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Example sentences for "citric"

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  1. Sodium is an important constituent of the human body, and citric acid, from its carbon, almost a food.

  2. The danger is, as in the case of adulterated vinegar, that the manufacturer may be tempted to use cheaper mineral acids instead of citric acid.

  3. Citric acid is often used to make lemonade, and if pure citric acid is used, the manufactured product is equal to the original, except from a sentimental standpoint of having the genuine.

  4. It must have been acid had any citric acid been combined originally with the silver.

  5. It seems, therefore, clear that the lilac blue substance contains no combined citric acid.

  6. This question has since been settled in an extremely simple way, and the fact established that the soluble blue substance contains not a trace of combined citric acid.

  7. A neutral substance generated from citric acid must have one or more atoms of hydrogen replaced by silver.

  8. The magnesia solution, neutral before use, was also neutral after it had effected the precipitation, indicating that no citric acid had been set free in the precipitation of the silver.

  9. It may be procured less coloured, by means of a second distillation, and is concentrated by freezing, as is directed for the citric acid.

  10. TABLE of the Combinations of Citric Acid, with the Salifiable Bases, in the Order of Affinity(A).

  11. The citric and malic acids differ little from the preceding acids.

  12. Citric }their bases, and to the different doses 17.

  13. The citric acid is procured by expression from lemons, and is found in the juices of many other fruits mixed with malic acid.

  14. This acid, which is found mixed with citric and tartarous acid in a great number of fruits, is a kind of medium between oxalic and acetous acids being more oxygenated than the former, and less so than the latter.

  15. The time will come when our part of Florida will supply citric acid to the world.

  16. A peck of limes will yield a gallon of juice; one and a half gallons of juice should produce one pound of citric acid, which in the markets of the world should bring $1.

  17. Citric acid is a commodity always, everywhere, and increasingly in demand.

  18. It should be cultivated for citric acid, of which it yields more than any other fruit.

  19. The proportions of sodium phosphate have been greatly reduced, while the sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid have been increased and the citric acid entirely eliminated.

  20. Chemical Laboratory reports that Alkalithia is an effervescent mixture which contains alkaline carbonates and bicarbonates together with caffein, free tartaric acid and free citric acid.

  21. Seifert states that the preparation is markedly palatable, since it contains a little citric acid to render the taste cool and refreshing.

  22. Uricsol evidently is a solution containing a large amount of sodium phosphate with small amounts of lithium, nitrate, citric acid and glycerin, with probably some vegetable extract.

  23. Lemonade may be prepared in a minute, by pounding a quarter of an ounce of citric or crystalised lemon acid, with a few drops of quintessence of lemon peel, and mixing it by degrees with a pint of clarified syrup or capillaire.

  24. Take two ounces of the leaves of green sage, an ounce of lemon peel thinly pared, an ounce of minced shalot, an ounce of salt, half a dram of cayenne, and half a dram of citric acid.

  25. Lemon juice and the juice of sorrel will also remove ink stains, but not so easily as the concrete acid of lemons, or citric acid.

  26. A shorter way is to keep ready prepared a quarter of an ounce of citric or crystallized lemon acid, pounded with a few drops of the essence of lemon peel, gradually mixed with a pint of clarified syrup or capillaire.

  27. To this may be added a small portion of cayenne, grated lemon peel, and citric acid.

  28. In order to save the trouble of putting jelly through a strainer when required for invalids, we have introduced our Citric Acid and Essence of Lemon, and by their use a jelly clear enough for all ordinary purposes is made in a few minutes.

  29. In the manufacture of the Citric Acid now offered to the public by Messrs.

  30. The syrup should not be too sweet, and the addition of the juice of one or two lemons, or a little citric acid, will be an advantage.

  31. It is chiefly made from the concentrated juice of lemons, imported from Sicily and Southern Italy, and which, after undergoing certain methods of preparation, yields the crystals termed Citric Acid.

  32. The effect of citric acid in the above quantity is to make the jelly clearer.

  33. To one gallon simple Syrup add one-half ounce of dissolved Citric Acid (dissolve the Acid by adding one pound of water to one pound of Acid), and a sufficient amount of fresh Lemon Oil to suit taste.

  34. Stir continually with the ladle so that the sugar does not stick to the bottom, taste it to add some more citric acid if you judge it necessary, then let it cool and place in bottles to be sealed.

  35. Before putting in the sugar and the citric acid wait until the liquid is quite hot, just before boiling.

  36. Then put it on the fire and when it begins to boil pour in it granulated sugar and citric acid in the following proportions: Liquid, six pounds.

  37. The large quantity of sugar used in these syrups is necessary for their conservation and the citric acid is used to correct the excessive sweetness.

  38. I was even willing to avail myself of the services of citric acid, for I could not leave that house without speaking to her again.

  39. It was found that the various salts of citric acid, either singly or in combination, are unable to cure scurvy.

  40. Another theory which had a short but popular career was the citric acid theory, which was maintained vigorously by Netter.

  41. Tartaric is only half the price of citric acid; but it is very inferior in flavour, &c.

  42. If you like the acid flavour, add a little citric acid, or dissolve them in good vinegar.

  43. To this may be added a small portion of Cayenne pepper, grated lemon-peel, and citric acid.

  44. It can be cleared with a solution of oxalic or citric acid.

  45. To use it I apply upon each sheet a solution of citric acid at 30 or 35 per cent.

  46. When the exposure is sufficient the color is deep sepia, but not so intense if the quantity of citric acid is feeble.

  47. I use a paper prepared with iron sesquioxide rendered sensitive to light by tartaric or, better, citric acid in concentrated solution.

  48. To make this evident, all that is necessary is simply to leave out the ferrocyanate in the preparation of the paper, which thus becomes reduced to a simple washing over with the ammonio-citric solution.

  49. All the various phases of this printing method can be followed in full (diffused) light; there is only the desiccation of the paper when sensitized with citric acid, which requires to be done in the dark.

  50. Pour ammonia into a nitrate of uranium solution, wash the precipitate of uranate of ammonia in distilled water, then dissolve in citric acid.

  51. Mix the citric acid, alcresta strychnine and saccharin by thorough trituration in a mortar.

  52. Mix the resin of podophyllum and the citric acid with the alcoholic solution of saccharin and permit the alcohol to evaporate.

  53. The sharp flavour of many unripe fruits is due to the presence of citric acid; the juice of lemons contains 5-6 per cent.

  54. Citric acid is prepared from the juice of lemons; and tartaric acid (which is more generally employed) is procured from super-tartrate of potass.

  55. Then imprint any figures upon it with a strong solution of colourless citric acid, and let this dry also.

  56. Acid, Citric or Tartaric: as preventive in the absence of lime-juice.

  57. The acid taste was weaker which meant that the citric acid was the diluting liquid.

  58. Then hundreds of Earth's ships could equip themselves with spray guns and squirt citric acid and watch the Steel-Blues fade away.

  59. It was when he quaffed the new and stronger draught that Jon knew that his hope that it was citric acid was squelched.

  60. It was the liquid he couldn't taste beneath the tang of the citric acid that was the corrosive acid.

  61. In cheap jellies made of apple juice and glucose syrup, a "coagulator" is used; usually sulfuric acid and alum, also citric and tartaric acids may be used for this purpose.

  62. Citric acid is precipitated in the presence of a large excess of hot lime water.

  63. Besides citric acid, lemon juice contains 3 to 4% of gum and sugar, albuminoid matters, malic acid and 2.

  64. The raw juice is used for preparations of lime juice cordial, the concentrated for manufactures of citric acid.

  65. A London chemist was the inventor of citric acid, and, having his own prices as long as the way of making the acid was a secret, realized a large fortune.

  66. He had all his eyes about him, as the saying is, and, when the chimney was swept, knew how to make citric acid, and thus a monopoly was ended.

  67. The plate is then washed in water, a final wash being given in a very weak solution of acetic acid or citric and water.

  68. The citric acid is only employed for the purpose of maintaining the acidity of the liquid, and is really not essential.

  69. Note the number of cubic centimeters of KOH solution required to neutralize the citric acid in the lemon juice.

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