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  1. He took a pull at the tumbler of bicarbonate and made an involuntary grimace.

  2. Leave that to me," he said sagely, and the next moment they entered the Harlem Winter Garden to find Charles Fischko gazing sadly at a solution of bicarbonate of soda and ammonia, a tumblerful of which stood in front of him on the table.

  3. Cure of Urinary Calculi by means of the internal use of the Bicarbonate of Soda.

  4. Essential oil of Mint, pure and fresh, 2 or 3 drops for about every 3 ounces of mixture of bicarbonate and sugar.

  5. Shake the bicarbonate and sugar in a well dried bottle, with the view of mixing them intimately.

  6. Cure of Urinary Calculi, by means of the internal use of the Bicarbonate of Soda.

  7. MOUTH WASH Listerine 2 teaspoons Soda bicarbonate 10 grains Water 4 ounces Essence of cinnamon, six drops in one-half glass cold water, may also be used in brushing the teeth and in cleansing the tongue and mouth.

  8. Cleansing of the teeth should be carried out systematically every morning by means of a piece of cotton which has been dipped in a boric-acid solution or a solution of bicarbonate of soda (common baking soda).

  9. Here a separation takes place between the crystals of sodium bicarbonate and the mother-liquor.

  10. Formerly bicarbonate of soda was made from Leblanc soda- crystals by the action of carbonic acid, but this article is now almost exclusively made in the ammonia-soda process.

  11. The leading reaction of this process is the mutual decomposition of ammonium bicarbonate and sodium chloride: NaCl + NH4HCO3 = NaHCO3 + NH4Cl.

  12. For soda water sodium bicarbonate should be added to the water before aeration, in varying proportions up to about 15 grains per pint, but the simple carbonated water often does duty instead.

  13. By this means, sodium aluminate is formed; it is then extracted with water and precipitated either by sodium bicarbonate or by passing a current of carbon dioxide through the solution.

  14. It possesses a strong ammoniacal smell, and on digestion with alcohol the carbamate is dissolved and a residue of ammonium bicarbonate is left; a similar decomposition taking place when the sesquicarbonate is exposed to air.

  15. On the other hand the cooling must not be carried too far, for in this case the crystals of sodium bicarbonate become so fine that the muddy mass is very difficult to filter.

  16. There the reaction mentioned above takes place, and owing to the concentration of the liquid the sodium bicarbonate formed is to a great extent precipitated in the shape of small crystals, forming with the mother-liquor a thin magma.

  17. The sodium bicarbonate can, for removing traces of acid fumes, is connected in an upright position, while the motor, the controlling rheostat, and the blower are supported by the legs near the floor.

  18. After the testing, the last sulphuric-acid absorber is coupled to the sodium-bicarbonate can.

  19. An alkaline substance such as ammonia or bicarbonate of soda should be applied to remove any acid not washed away.

  20. The potassium bicarbonate helps to keep the cheese in solution.

  21. However, if a pinch of bicarbonate of soda is added to the milk before it is heated, it will not be likely to curdle even though it is not absolutely fresh.

  22. In forming such combinations, the addition of a small amount of bicarbonate of soda helps to blend the foods.

  23. In other cases the milk sours on the stomach, and then some antacid or alkali, like lime water or bicarbonate of soda should be added for several days or until the disposition to lactic fermentation has subsided.

  24. Take: Bicarbonate of potassa 2 drams Water 1 ounce Hive syrup, Paregoric, of each ½ ounce Mix and give half to one teaspoonful every two hours until relieved; then every four to six hours.

  25. The filament is then introduced into a second glass globe charged with bicarbonate of hydrogen; it is placed between pincers that hold the carbon near its union with the platinum, and the platinum some millimeters below.

  26. The platinum and carbon become incandescent, the bicarbonate is decomposed, and a fresh deposit of carbon solders the filament to its support.

  27. The patient should be kept warm, covered up before the fire if the weather is severe, and given a soft pill of three grains of carbonate of bismuth and one grain of bicarbonate of soda, every four hours, until appetite returns.

  28. Castellani and Chalmers recommend cleaning away the hairs by bathing the region with an alkaline lotion, such as two per cent solution of bicarbonate of soda, and then applying an ointment of ichthyol (10%).

  29. It consists of prolonged bathing in very hot water, followed by the application of a strong solution of bicarbonate of soda, which is allowed to dry upon the skin.

  30. It is prepared by treating a solution of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate with chlorinated lime.

  31. Such merit as it may possess by virtue of sodium bicarbonate and sodium phosphate is quite insufficient to warrant the extravagant claims made in the advertising pamphlets.

  32. Saccharin was detected in the residue and ether-extract of the residue by its intense sweet taste when a little sodium bicarbonate was added to it.

  33. He modifies this somewhat as occasion demands by using sodium sulphate and adding sodium bicarbonate (which converts the sulphate of iron into ferrous carbonate) and adds 10 minims of spirit of chloroform to act as a stomachic.

  34. Sodium bicarbonate is the main constituent of the water.

  35. A few grams of bicarbonate daily would have equal therapeutic value with this water.

  36. As taken, Alkalithia, therefore, represents caffein in a solution of alkali tartrate, citrate and bicarbonate containing free carbonic acid.

  37. This consists in feeding them only with bread and milk, and giving sodium bicarbonate daily.

  38. The only systemic treatment that is considered necessary today is rest, plenty of water and neutralize the acidity of the urine with bicarbonate of soda or some sodium salt.

  39. However, the general characteristics of syphilodol tablets, such as partial solubility in water, but not soluble in sodium hydroxid, sodium bicarbonate or acids, threw doubt on the hypothesis.

  40. This rendered it safe to handle, and, by placing it in water, I could at any time dissolve out the bicarbonate of soda, and leave the pure nitroglycerin.

  41. I took a lot of bicarbonate of soda with me, with which I absorbed the nitroglycerin, forming a sort of paste.

  42. Seidlitz powders, effervescing salts, consisting of two separate powders, one of which contains forty grains of sodium bicarbonate mixed with two drachms of RochellRochelle powders.

  43. Defn: Aërated salt; a white crystalline substance having an alkaline taste and reaction, consisting of sodium bicarbonate (see under Sodium.

  44. A preparation of bicarbonate of soda, tartaric acid, sugar, etc.

  45. When he checked the blue box that night, the original sodium bicarbonate lettering had returned with all its humdrum paragraphs.

  46. The box didn't proclaim itself sodium bicarbonate again--there was just no lettering at all, only blue background.

  47. This is next to be neutralized by hydrogen sodium carbonate, or bicarbonate of soda, and the freed alkaloid taken up by rubbing or shaking it with chloroform or ether, and the whole set aside in a well-corked tall test tube.

  48. Add to the solution of gold 4 gallons of distilled water, and 20 pounds of bicarbonate of potash of the best quality; let the whole boil moderately for 2 hours, the mixture will then be ready for use.

  49. I believe, however, that the bicarbonate would be nearly free from this objection, which operates so much against the sesqui-carbonate of the shops.

  50. For this purpose the bicarbonate of potash, commonly called, in the London shops, carbonate, may be employed very conveniently.

  51. The bicarbonate having been gently ignited in a silver basin, is to be dissolved in 6 times its weight of water, and the solution is to be boiled for an hour, along with one pound of slaked lime for every pound of the bicarbonate used.

  52. The bicarbonate may also be obtained in four-sided tables grouped together.

  53. Living hairs are rendered black by applying to them for a short time, a paste made by mixing litharge, slaked lime, and bicarbonate of potash, in various proportions, according to the shade of colour desired.

  54. If there is hyperacidity of the stomach, sodium bicarbonate or milk of magnesia will be of benefit.

  55. This first consisted of sodium sulphate, sodium chlorid, sodium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate and potassium sulphate in water in such amounts as to stimulate the blood plasma.

  56. Then the young feller comes back and says as how the lady in the car was feeling sick, and could I fetch her a glass of water with a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda in it.

  57. That bicarbonate of soda proved a boomerang.

  58. Anyway, when Lizzie described the girl in the car who wanted bicarbonate of soda and got it, I was sure that my er--lady of the lake and she were one and the same.

  59. The lactic acid is neutralized by bicarbonate of sodium, the latter being also called "baking soda.

  60. Dissolve 1 teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda in 1/2 cup water in a glass.

  61. Then add enough of the bicarbonate of soda solution till it turns the litmus paper back to blue.

  62. The other stock solution is a saturated solution of bicarbonate of soda.

  63. The fluid thus obtained is placed in a test-tube, and a concentrated solution of bicarbonate of soda added so long as effervescence takes place.

  64. Otto also recommends the agitation of the fluid containing the oxalates or tartrates of the alkaloids with ether, previously to their separation by means of bicarbonate of soda.

  65. It sometimes occurs that ether fails to take up all of the alkaloid present in the fluid treated with bicarbonate of soda.

  66. As a wash either lime water or milk of magnesia, or a solution of bicarbonate of soda may be used; they are equally good.

  67. Strong solutions were also made of sulphate of soda, hyposulphite of soda, borax (biborate of soda), and bicarbonate of soda and tried as fire extinguishers.

  68. Water trickling through the roof evaporates, each drop laying down its load of the bicarbonate of lime to create a stalactite; or a stalagmite if it first falls on the floor.

  69. Limpid drops trickle through the roof, saturated with bicarbonate of lime.

  70. Well, I should recommend a daily lotion made of mosquitoes' horns and bicarbonate of frogs' toes together with a powder, to be taken morning and night, of muriate of fleas.

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