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Example sentences for "crudities"

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crudelis; crudely; crudeness; cruder; crudest; crudity; crudo; crue; cruel; cruelest
  1. It is lifted as far above the crudities of intuitionism as the whisperings of an angel are above a schoolboy's code.

  2. The spirits so confounded, the nourishment must needs be abated, bad humours increased, crudities and thick spirits engendered with melancholy blood.

  3. The aristocratic tone of the Court made Provencal literature fashionable; and a refined diction, softening the crudities of more than one competing dialect, was formed to express the subtleties of the Provencal style.

  4. Italians gathered round the person of the sovereign at Palermo from their native cities, must in ordinary courtesy have abandoned the crudities of their respective idioms.

  5. There are certain crudities apparent both in the style and in the construction of the book, as well as in the choice and development of subject; but it will be very interesting to see the next production of a mind so unusual.

  6. It was just marred by a few exaggerations of gesture and crudities which could have easily been put right, but in conception and power it was magnificent.

  7. It was very natural too that, in these early struggles towards independence and national {320} self-consciousness, the crudities inseparable from early colonial existence should be painfully apparent.

  8. It is to be noted that the age of periphrase in verse was the age of crudities in prose.

  9. As the karitaki fruit (chebule myrobalan) is purgative of its own nature, and purges out the crudities from the bodies; so the headwork into the mysterious meaning of the mantras, removes the crude diseases from the frame.

  10. With such a boiler, judiciously heated, I believe that crude sulphur might be made remarkably pure; whereas by directing the heat against the bottom of the vessel, the crudities are tossed up, and incorporated with the mass.

  11. Footnote 89: Mr. Sinnett, in his Esoteric Buddhism, expressed the idea that it was high time that the crudities of spiritualism should be corrected by the more philosophic occultism of the East.

  12. In London his talents brought him ample patronage, his income enabled him to live the stately and dignified life he loved, so that, when the Revolution ended, there seemed no reason why he should abandon it for the crudities of Boston.

  13. It is a curious commentary upon Alexander's development that, after a trip or two abroad, he professed to find the crudities of his native land unbearable, and spent his last years in Italy.

  14. The country has emerged from the crudities of its first years, and from the mediocre conventionality of its middle period, without having lost the freshness and enthusiasm conducive to high achievement.

  15. The author had the twofold object of picturing the dreadful crudities and brutalities of the early system of convict 'reformation' in Australia, and of preventing their possible repetition elsewhere.

  16. Colonists need a little more of the philosophic and common-sense spirit which can look upon deficiencies and crudities merely as phases in the natural evolution of society in a new land.

  17. Later I saw him driving with an astonishingly handsome woman; who looked as if she had been born without crudities or illusions.

  18. Gwynne, being unaccustomed to crudities of this sort, applied himself to his oysters, while Isabel made a fierce resolution that she would find another chaperon or remain in the country.

  19. But I had not guessed at the combination of ancient civilization and the crudities of the mining-camp in the heart of a modern city.

  20. Society has divested itself of many crudities and affectations perhaps, but it has grown as artificial and self-conscious as its rouged and befeathered leaders.

  21. Hence it is not strange that this new order of things resulted in many crudities and exaggerations.

  22. This is one of the serious commercial attempts that should be revived and studied, in spite of its crudities of plot, by our Art Museums.

  23. It may have many technical crudities by present-day standards.

  24. In spite of occasional crudities of expression, the ideas are always poetic and elevated, and there are many vigorous couplets and quatrains.

  25. Whatever crudities of expression, inaccuracies of rhythm, faults of arrangement, and violations of dramatic law met us from time to time, the earnest purpose of the writer carried us over them all.

  26. It consists of eclogues and poems in hexameter and elegiac metre ridiculing polite pastoralism through contrast with the crudities of actual rusticity.

  27. Early in his evolution as a novelist, he might have seized upon it as the promising foundation for an international complication, altho even then he would have attenuated the more violent crudities of the original story.

  28. Barnhart, begins rather promisingly but we do not proceed very far before detecting various crudities of craftsmanship.

  29. The author's style is fluent and pleasing, though a few slight crudities are to be discerned.

  30. The Wild Rose," by Marguerite Allen, is a poem of no little grace, though beset with many of the usual crudities of youthful work.

  31. Twixt the Red and the White", a short story by Miss Coralie Austin, displays marked skill in construction and phraseology, though its development is not without a few of the typical crudities of youthful work.

  32. The worst of the crudities and superstitions that still linger in our own religion are due to the fact that the people who bear his name only in part accept his teachings and very imperfectly follow his example.

  33. More has been done by his life and teachings to purify religion of its crudities and superstitions than by all other agencies.

  34. The point of them, for they again were written to prove something, was to expose the crudities of a commercialized America.

  35. A further reason for uneasiness in the face of foreign comment was that honest Americans were aware that their country suffered from the crudities of youth.

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