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  1. I have remarked below upon the way in which English shires coalesced into little states, and in course of time the English nation was formed by the union of such little states, which lost their statehood (i.

  2. In the 9th century, however, this region (then called Werenofeld) was occupied by the Sorabi, and the Warni and Angli either coalesced with the Thuringi or sought an asylum in the north of Germany.

  3. And yet those vanquished had, under the cannon, with English arms, attacked their country in the rear, while the coalesced Powers struck her in front.

  4. In this condition they are most frequently coalesced in bunches, sometimes forming large tumors.

  5. In some places they had coalesced and made firm patches an inch in extent.

  6. The Conservatives and Free Conservatives coalesced as The German National People's Party (Deutsch-nationale Volkspartei).

  7. The Socialists, Progressives, Clericals and Guelphs in Brunswick coalesced "to further a policy of peace and progress and to spare our people severe internal disorders.

  8. The two combinations of ideas concerning the heavenly fire and concerning the earthly, contained elements (ideas) which coalesced together; and thus they became interlaced with one another.

  9. The idea of motion through the air presented by the lightning, and the same idea derived from the combination of ideas of the bird, coalesced and became one.

  10. Their partial distinctions were obliterated, and they insensibly coalesced into one great nation, united by language, manners, and civil institutions, and equal to the weight of a powerful empire.

  11. The radials of the hinder paired limb did so more constantly, and ultimately prolonged themselves inwards by mesiad growth from their coalesced base, till the piscine pelvic structure arose, as, e.

  12. Somewhat later, the hypoblastic cloaca becomes split into two sections, the hinder one receiving the coalesced segmental ducts, and the anterior remaining continuous with the alimentary tract.

  13. If this determination is correct, there can be no doubt that they ought to serve as valuable guides to the number of segments which have coalesced to form the head.

  14. The bases of the cartilaginous supports coalesced as was needed, according to the respective practical needs of the different separate portions of the longitudinal folds, i.

  15. The rings consist essentially of a number of coalesced primary papillae, and are, therefore, beset by a number of spines like those of the primary papillae (described below).

  16. They may have coalesced somewhat proximally and orad.

  17. Ivo Darcy gradually coalesced into the semblance of Paul Lambrequin.

  18. The stranger's outline shimmered and blurred into an amorphous cloud, which then coalesced into the shape of a tall, beautiful young man with the face of an ingenuous demon.

  19. The atoll was shaped as if three atolls, in the course of building, had collided and coalesced and failed to rear the partition walls.

  20. Here and there the globules coalesced in tiny streams that dripped to the heated deck and almost immediately evaporated.

  21. At first the coalesced parishes refuse to pay the stewards, and after this the rustic National Guards enter the chateaux to constrain the proprietors.

  22. In the twelfth vertebra these processes have almost coalesced, and in the thirteenth vertebra they have coalesced completely, forming a prominent =hypapophysis=.

  23. The Saiga antelope has a curiously specialised skull; the nasals are absent or have coalesced with the frontals and the anterior nares are enormously large.

  24. In the Tylopoda, though the ulna is complete and its distal end is often distinct, it has coalesced with the radius throughout its whole length; the olecranon is generally very large.

  25. These ganglia are commissured for the sake of sympathetic action, and frequently several of them are coalesced for the sake of package.

  26. The defenders coalesced with the United Irishmen, and the society adopted a military organisation.

  27. In July the whigs who supported Pitt coalesced with the government.

  28. The Scandinavian newcomers coalesced easily and quickly with the native population.

  29. We need not doubt that the Angli and the Saxons were different nations originally; but from the evidence at our disposal it seems likely that they had practically coalesced in very early times, perhaps even before the invasion.

  30. They coalesced with Defenderism, and by superior intelligence got control of the movement, which they organized as an expectant army of revolution.

  31. These separate, though perhaps federated, states ultimately coalesced into the great empire of the Khatti or Hittites, who attacked and sacked Babylon in 1746 /B.

  32. Here some of them coalesced with Terramara refugees, who had erected a dry terramara on a hill-top beside the river, and to this hill they gave the name of one of their abandoned cities, Palatium, so that it became mons palatinus.

  33. Such a language as English is a coalesced language; it is a coalescence of Anglo-Saxon and Norman French and Scholar's Latin, welded into one speech more ample and more powerful and beautiful than either.

  34. I fancy it will be a coalesced language, a synthesis of many.

  35. I think of dusty roads and hot valleys, and being looked at by many people.

  36. They circled her tower once, then coalesced into a plumed spear driving directly upward toward the dawn-tinged cloud bank that hovered over Agra from the east.

  37. Its warmth grew slowly into a pale light that shimmered off the gilded panels and then coalesced into the rainbow now pivoting pendulum-like above him, a glistening fan of peacock feathers swayed by a faceless, amber-skinned woman.

  38. In this way they had formed the nucleus of a good army; a desirable thing, as they required organization and confidence to repel the approaching invasion of the coalesced powers.

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