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Example sentences for "chides"

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chicory; chid; chidden; chide; chided; chiding; chidings; chief; chiefe; chiefely
  1. Entertaining his friend, he chides his cook for no better cheer, and names the dishes he meant and wants.

  2. He chides great men with most boldness, and is counted for it an honest fellow.

  3. Chides her with friendly impatience for not answering her letter.

  4. Chides her for suspending the decisive negative.

  5. He always chides me about music, or some other trifle; but he blends with his censures so much concern and good nature, that one can't help being pleased.

  6. When she thinks it not right, she sometimes chides me, but always very gently: whenever that happens I spare no endeavours to appease her.

  7. A look that would save blacks: whose heavy grace Chides mirth, and bears a funeral in his face.

  8. Freneli chides Elsie for breaking her promise to Uli, and the latter is at first completely stunned, overwhelmed with chagrin, rage, and disappointment.

  9. Uli at once begins to pack up, while the mistress, informed by the miller, chides her husband.

  10. Harke how at every touch she does complaine her; Harke how she bids her frighted drops make hast, And with sad murmurs chides the hands that stain her.

  11. Whose grace is such, that when it chides doth cherish?

  12. To Gurnemanz, however, he is but an armed intruder on sanctified ground and upon a holy day, and, as the black knight seats himself on a little knoll near a spring and remains silent, the old warder chides him for his offence.

  13. Isolde chides her--is it not some lovely, prattling rill she hears?

  14. Eurydice chides him ("Am I changed or grown old that thou wilt not behold me?

  15. His wife chides him: whereat he waxes wroth, beats her, and tells his comrades what they know better than he.

  16. Chides her for the liberties she takes with her relations.

  17. Chides her also for her lively airs to her own mother.

  18. In the very first scene, the Countess chides Helena for the immoderate grief with which she mourns her father: it is wrong to let oneself be so overwhelmed.

  19. He chides the unhappy boy for his indifference to learning and for his love of the company of other youths.

  20. Turtle sells his flesh to other monkey and then chides them because they eat their kind.

  21. The master of a dance is deeply chagrined and chides his wife severely, because she insists on dancing before he has invited all the others to take their turns (p.

  22. An aggressive militarism maintains that each nation should be free to develop its own religious ideas, and chides Strauss with half-way measures in holding to Christian ethics while discarding Christian doctrines and miracles.

  23. The kindly river rails not as it glides; And suave and charitable, the winning air Chides not at all, or only him who chides.

  24. Sidenote: Sir Kay chides Percival] When the Queen heard the words of Percival she laughed with great merriment.

  25. Now, he chides with God, flings and tumbles like a wild bull in a net, and still the guilt of all returns upon himself, to the crushing of him to pieces.

  26. He chides me if I stay away but two days together.

  27. I have not dined with Lord Treasurer these three weeks: he chides me, but I don't care: I don't.

  28. Thy father chides thy gallantries; yet hugs An ugly, common harlot, in the dark; A rank adulterer with others' gold!

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