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Example sentences for "celandine"

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  1. Now the spirit of ruin dwells there, leading the bramble and the celandine to conquer, year after year, some fresh territory upon the ancient quadrangle's crumbling wall.

  2. Celandine by the West Country Men called Kenning Wort grows but slowly.

  3. Of celandine the writer tells us: "This hearbe springeth in the time in ye which the swallowes and also ye Eagles maketh theyr nestes.

  4. The descriptions of celandine and broom are also characteristic.

  5. The oldest known, and at the same time one of the most accurately described mutations is the origin of the cut-leaved variety of the greater celandine or Chelidonium majus.

  6. From the very first, the cut-leaved celandine has been constant from seed.

  7. Before leaving the laciniate celandine it is to be noted that in crosses with C.

  8. This is known to occur with a variety of brambles, and is often seen in botanic gardens in one of the oldest and most interesting of all anomalies, the laciniated variety of the greater celandine or Chelidonium majus.

  9. When dealing with mutations of celandine we shall see that the laciniated form originated from the common celandine in a garden at Heidelberg about the year 1590.

  10. The great celandine (Chelidonium majus) has a very curious double variety.

  11. Other instances are afforded by the curious fact that the division of the leaves into numerous and small segments is repeated by the petals, as in the common celandine and some sorts of brambles.

  12. But one day, when he had been begging Celandine to love him, she confided to him that it was quite impossible, since her heart was already entirely occupied by another.

  13. But at length it was time to go back to the little house, and as they went along Celandine remembered for the first time what a ragged old dress she was wearing, and what an odd appearance she must present.

  14. Meanwhile, the Princess Celandine had been finding the time pass but slowly with the King and Queen, and was only too pleased when Featherhead re-appeared.

  15. Whereupon she handed Celandine a small piece of black bread and uncovered the dish, which contained two dried plums.

  16. I must search her, and see if it is not so,' she added, hobbling towards Celandine with the aid of her stick.

  17. Celandine was deeply mortified, since for her part the Prince pleased her very well, and for the first time she bitterly regretted the fairy gifts she had been anxious to get rid of.

  18. Their marriage took place the next day, and they lived happily ever afterwards, for Celandine was never vain and Featherhead was never fickle any more.

  19. Celandine gracefully accepted their hospitality, and soon told them what had happened to her.

  20. Princess Celandine implored her pardon, which she graciously gave; indeed the Princess was so charming she could refuse her nothing.

  21. But the person she really relied upon for curing Celandine of her vanity was Prince Featherhead.

  22. But Celandine did not find it possible to be interested in this and similar pieces of advice.

  23. And so she chattered on, but poor Celandine did not hear or heed her; she wandered out into the desolate country to think over her sad fate.

  24. The earliest of these is undoubtedly the Pilewort or Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus Ficaria), which appears early in April, and often in such abundance as to cover the ground with its leaves and flowers.

  25. The large Hepatica angulosa will grow almost as freely as Celandine among shrubs and in half–shady spots, and we all know how readily the old kinds grow on all garden soils of ordinary quality.

  26. The greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus) and its double form are very pretty here with their tufts of golden flowers; they grow freely and take all needful care of themselves.

  27. The principal episodes in the former are the loves of Celandine and Marina, and the allegorical story of Fida and Aletheia, each of which leads to numerous ramifications.

  28. Celandine loves the shepherdess Marina, who is readily brought to return his affection.

  29. But the stony bank along the hedge, sweet now with violets, and strewn with stars of celandine spreading wide their golden petals to the sun, is of all spots the viper's favourite haunt.

  30. Stars of celandine are scattered over every field, and among the tangle of the withered hedge-row grasses.

  31. But on the banks of the tiny stream that wanders leisurely along the lane below, celandine and sweet violet are in bloom; and primroses, no longer pale and stunted, as in the rougher days of March, lend their rare perfume to the air.

  32. The hedgerows had burst into tender green, and the banks were spangled with stitchwort and celandine stars.

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