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Example sentences for "composes"

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composedness; composee; composent; composer; composers; composing; composite; composites; composition; compositional
  1. That doesn't mean he is a perfectionist in many things, that he etches as well as he paints, that he composes as well as he draws.

  2. From Vienna comes Schoenberg; in Vienna lives and composes the youthful Erich Korngold, whose earlier music seems to well as if from some mountain spring, although with all its spontaneity it has no affinity with Mozart.

  3. Reading composes little of my pastime, either in town or country.

  4. It is time that composes a good constitution: it formed ours.

  5. His own modesty comes out the brighter, but then it composes a character, not a life.

  6. Then, seeing the stony gaze of the imperturbable Marquise fixed upon her, she composes herself, and awaits her reply with more calmness.

  7. As he advances to the ruelle that encloses the bed, he composes his thin lips and pinched face into a decent expression of condolence.

  8. He rarely composes any verse without a flower or a bird being mentioned in it; all his similes are ornithological or botanical, and by them he expresses the tenderest emotions of his heart.

  9. And the way in which it is done is this: "When the poet sees the person or thing before him he makes a verse at once with the ends of his fingers, or in his mind without studying, and he composes and repeats at the same time.

  10. A combination of swirling and bickering and pulsating composes the commonest Loge-motif, but the variety is endless of the fire's caprices.

  11. Empedocles composes the elements of still minuter bulks, those which are the most minute and may be termed the element of elements.

  12. It composes in us the harsh and irregular motions of the soul and secures deep peace for it.

  13. He believes he composes easily on the hills.

  14. The corruptions and the other "dishonours" of the grave, and whatsoever composes the sting of death in the Christian view, is traced up to sin as its ultimate cause.

  15. The Northern part of the county is made up of rolling prairie lands, of great fertility on account of the large proportion of clay added to the volcanic ash, which composes most of the soils of eastern Washington.

  16. A multitude of factories are providing a small part of the merchandise and composes the groundwork of her commerce.

  17. The Margorre marble found in several parts of the Milanese, is bluish veined with brown, and composes part of the dome of the cathedral of Milan.

  18. The red marble of Verona is of a red rather inclining to yellow or hyacinth; a second variety of a dark red, composes the vast amphitheatre of Verona.

  19. In regard to nitrogen there seems to be but little to remember; it makes a very insignificant figure in comparison to oxygen, although it composes a much larger portion of the atmosphere.

  20. For, see, since a wave is only a communicated agitation or impetus, and since the water that composes a wave is changing every instant, new water is rising into the wave as fast as the wave travels.

  21. The water that composes the body of a wave does not move.

  22. No, the water that composes the body of a wave is stationary.

  23. How often in your chagrin, that his depth was not sufficiently appreciated, have you said that van Beethoven composes only for posterity!

  24. He composes for himself, and what he composes he performs for himself.

  25. He composes ballads, and leads his own regimental orchestra.

  26. He understands the voice thoroughly and composes songs which are melodious and easy to sing.

  27. Latin prosody, and, adding example to precept, composes riddles and a Eulogy of Virgins in Latin verse.

  28. Perhaps he composes his little verse, in which case a margin ought to be allowed him.

  29. But even about that place, which is the highest part of the land, are large pieces of the same coral rock that composes the shore.

  30. Their surfaces are nearly smooth, without chink or fissures; and they are found to be a species of granite, different from that which composes the neighbouring mountains.

  31. Through his so-called corrections he destroys the ensemble; he composes a mosaic instead of creating a work of art; the faults of his model do not exist.

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