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Example sentences for "cordons"

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cording; cordis; cordite; cordium; cordon; cords; corduroy; corduroyed; corduroying; corduroys
  1. Cordons of apples and pears have to be similarly treated, but cordons of peaches and nectarines are pruned so as to provide the necessary annual succession of young bearing wood.

  2. Fruit trees trained as espaliers, fans or cordons against walls, trellises or fences, are not only pruned carefully in the winter but must be also pruned during the early summer months.

  3. On the eastern boundary, all the way from Western Wyoming to Eastern British Columbia, stand cordons of stupendous mountains, the western outposts of the great Continental Divide.

  4. Fragment of iron pot, with two molded cordons on the body.

  5. It was first assumed that a single template had served to fashion both the cordons at the base and the groove below the lip.

  6. The cordons here, generally speaking, have a southerly direction, running parallel to each other.

  7. Walls too should be covered with cordons rather than horizontals.

  8. If as cordons they must be two feet or more apart, and lifted about once in three years.

  9. Cordons can be grown on the wall, or planted outside and trained indoors, like vines, near the glass.

  10. Plant single cordons in good ground, they will soon grow and bear.

  11. On this occasion three efficient cordons were established to isolate the infected places.

  12. In order to keep the people down by terror, therefore, we have resolved, in a secret conference, to establish cordons in the various counties and send patrols of soldiers in every direction to search and examine everybody passing to and fro.

  13. Take these letters, choose the best horse from my stables, and hasten to the leaders of the military cordons one after the other.

  14. Except a miracle happened, the steaming fleet, with its cordons of destroyers, is as safe from him as from any other kind of fish.

  15. Cordons of guards which kept back the observer from the struggle could not keep back the truth.

  16. The Collar was compos’d of round Cordons of white Silk, woven into Love-Knots, interlac’d with the Letters S and R.

  17. August 25th, complimentary audience of the States; high mass with the cordons bleus; M.

  18. Cordons are formed by removing the laterals as fast as they appear, and when the fruit has set, or the requisite height is attained, the top is also pinched out.

  19. For cordons we advocate a distance between the rows of three feet, and a space of two feet in the row is not too much.

  20. Authorities are not agreed as to whether branched plants or simple cordons yield the better results.

  21. The plants should be kept short in the joint by frequent shifts until the twelve-inch pot is reached, and this size will accommodate two cordons or one plant having two branches, each of which will require a separate stake for its support.

  22. Her enemy, the Cardinal, took part in the promotion of the Cordons Bleus.

  23. How greatly our affection for him would increase if he took less State pay, and freed himself from all the grand cordons which tie his hands.

  24. The other circumstance to which I allude is that, like Russia and Austria, Prussia has found that quarantines and cordons do not check the progress of cholera.

  25. The absurdity of cordons and quarantines is becoming daily more evident.

  26. To show, further, how absurdly statements respecting the efficacy of cordons will sometimes be made, it may be mentioned that M.

  27. Three of them have already declared against contagion; so it may be presumed that the day is not far distant when those true plagues of society, cordons and quarantines against cholera, shall be abolished.

  28. Causation is at once connected with antecedence, at least for a time, by the people at large, who see their government putting on cordons and quarantines, and the most vague public rumour becomes an assumed fact.

  29. We find that as all the Prussian cordons have been dissolved, their vessels are excluded from entrance into certain places on the Elbe.

  30. The young men are on duty in the cordons or on military expeditions; the old ones are fishing or helping the women in the orchards and gardens.

  31. Along the roads are cordons of Cossacks and watch-towers with sentinels in them.

  32. He was spraying the cordons with quassia-water.

  33. Sarka studied those outgoing hosts, which were dwindling away to mere specks with vast speed, for through the cordons and cordons of them he could now see the Aircars more plainly.

  34. The horizontal cordons may be single (unilateral) or composed of two branches extending in opposite directions (bilateral).

  35. The cordons may be vertical or horizontal, according to the direction of the trunk, which is from four to eight feet long.

  36. After several years, most of the vines therefore lose their character of cordons and become simply headed-vines with abnormally long trunks.

  37. Double and even multiple vertical cordons occur, but they are very inadvisable and have no advantages.

  38. The troop transports were so far within all the protective cordons that the American scouts, lying far along the horizon, could not even sight their masts.

  39. The cities had handled their mobs with long cordons of silent, stout, unimaginative police and with firemen who brought out clanging engines and hose.

  40. On that day the royal apartments were open to the public, and at the hour of High Mass the crowd flowed back towards the vestibule of the chapel to witness what was called the procession of the Cordons Bleus.

  41. It was a pity," says her mother a little later "a pity you did not see the Cordons Bleus.

  42. These horizontal cordons are naturally used along the borders of walks, flower beds or plots devoted to vegetables.

  43. Apples succeed very well as upright cordons and in all the simpler modifications of this form.

  44. The upright and horizontal cordons may also be used, though neither of these forms is specially well adapted to pears.

  45. Apples or pears trained as cordons or espaliers, or peaches, nectarines, or cherries in fan forms, will thrive on almost any brick or wooden wall, except those with a northern front.

  46. The horizontal cordons are of two varieties, namely one-arm and two-arm forms.

  47. The fruit produced by horizontal cordons is probably superior in size, color and finish to that produced on any other form of tree.

  48. Cordons and espaliers require some sort of support, however, and where walls are not used trellises are necessary.

  49. These may be in fact upright cordons which are trained with strong stems and allowed to support themselves without a trellis.

  50. Nothing less than eight feet will be satisfactory, and for upright cordons a trellis ten to fifteen feet high will be much better.

  51. In fact my experience with dwarf apples might be summarized by saying, "bush trees for business, cordons for fun.

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