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Example sentences for "corduroys"

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  1. Emerging from the charity-school, and exchanging the leather shorts and yellow stockings for corduroys and gray worsted socks, Uncle John obtained the appointment of office-boy to a Temple attorney.

  2. The only increase which he made in his previous expenditure, was in wearing a rather cleaner shirt, and discarding corduroys for some more genteel material.

  3. Erect as a maize plant, dressed once more in the flannels and corduroys of his station, as tall and graceful, he merely stood there with folded arms, looking down on the girl.

  4. Unconsciously, as though he were alone, he hitched the corduroys up over his narrow hips, in the motion of one who has been riding.

  5. The look of him and his corduroys and his soft shoes gave Shefford an impression that he was not a man who worked hard.

  6. Other disguises were resorted to; one of the commonest being to change clothes or to turn your corduroys outside in.

  7. The day before he died this friend sent him half a sovereign, and when Grinder saw it he sat up excitedly in his bed and pulled his corduroys from beneath his pillow.

  8. An Englishman came, and began to fence, and there was a Dafydd Dafis sort of fellow there, and this man Rodgers thought that because he wore strings round the knees of his corduroys he wasn't anybody of consequence .

  9. Then one of the men lighting upon the drumsticks, which the usual man in corduroys had hidden away, began beating the big drum furiously.

  10. You were not admitted to it in corduroys or bare-footed, nor did you pay weekly; no, your father called four times a year with the money in an envelope.

  11. If she could only look down, Aaron, and see her little velvets, as she called him, lifting my little corduroys ower the pools!

  12. He's always wearing his corduroys away at the knees.

  13. Even old garments somehow arrived from Mrs. Simons to eke out the corduroys and the print gowns which were the gift of the school.

  14. The hunter in corduroys beams abroad, with beady black eyes in a round red face, curious.

  15. I hear it was the Doraines who gave the Vane-Corduroys their first start last year.

  16. The Vane-Corduroys came to return my call in their motor-car, and it blew up at the front door.

  17. An Excellent Chef} To-day the Vane-Corduroys had a lunch-party.

  18. I had to send the Vane-Corduroys back to Shotover in the victoria.

  19. I think the Vane-Corduroys are afraid of him.

  20. Fortunately for the Vane-Corduroys they had just entered the house, or they might have been killed.

  21. Talking of hospital nurses, it seems the Vane-Corduroys had trouble with theirs too.

  22. The Vane-Corduroys apologised profusely, and looked as if they wished they had been blown up along with the groom to hide their confusion.

  23. Of course, the Vane-Corduroys were not present, and there was an alarming rumour at one time that Mr. Vane-Corduroy was bleeding to death.

  24. The spoor led deeper into the wood, crossed a stream where the white man had drunk, for there was the print of his corduroys where he had knelt, and then climbed a hill, when I went slow.

  25. In another three minutes I was into a pair of the tan cotton stockings and the flat shoes, which Pan had made me that rainy day in the barn, had on my corduroys and a linen smock, and was running down to my wedding with wings of the wind.

  26. Red grabbed him by the seat of his corduroys and the collar of his shirt and helped him outside, where they strolled about, taking pot shots at whatever their fancy suggested.

  27. Tucked at intervals in the top of the corduroys (the exceptions making convenient shelves for alkali dust) was what at one time had been a stiff-bosomed shirt.

  28. A general perception of trap and pitfall instantly arises, and the fifer is seen to retire behind the corduroys of his next neighbours, as perceiving special necessity for collecting himself and communing with his mind.

  29. Then modestly emerging from his Academic Grove of corduroys appears the fifer, right arm extended, right leg foremost, bump irradiated.

  30. He did not look ill in his corduroys and gaiters.

  31. You came upon him tramping over a nobleman's estate in shabby corduroys and gaiters, with a gun over his shoulder and a scowl on his ugly face.

  32. He wore the corduroys and Strathcona boots of a shantyman; about his waist was a bright red scarf.

  33. Corduroys had mounted the stump and was addressing the boisterous crowd.

  34. The man in corduroys seemed to have come to the conclusion that Billie was the only thing on earth that mattered.

  35. There are nearly three thousand varieties," said the man in corduroys tolerantly.

  36. The man in corduroys had lit his pipe and was bending once more to his task.

  37. Just below them a sturdy, brown-faced man in corduroys was pausing to light a stubby pipe.

  38. He still wore the regalia of the country, the Stetson hat, flannel shirt and corduroys that were too common to attract attention, but the hollows in his cheeks were filling out and the tired look was going from his eyes.

  39. First emerged a fellow in corduroys tied below the knee, with long brown moustaches decorating a face that, for all its haggardness, had a jovial look.

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