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Example sentences for "carols"

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  1. Then came the merry maskers in, And carols roared with blithesome din.

  2. Then from each black, accursèd mouth The cannon thundered in the South And with the sound The carols drowned Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

  3. Oh, children of the village choir, Your carols on the midnight throw, Oh, bright across the mist and mire, Ye ruddy hearths of Christmas glow!

  4. No matter who is the victim of his mimicry, he loves the corner of a chimney better than any other perch, and carols out into the sky and down into the black abyss as if chimneys were made on purpose for mocking-birds.

  5. I would fain learn the music that won thee away, When the earth was the beautiful temple of May; For our fancies were measured the bright summer long To the carols we learned from the lark's morning song.

  6. Whether witty or pathetic, the lays and carols are equally well written and entertaining.

  7. She dreams in her boat, And sweet is the note That white little throat Carols through: She languidly glides, And skilfully guides-- Her canoe.

  8. Until quite recently these carols were sung all through England, and others of similar import were heard in France and Italy.

  9. For two or three weeks beforehand, men and boys of the poorer class, who were called "waits," sang Christmas carols under every window.

  10. Bits and snatches of Christmas carols were floating all around the ship, like land-birds blown far out to sea.

  11. Christmas carols had been sung to them by nurses and mothers and grandmothers; the Christmas holly spoke to them from every berry and prickly leaf, full of dearest household memories.

  12. After two or three carols by the "Waits," the whole party joined in a Christmas chorus, and Patty's clear soprano rang out sweetly in the harmony.

  13. The herald of the morn is described in other carols as making known the birth of the Saviour to the animal creation, or the more familiar members of it.

  14. The Seniors sang carols in costumes and later on served light refreshments.

  15. The girls made her sit down at the piano when the carols were over, and sing them song after song.

  16. Holly is the men's plant, ivy the women's, and the carols are debates as to the respective merits of each.

  17. In eastern Europe Christmas, and especially Christmas Eve, is the time for the singing of carols called in Russian Kolyádki, and in other Slav countries by similar names derived from Kalendae.

  18. Christmas Carols New and Old,"# the words edited by #H.

  19. Accounts of the carols used in Little Russia are given by Mr. Ralston, 186 f.

  20. In some old English Christmas carols holly and ivy are put into a curious antagonism, apparently connected with a contest of the sexes.

  21. They thus proceed from house to house, sounding their bells and singing carols and songs.

  22. Twenty-five of Awdlay's carols were printed by Messrs.

  23. At the end a company of waits sang carols while the performers got their breath and repaired damages.

  24. All their songs were simple carols of the country, and the burden of them was but the joy of man at Christ's nativity; but the young man and maid who walked behind were well pleased.

  25. The brake is brimmed with linnet song; Clear carols flutter through the trees; For me heart's winter is life-long; I cast my sighs on every breeze.

  26. Clear carols flutter through the trees; The new year hovers like a dove: I cast my sighs on every breeze; Spring is no spring, forlorn of love.

  27. He dined alone that night as usual, and shortly after dinner some waits came to the house and began to sing their cheerful carols outside.

  28. The carols did not chime in at all well with his condition of mind, and he sent five shillings out to the singers with a request that they would go away as he had a headache.

  29. From cathedrals rose the voices of children now singing little carols and hymns in praise of the Christ-child, now speaking little verses in praise of the saint, Nicholas, now clamouring for little new possessions.

  30. There as I sat and drank With infinite delight their carols gay, And mark'd their sport, the earth before me sank And bore with it away The fountain and the scene, to my great grief, Who now in memory find a sole and scant relief.

  31. They appeal to us by their robustness and their confident display of energy.

  32. We may say that when all of the bright lines have disappeared from the spectra of stars, the helium lines, and likewise the hydrogen lines, have in general become fairly conspicuous.

  33. Christmas carols have been sung, and we may suppose practised beforehand, in odd places, amid curious surroundings.

  34. Shepherds at the grange, Where the Babe was born, Sang with many a change, Christmas carols until morn.

  35. The festive carols were sung by the company, or by itinerant minstrels, that went round for the purpose, to the houses of the wealthy: some of them were called wassail songs.

  36. The oldest printed collection of carols was by Wynkyn de Worde, in 1521, which contains one on bringing in the boar’s head.

  37. The boar’s head just referred to was the most distinguished of the Christmas dishes, and there are several old carols remaining in honour of it.

  38. Along the river's stony marge The sand-lark chants a joyous song; The thrush is busy in the wood, And carols loud and strong.

  39. The Blackbird in the summer trees, The Lark upon the hill, Let loose their carols when they please, Are quiet when they will.

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