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  1. If the pecan behaves like the citrus fruits of California, we will be able in the future to have strains and varieties which will be very much less variable than those at the present time.

  2. For the sweet lime (Citrus Limetta or Citrus acida) and lime-juice, see LEMON.

  3. In the garden adjoining our house were citrus trees laden with golden fruit, bananas of many varieties and a large mango tree, whose branches were bending under the weight of its richly tinted, luscious drupes.

  4. So far it has been found only on citrus in New Zealand, it being well established in the Auckland province, and also in the South Island on Banks Peninsula.

  5. The damage done to citrus trees by this insect is of a serious nature, as the entire tree or part of it may be killed in severe infestations.

  6. Foliage of palms, oleander and citrus is often infested by this reddish-black to black circular scale (Fig.

  7. Might not the inequality of the cotyledons of Citrus and of Pachira be attributed to the pressure, which the several embryos enclosed in the same seed exert upon each other?

  8. The California Nursery and Citrus Tree Exhibit separated this Beauty Show from the Electric Scenic Theater, which may be regarded as a triumph of the modern progress in the electrical science.

  9. Citrus aurantium: circumnutation of epicotyl with a filament fixed transversely near its apex, traced on a horizontal glass, from 12.

  10. With the orange (Citrus aurantium) the cotyledons are hypogean, and one is larger than the other, as may be seen in A (Fig.

  11. Ergo, if the orange and other fruits of the citrus family will not thrive 'mid frost and ice, cultivate them in a more genial climate.

  12. No matter how white the surface, if underlaid by a mulatto or yellow sub-soil, the citrus family will thrive.

  13. In addition to the cultivation of the various fruits of the citrus family, the general will devote his attention to general farm crops and the growing of early vegetables for the Northern and Western markets.

  14. For instance the reasonableness of the charges for refrigeration in the movement of citrus fruit is dependent in practice upon the methods employed in gathering and packing them for market.

  15. After careful investigation the Commission, reviewing the whole matter of rates upon citrus fruits, ordered the lemon rate to be reduced once more to $1.

  16. On raisins compared with citrus fruits: 22 I.

  17. But these citrus fruits reaching New England as a luxury, may consequently there be made to contribute a much larger proportion of the railways' revenue.

  18. The Japanese cedar, ironwood, citrus and algaroba (kiawe) trees are attacked in a similar manner.

  19. Muma, personal communication, 1953): This scorpion occurs in large numbers in the Florida citrus groves, together with P.

  20. In markets DeLong (1948) found the German cockroach in bags of potatoes and onions, in crates of citrus fruits, in pads and shredded papers in banana boxes, and in cases of bottled beverages.

  21. It was observed in primary forest, secondary forest, citrus trees, and cocoa trees.

  22. Another pair was nesting, close to the same house, about eight feet up in a citrus tree.

  23. Under irrigation, citrus fruits, oats and barley do well.

  24. The sour lime is Citrus acida, generally regarded as a var.

  25. The Java lemon is the fruit of Citrus javanica, the pear lemon of a variety of C.

  26. LEMON, the fruit of Citrus Limonum, which is regarded by some botanists as a variety of Citrus medica.

  27. The lemon used in medicine is described in the British pharmacopoeia as being the fruit of Citrus medica, var.

  28. Agriculture provides the economic base with major exports made up of copra and citrus fruit.

  29. The alder furnishes, also, a kind of tuberosity, which is cut into layers like those of the citrus and the maple.

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