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Example sentences for "communing"

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communications; communicative; communicativeness; communicator; communicators; communings; communion; communione; communions; communique
  1. In the summer nights he spent much time under the trees in communing with the Lord of heaven.

  2. He seemed to be communing with the spirit that now lived above the stars.

  3. A spirit like his would rejoice in the unapproachable solitude, communing with God alike when the sun flamed in the zenith and when the midnight hung over him with all its stars.

  4. And when she had tested his wisdom by communing with him of all that was in her heart, "there was no more spirit in her.

  5. I am going to write you six sheets of paper, for there is nothing that I so delight in as communing with a friend at a distance, especially situated as I am without a soul to say a word to, unless it be my own sisters.

  6. Spent the time largely in communing with God.

  7. After my communing with God in secret for some time, the Lord told me to go immediately to see a poor sick girl near by.

  8. May we not be communing with a mere idea?

  9. The privilege of communing with such a spirit is so great, and the duty of going from man to Christ is so solemn, that you must spare no effort to place yourself nearer and nearer to the Divine Master.

  10. It hath to do with thy communing with me yesterday, O king.

  11. When Ioasaph perceived that he spake thus, and that his purpose was fixed, he ceased from communing with him.

  12. He himself dwelt in solitude, continually casting dust on his head, and groaning for very heaviness, and watering his face with his tears, being alone, communing with him who is everywhere present and imploring him to forgive his sins.

  13. I am ransacking my mind for the intimate acquaintance who could have entered the room," the printer proceeded as if communing with himself with painful anxiety.

  14. Communing with himself, Christian Lebrenn only said: "Another absurdity laid by Calvin at the door of the Godhead.

  15. But, by publishing their Resolutions, they shew that they are not communing for the sake of mutual sympathy, but to induce others to participate a sentiment which probably they are strangers to.

  16. They were never weary of communing together, with heads close and hair mingling, discussing subjects which absorbed them both, but in which she would never have a part!

  17. The perfection of unity of the cosmos claims this communing, as it is evident; and the fulness of life of each particular person demands it, because life in its plenitude[88] results from communing with all its proper objects.

  18. Now, life, in the highest metaphysical acceptation of the term, consists in communion--the communing of a subject with an object.

  19. In the starlight the monastery appeared more alive than in the sunlight, aggrandised by its mystic religious communing with the stars.

  20. They were absent communing together for several minutes, when Captain Thompson thrust his head out of the companion-way, and looking round, caught my eye.

  21. Communing thus with myself, and lost in the rosy vagaries of a vivid imagination, I unhappily for the moment forgot the objects for which I was stationed on deck.

  22. But the desultory, discursive, self-communing character seems to have been common to all of them; and it would be contrary to our evidence to speak of any single book as composed on a definite plan, or as treating of a special topic.

  23. Sometimes he speaks of himself by name, and appears to be communing with himself on his own fortunes or feelings.

  24. When she was a girl of eighteen, her father and mother died; and she fell into a state of spiritual exaltation, wherein she dreamed dreams, and had periods of retirement within her house, communing with other intelligences.

  25. The hours would take care of themselves; they would fleet by, while she sat, her hands folded, communing with old memories.

  26. He was not surprised to discover that it had not obeyed him.

  27. Yes, it was true, the flat had been taken nominally as an uptown branch of the O.

  28. A great, big, beating human heart," was what you heard about Fosdick everywhere.

  29. Both the clergyman and the Count remarked several strangers standing round the church offering no assistance to any one, and only communing together occasionally in a low voice on the proceedings of the Protestant population.

  30. My father, Ben Yusef, through much communing with the Lord, seems to be possessed of such spiritual sight.

  31. Together they stood watching the dawn of the morning, their hearts communing one with another in silent sympathy, the sympathy of mutual trust and love.

  32. Perhaps the hour of my revenge is nigh,” she murmured, as if communing with herself.

  33. Here, no doubt, John Woolman often walked under the shadow of its holly-trees, communing with nature and musing on the great themes of life and duty.

  34. It is very possible that our spirits may have been communing in space during this hour; but, unfortunately, our gross bodily memory is distinct from our spirit, and we cannot recall what has occurred.

  35. After that, if my theory holds good, my spirit will have no difficulty in meeting and communing with the spirit of my pupil, both being separated from the body.

  36. The speaker is desirous of communing with his favorite man´idōs, with whom he considers himself on an equality, as is indicated by the anthropomorphic form of one between whom and himself the voice lines extend.

  37. The persons admitted into the society are firmly believed to possess the power of communing with various supernatural beings--manidos--and in order that certain desires may be realized they are sought after and consulted.

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