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Example sentences for "chalked"

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  1. Measure the mat for one-half-inch strips, of which there will be nine, and mark by snapping a chalked string upon the mat.

  2. Double it with chalked lines outside and commence to cut from the center; then open and finish cutting to the margin.

  3. As he told Naismith, after they had regained the Big House and as they chalked their cues to finish the interrupted game: "It's my first visit to Forrest's.

  4. Two young men chalked their cues and returned Forrest's greeting.

  5. A game played on board ship in which the aim is to shove or drive with a cue wooden disks into divisions chalked on the deck; -- called also shuffleboard.

  6. In consequence of this the letters q u i z were chalked by him on all the walls of Dublin, with an effect that won the wager.

  7. The doorpost of a victualer's shop or inn, on which were chalked the scores of customers; hence, a score; a debt.

  8. The sixth inning saw a run chalked up for each team, making the score three to two in favor of the Stars.

  9. The gentleman called Mabbey chalked his cue, and, moving his round, knock-kneed legs in their tight trousers, took up his position for the stroke.

  10. Oh, some little love-lady or other," he said, and chalked his cue.

  11. The little street near Buckingham Gate, where no wag had chalked "Peace" on the doors for nearly a year now, had an arid look after a hot day's sun.

  12. I have said that Lee had "rapidly chalked out in his mind's eye a map of his plans.

  13. But I continued to speak of the public announcement of our union as of a thing decided; and at length she listened to me while I arranged the method of making it, and sympathized in the future projects I chalked out for us to adopt.

  14. Another time I give her CART, and then chalked the same upon the cart.

  15. Perhaps he is the only man in the world who ever, in so literal a way, chalked out for himself a scheme of diet.

  16. The point had penetrated the chalked mark in the centre, inflicting a wound not more than a quarter of an inch deep in the muscle of the shoulder.

  17. You may make a chalked mark on the precise spot.

  18. And I don't see her doing every mortal thing she wants, while others have to walk a chalked line through life.

  19. An ordeal for drunkenness used on board ship, to see whether the suspected person can walk on a chalked line without overstepping it on either side.

  20. The vagabonds' hieroglyph [Triangle pointing down], chalked by them on gate posts and houses, signifies that the place has been spoilt by too many tramps calling there.

  21. Diamond], the vagabonds' hieroglyphic for BONE, or good, chalked by them on houses and street corners as a hint to succeeding beggars.

  22. This young man had chalked out for himself the most extraordinary theological course I ever heard of.

  23. He assured the captain, with an oath, that he had marked but one, And could not tell who had chalked the rest, so that he could not distinguish the house which the cobbler had stopped at.

  24. But the captain observed that the next door was chalked in the same manner, and in the same place; and shewing it to his guide, asked him which house it was, that, or the first?

  25. The hansom clattered through the murk beneath, past the dim people huddled upon the pavement, past a wheel-barrow and the obscene skeletons and outlines of humanity chalked upon the arches of sweating brick.

  26. Anything more spiritually malevolent than those announcements chalked upon the black notice-board of the advent of the hebdomadal messiah, the peregrine cleric, the sacred migrant was impossible to imagine.

  27. Otway coming one night from the tavern, chalked upon Dryden’s door, “Here lives John Dryden; he is a wit.

  28. The reader will remember that, according to the arrangements originally chalked out, Lord Ellingham and Jacob Smith were to have accompanied Tom Rain to France.

  29. I agree with you that it is high time for you to be doing something better; and I have a plan ready chalked out for you.

  30. Harrington called here just now, and says the same was chalked this morning upon his door, and is scrawled in several places about the town.

  31. All the stage-coaches that come into Bath from London are Chalked over with "No Popery," and Dr.

  32. There is a house hereabouts that they had chalked upon last week, "Empty, and No Popery!

  33. I placed Mary at the dials with instructions and took Mr. Eammer to the next room and pointed to a huge circle chalked on the floor.

  34. Because in front of us, within the chalked circle, appeared a giant eight-foot-tall cat, an enormous duplicate of Susie.

  35. Besides, the other streets seem chalked out for a sect—narrow-minded and devoted to a coterie.

  36. They got it, for before the first inning closed he had been unmercifully pounded, and four runs were chalked up to the credit of the foes of Excelsior Hall.

  37. When the final run was chalked up the score stood: Excelsior Hall, 11; Trinity, 4.

  38. In annoyance, Brad pointed to a phrase which had been chalked on the boards.

  39. Privates of the National Guard stationed themselves as sentries in all the rooms, and not a thing was touched, an inscription proclaiming "Death to thieves" being chalked upon every wall.

  40. In 1850 'No Popery chalked on the walls attracted my attention, but failed to excite my interest'; he was not of an age to be troubled by the appointment of Dr.

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