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Example sentences for "communicators"

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communication; communications; communicative; communicativeness; communicator; communing; communings; communion; communione; communions
  1. Now, the communicators through Mrs. Piper's trance exhibit precisely the kind of confusion and incoherence which it seems to me we have some reason a priori to expect if they are actually what they claim to be.

  2. That woman that gave you the blue willies isn't alive--she's full of the prettiest machinery and communicators you ever saw!

  3. Strong heard the clicks of the two communicators and sat back, breathing hard.

  4. Communicators were placed at intervals of ten miles, so that any stranded colonist was within walking distance of help.

  5. To make contact with amateur communicators back in our solar system, sir.

  6. By combining the best features of the visirays and communicators of the hexans with our own newly-perfected devices, we now have a really excellent system of communication.

  7. We have already built in our vessel communicators similar to yours, and radio sets.

  8. Tool up and start producing these communicators as fast as you can make 'em, Morris.

  9. Set up a line in research and make up sufficient of those communicators to outfit the executive personnel of this district.

  10. And now, with the mental communicators in use, it would be a flat impossibility.

  11. He turned the band switch to the universal frequency with which all long-range communicators were equipped.

  12. The helmet communicators rang with their cheers.

  13. Their helmet communicators wouldn’t reach it until it was right at the asteroid, and that would be too late.

  14. The question was, had either of them shouted before their communicators were cut off?

  15. The Planeteers' helmet communicators rang with their cheers.

  16. Their helmet communicators wouldn't reach it until it was right at the asteroid, and that would be too late.

  17. One by one, the spacemen checked in through the audio communicators that all was clear.

  18. Tom's warning call from the Polaris control deck, tuned to the open communicators of all the jet boats, broke through the loud-speaker.

  19. This may account, to a certain extent, for the differences in the ability of communicators to give proper names.

  20. Wear your paralo-ray guns at all times and keep your belt communicators hidden beneath your jackets," Strong warned.

  21. It took parts from both our communicators and translators too.

  22. So their communicators had been taken away from them for the second time, and now they were watched with an unceasing closeness.

  23. In the boat Fran sometimes shut his eyes and pressed the end of one of the tiny sensory-perception communicators he had made.

  24. Graves said: "You mean it might break all operating communicators in a very large area?

  25. We've had communicators planted on that ship for several days now, and I still can't see how the technology was developed that allowed the manufacture of some of their instruments.

  26. Try one, then let's get busy and scatter a few more communicators around that ship.

  27. PART 1 For seven weeks the Constellation had been plunging through hyperspace with her eight thousand colonists; fleeing like a hunted thing with her communicators silenced and her drives moaning and thundering.

  28. In the fifteen years during which Mrs Piper's mediumship has been studied, a great number of communicators have appeared about whom nobody was thinking.

  29. But these descriptions are without importance, as it may be replied that the communicators or controls give these details purely to prove identity.

  30. I do not know the exact number of communicators who have asserted their appearance by means of her organism.

  31. Professor Hyslop, among others, says that he has met with several communicators whom he did not in the least expect.

  32. Some of the communicators only appear at long intervals, but nevertheless they remain unchanged.

  33. If it cannot reasonably be admitted that the occasional communicators are only secondary personalities of the medium, the impossibility must be extended to the controls.

  34. Now the communicators constantly repeat that they are dreaming while they are in the atmosphere of the medium.

  35. But they must have the right to keep away such communicators as they should judge likely to injure her again.

  36. Unfortunately neither communicators nor controls speak thus; they all say or allow it to be supposed that the human form is the same in both worlds.

  37. It will be convenient, however, to explain here that some of the communicators on the other side, like Mr. Myers and Dr.

  38. I have known mediums much more powerful in this respect, so that free conversation with one or two specially skilled communicators was quite possible, and interchange of ideas almost as easy as when the communicator was in the flesh.

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