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Example sentences for "bustles"

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busters; bustin; busting; bustle; bustled; bustling; busto; busts; busy; busybodies
  1. But the gown could not have fitted her as the sheath encases the dagger, for before the straight-front corsets there were the big sleeves, and still further back were bustles and bouffant draperies.

  2. The state road always chooses the riverway, always bustles along on the level; how could one ever be friends with a road that never climbed a hill?

  3. The pert cat-bird in his Quaker garb is here, and with flippant jerk of tail and impertinent mew bustles about among the arbor-vitaes, where even now are remnants of his last year's nest.

  4. And landladies that creep about, Well known as twenty stoners, Come shove your bustles up the spout, And join the dashing bloomers.

  5. He bustles into the vestibule from the dining-room.

  6. ROPER bustles in through the double-door, in high feather.

  7. As they go out, Martha bustles in, gathers up the dish tray and is about to depart, with a vindictive look.

  8. Each one bustles and pushes his neighbor aside hastily to catch a few drops from the fountain of life, and then departs thirsting.

  9. Builds his light town of canvas, and at once The whole scene moves and bustles momently.

  10. It bustles and flusters you, when it really ought to soothe you by its gentle approach, so that your better nature might get the mastery and incline you to say "drink, pretty creature, drink.

  11. The swamps afford a haunt for the black duck, for wild geese, spoonbills, ibis and flamingo; and now and again you hear the hoarse cry of a parakeet, or a wild pig bustles through the undergrowth.

  12. Nor was this all; enormous bustles and skirts of prodigious dimension have borne their weight largely upon that part of her body which above all else should be absolutely free from pressure.

  13. In vain the mother nods, winks, bustles up, "Count, girls incline to mature worth like you!

  14. The insect-scattering sign is evident, And nowhere winks a firefly rival now, Nor bustles any beetle of the brood With trundled dung-ball meant to menace heaven.

  15. He bustles her, still crying, towards the door.

  16. Krishna bustles round packing things--bustles is hardly the word though, for his barefooted, silent effectiveness.

  17. A launch bustles in from the Renown and brings up quickly--a white light between her two brass funnels and green and red side lights.

  18. The humble-bee, as it bustles in and out, brushes this off.

  19. When the nesting site is chosen the male is very jealous of intruders, and bustles up in a threatening fashion, which quite overawes most birds of guileless intent.

  20. Guest he is not, host rather; and before you have had time to dismount from your panting cayuse this bird bustles forth from the locust trees and hovers over you with noisy effusiveness.

  21. First he bustles up onto the nesting branch and flashes his fiery crest in plain token of anger, but later he is content to squeak disapproval from a position more removed.

  22. Bustles have always been and now are the only article of apparel worn by the women of the New Hebrides.

  23. The Chinese men, as a sign of rank and distinction, develop long finger-nails, and we can well remember when our own women wore ridiculously large bustles that looked very funny on the street.

  24. Betty bustles about, and manages to get some sort of meal ready in time.

  25. So Betty bustles about, and has dinner ready as usual when the children come in.

  26. Contented in his isolated position, which is not without its severe hardships, this good missionary pursues his useful course unnoticed by the world as it bustles along; his sole earthly wish seems to be that he may return to England to die.

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