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Example sentences for "buffeting"

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buffed; buffer; buffers; buffet; buffeted; buffetings; buffets; buffetted; buffing; buffler
  1. The doctor descried poor Nicolay on the top of a wave, like a mountain over them, as it were riding on, and buffeting in vain with his gigantic enemy.

  2. He and Mr. Austin departed from Mount Laurels, leaving her to sink into an agreeable stupor, like one deposited on a mudbank after buffeting the waves.

  3. My dear, a ship's not lost because she's caught in a squall; nor a man buffeting the waves for an hour.

  4. The buffeting and drenching are taken as part of the day's work, and the young fellows joke about it just as soldiers will joke under fire.

  5. I do not know how long the wild buffeting lasted, but I know that presently the bows of the boat appeared returning over a doubling sea, and as she made her downward flight I saw a black, huddled mass in her.

  6. Again she felt the buffeting mist, again her face was muffled in smothering folds; again great hands reached out towards her; again her eyes were drawn into a stupefying darkness; but now there was no will to fight, no energy to resist.

  7. For one thing, the ship was running into bad weather again, and complained nosily of the buffeting her stout frame was receiving.

  8. Illustration: Dore vaulted to a seat on the desk] Seen in the daylight, his head seemed to have been scraped and roughened by the long buffeting of adversity and the rough passage upward.

  9. She it was who was left standing, depressed, struggling against the buffeting busy crowd, feeling all at once deserted and shoddy.

  10. The sun's heat had dried his clothes, which, as he ruefully observed, had been so rent by the buffeting waves that they hung upon him precariously.

  11. We had a deal of buffeting afore we made the coast of Guinea, and a deal of hard knocks afore we took on board our store o' negroes for to sell to the Spaniards of the Main.

  12. Is there no danger that the hair-pulling and buffeting may become too earnest for fun, and that there may be crying as well as laughing among the players?

  13. There was a world of rolling and splashing, for the All Saints coxswain was manipulating his rudder very skilfully, and ever and again the aggressive nose of the Benedictine boat was sent staggering back by a rolling buffeting wave.

  14. After fifteen years of honest buffeting between the Kish and the Cloch the little Gareloch had been pronounced too slow, and sold to the proprietor of a line of coasting steamers which plied between Cardiff and London.

  15. An instant later, the correspondent was out in the street, buffeting toward a scuffle.

  16. These veteran classes projected themselves into the middle of the fight, buffeting everybody with small thought as to merit.

  17. The buffeting blows that the big waves struck the laboring trawler made her shake and creak as if she would go to pieces at any moment.

  18. The constant buffeting to which they were subjected was dizzying and nauseating.

  19. And, sure enough, there was the youth still unharmed, and still buffeting the waters.

  20. Then I thought what would be my fate should the fearful buffeting the ship was receiving cause her to start a plank.

  21. For fully ten minutes the poor fellow was observed buffeting with the waves, but he at length disappeared.

  22. A little schooner lies between us and the shore, which we had seen all day buffeting the tide and breeze like ourselves.

  23. At length, after a sound buffeting with the rain, the doubling Cape Wrath with this wind is renounced as impracticable, and we stand away for Loch Eribol, a lake running into the extensive country of Lord Reay.

  24. I teased it, for many feet from the nest, and sparring and buffeting with its wings like a game-cock.

  25. In a word, they never desisted from buffeting their adversary till they had torn him in an hundred pieces.

  26. Already the waves were buffeting the small yacht and spray was dashing in over the weather rail.

  27. The pumps could not keep up with the incoming water; the fuel was almost exhausted and the engines scarcely turned over; the buffeting seas threatened the craft every minute.

  28. But they kept their own counsel, and looked out seldom from the little window, and talked in whispers of the shadows that flitted across Lough Swilly, and the happy life that was to follow after all this buffeting and exile.

  29. Driven before the wind, tossed here and there by the buffeting waves, she carried a solitary passenger and only a little one at that.

  30. The shell is thick and strong, like most between-tide species, which are constantly exposed to the buffeting of the waves.

  31. Fergus grabbed at Val's pigtail, and she was buffeting him vehemently when Harry came out, held them apart, and demanded if this were the way to make their mother easy in leaving them.

  32. She drew her red cloak tightly around her and once more bravely faced the buffeting wind which swept the path before her, and with fitful gusts threatened to lift her off her feet.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "buffeting" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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