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composer; composers; composes; composing; composite; composition; compositional; compositione; compositions; compositor
  1. In some of the Composites all the florets of each head are perfect, while in others some are perfect and some imperfect.

  2. A South African genus of composites requiring very warm sunny spots and rich gritty soil.

  3. Pretty composites with the flower-heads collected into spikes.

  4. Stout growing showy composites for late summer and autumn flowering, requiring rich deep soil, and not to be often disturbed.

  5. Having discovered this first trace of doubling, it was to be expected that the new variety would be at once as pure and as rich as other double composites usually are.

  6. The systematic distribution of rayed and rayless species and varieties among the daisy-group of the composites affords a long series of examples.

  7. In the family of the composites we find a group of genera with two forms of florets on each flower-head.

  8. Now the secondary summits of the ray-curves of the composites are seen to agree, as a rule, with these figures.

  9. Throughout this lecture I have spoken of double flowers and double flower-heads of composites as of one single group.

  10. Rays of the umbels of umbelliferous plants may grow together and become united in groups of two or more, and in the same way the fruits of [356] the composites may be united into groups.

  11. Many species of composites have been tried, and they are all constant.

  12. The species appertains to that group of composites which have a head of small tubular florets surrounded by a broad border of rays.

  13. The real character of double flower-heads among composites lies in the production of rays on the disk.

  14. What they'd overlooked was that these two planes still belonged to Mino Industries, and only Mino Industries had access to the high- temperature ceramics and titanium composites required to build more.

  15. The carbon-carbon composites used for this airframe, and that saw-toothing up there, will just absorb what radar energy does get through.

  16. They must therefore be composites of form and matter; form constituting their shape and quality, and matter a substrate that is indeterminate, because it is not a form.

  17. Finally, elements necessarily are either form, or primary matter, or the composites of form and matter.

  18. Doubtless it was the necessity for attracting insects which led the Robin's plantain and other composites to group a quantity of minute florets, each one of which was once an independent, detached blossom, into a common head.

  19. August and September, when the showy composites are in their glory, that we give them scarcely a glance.

  20. Composites long ago utilized many principles of success in life that the triumphant Anglo-Saxon carries into larger affairs today.

  21. From July to September the vast army of composites appear in such hopeless predominance that prolonged bloom on the part of any of their number is surely an advantage.

  22. At the top of the scape is a double involucre of narrow, green, leaf-like scales similar to what all composites have.

  23. Moreover, most of the rhythms of motion, such as walking, the ebb and flow of tides, the breaking of waves on the beach, are composites of temporal and spatial.

  24. But such mechanical regularity is comparatively rare, and in general the temporal rhythms are all highly complex composites of sounds and silences.

  25. Type of the Larger Composites excluded from gardens proper.

  26. Among Composites Calendulas and Carthamus oxyacantha or the pohlĂ­, a near relation of the Carthamus which yields the saffron dye, are abundant.

  27. Among Composites may be mentioned the tansies, Saussureas, and the fine Erigeron multiradiatus common in the forest above Narkanda.

  28. The other set of composites are made from pairs of components.

  29. It will be observed that all the four composites are closely alike.

  30. It will be observed that the features of the composites are much better looking than those of the components.

  31. I have made numerous composites of various groups of convicts, which are interesting negatively rather than positively.

  32. It will, I am sure, surprise most persons to see how well defined these composites are.

  33. The illustrations are for the most part reduced in size to suit the smaller form of the volume, the lettering of the composites is rearranged, and the coloured illustration is reproduced as closely as circumstances permit.

  34. Good composites cannot be made without very careful adjustment in scale and position.

  35. The most unartistic productions of amateur photography do quite as well for making composites as those of the best professional workers, because their blemishes vanish in the blended result.

  36. All composites are better looking than their components, because the averaged portrait of many persons is free from the irregularities that variously blemish the looks of each of them.

  37. A higher order of artistic skill might be well bestowed upon the composites that have been made out of a large number of components.

  38. It will be observed that four at least of the six composites are closely alike.

  39. It is, indeed, most notable how beautiful all composites are.

  40. The next pair of composites (full face and profile) on the Plate has not been published before.

  41. In the small collection of composites given in the Plate facing p.

  42. Therefore we should expect to find that any groups of twenty or thirty men of the same class would yield composites bearing a considerable likeness to one another.

  43. These and their fellow composites each seem an individual; a penknife discloses each of them to be an aggregate of blossoms.

  44. So gainful has this kind of co-operation proved that composites are now dominant among plants in every quarter of the globe.

  45. In Comic Composites for the Scrap Book (1821), we have intelligent human creatures suggested by arrangements of household implements.

  46. Illustration: From "Comic Composites for the Scrap-Book," 1821.

  47. Comic Composites for the Scrap Book (published by S.

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