.

  4. Some operators are in the practice of immersing the plate in the solution and buffing twice.

  5. This last buffing should occupy as long a time as the first.

  6. This interference is not confined to the buffing operation alone, but sometimes is discoverable even in the ordinary process of scouring.

  7. In this last buffing it may be continued as before, except without the application of polish powder to the last buff.

  8. In all cases, very light and long continued buffing is productive of the greater success, since by that means a more perfect polish can be obtained.

  9. The buffing will hit the high spots but the proper process turns the minute edges, closes the pores and makes the silver hard and compact, vastly increasing the wearing quality.

  10. When there is a free wheel on the machine this makes an excellent buffing device.

  11. But as buffing is never sold as cow, the library binder has no excuse for keeping it in stock.

  12. Buffing is practically only the grain of cowskin from which almost all the flesh has been split.

  13. When the copper has cooled, clean off the oxide, which will have formed, by dipping in diluted sulphuric acid, and polish on the buffing wheel.

  14. If a fine polish is desired, the buffing should be preceded by careful grinding with a Scotch water stone and water.

  15. The simple tools required for tooling leather may be purchased at small cost, or they may be made from cheap nut picks by filing these to shape, polishing them, and buffing them.

  16. When this has been done it only remains to clean the outside surface and finish it on the felt buffing wheel.

  17. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "buffing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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