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  1. They are now in the process of being cleaned, and each niche is elaborately inlaid with precious marbles, and some of them magnificently gilded; and they are all surmounted with marble canopies as light and graceful as frost-work.

  2. Here are precious vessels of silver and gold and jewels and canopies and beds and thrones and lamps, of gold, of precious stones, and of pearls, the best of everything there is in heaven.

  3. Over each of them two canopies are spread, one of stars, the other of sun and moon, and a curtain of clouds of glory separates the one canopy from the other.

  4. Beside us rise the gray stone canopies of the magnificent tombs of Aymer de Valence and Edmund Crouchback--two of the finest specimens of mediaeval art in England.

  5. The splendid carving of the panels of the piers and the niches with their canopies was probably done by Italian artists.

  6. The ogee form is used in arches in wall arcades of great beauty and elaboration, as in the Lady chapel at Ely, and in the canopies of tombs, such as the magnificent Percy tomb at Beverley.

  7. Soft mossy lawns Beneath these canopies extend their swells, Fragrant with perfumed herbs, and eyed with blooms Minute yet beautiful.

  8. The little church stands behind arches and canopies of clipped yew, its walls almost touching the highway.

  9. This interesting memorial consists of an altar-tomb under an arched recess, crowned by four canopies and supported by five reticulated pillars, the bases of which rest on the altar-tomb as on a plinth.

  10. Much damage has ruthlessly been done to the niches and canopies at the side.

  11. Above are seven niches, with brackets and canopies of good carved work.

  12. Against the wall of the choir, near the vacant space where the altar was, are some stone seats with canopies richly carved in stone, all quite perfectly preserved, where the priests used to sit at intervals, during the celebration of mass.

  13. The two pillars flanking the entrance to the choir are decorated, midway up, with statues under canopies sculptured by northern artists before 1320.

  14. This is surmounted by three smaller canopies and pedestals which were originally occupied by small carved figures.

  15. It is arcaded, and its compartments have triangular-headed canopies and some well-executed figures.

  16. A brave day, the wind perfumed, a hard blue sky, the dark shadows cool and caressing and in the breeze a thousand-colored canopies fainted and fluttered.

  17. The pair noiselessly traversed the wonderful hall with its canopies of light, its airy arches, massive groinings and bewildering blur of color and fragrance; the air was thick and grateful with incense.

  18. With rapid steps he went Beneath the shade of trees, beside the flow Of the wild babbling rivulet; and now The forest's solemn canopies were changed 525 For the uniform and lightsome evening sky.

  19. Soft mossy lawns Beneath these canopies extend their swells, Fragrant with perfumed herbs, and eyed with blooms 450 Minute yet beautiful.

  20. But such points of the pinnacles and hanging canopies of the stalls, of the facades of the side-aisles, and of the fretted roof, as received any portion of the light, came in with admirable effect.

  21. Great festivities and banquets were held in all the wealthiest houses, and palace courtyards, covered with silken canopies and draped with gorgeous stuffs, served as places of entertainment for the citizens.

  22. In one ornamental arch is a relief containing no less than seventy different figures, and another has fifty-eight small canopies wrought in it.

  23. The long stretch of the three tiers of walls is broken by the face of the transept, the door of which is blocked, while the surrounding buttresses and walls are covered with canopies and brackets, all vacant of statues.

  24. The pillars as well as the canopies and the figures themselves are possibly entirely Gothic, but one glance at the gaudily inlaid backs shows Arab workmanship.

  25. The canopies over the stalls are of much later date, and were the gift of George Preston, of Holker, who in 1619 repaired and re-roofed the building.

  26. He died in 1348; his monument is therefore earlier than any of the tabernacled canopies in wood.

  27. From the Dissolution up to 1620, the choir of Cartmel priory church was roofless; the canopies of the stalls must have perished; the stalls themselves remain, bearing the mark of long exposure to the weather.

  28. Illustration: Chester] The construction of the tabernacled canopies is well seen in the set of illustrations from Chester cathedral.

  29. Among the shafts are examples of the honeycomb form which is almost the only bit of Renaissance detail in the canopies of the Westminster stalls.

  30. Illustration: Ripon] {61} At St Asaph's cathedral the stalls and part of the canopies are ancient.

  31. Now the canopies extend above both sets of misericords; the probability therefore is that they were put up together with the second set of misericords.

  32. The leafage of the lower canopies should be compared with that of Lancaster.

  33. To him are attributed the canopies over the tombs in the Lady Chapel.

  34. The carving shows foliage and finials of great beauty, and beneath the canopies are angel figures bearing the insignia of the Bishop's office.

  35. They arrange their Canopies and Lounges, and try to make Things comfortable 11.

  36. The four small arches to the aisles are of course no higher than the roofs of the aisles: above these, on each side, are three figures of apostles, under canopies with crockets.

  37. The great beauty of the interior consists in the series of tabernacle work and canopies that runs round all the four sides below and between the windows.

  38. Five scenes from the last days of our Lord's life on earth are carved in relief under canopies beneath the chief arches.

  39. The arches and canopies at the east end are arranged differently from those on the sides.

  40. There are grand canopies on the sides, with crockets and coloured shields bearing emblems of the Crucifixion, the arms of the See of Ely and of S.

  41. To Fox also may be attributed part of the aisle windows north and south of the choir, and some canopies in the side windows of the choir clerestory.

  42. Originally there were eight canopies enclosing figures, but little except the canopies remain, the distemper-painting having almost vanished.

  43. The style is Early Decorated, and Willis points out the similarity between their canopies and gables and those of Edward Crouchback's chapel in Westminster Abbey.

  44. Of this glass, apparently four figures and part of their canopies have been removed to the first window from the east in the choir clerestory.

  45. Two of the Norman piers on the eastern side of this transept have received very elaborate canopies of the Decorated period, under which it is probable that there were at one time altars.

  46. The screen of this fills the whole archway, the six canopies extending beyond the sweep of the arch.

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