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Example sentences for "cuffed"

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cuerpo; cuerpos; cues; cueur; cuff; cuffing; cuffs; cui; cuidado; cuidam
  1. As he looked casually into the giant's eyes he started back, but too late; one vast hand had clutched him by the collar, and he was jerked over the counter and cuffed from hand to hand, like a mouse in the paws of a cat.

  2. I jest cuffed 'em a little, an' let 'em go.

  3. So saying, he pounced upon them and tearing to pieces half a score of their chiefs in front of the rest, threatened them and crave them out, sorely cuffed and beaten, from before him.

  4. He noticed, too, that whenever the Artful Dodger came home empty-handed Fagin seemed angry and cuffed and kicked him and sent him to bed supperless; but when he brought home a good number everything was very jolly.

  5. Did you see how he cuffed him with his fist, and how he threw him down on his back with a blow of his hand?

  6. Come then, sweet, cry upon my shoulder since I have cuffed you!

  7. So the Yuzbashi of his stupidity believed her, and approaching the Barber on the edge of the cistern shaft cuffed him with a cuff whose excess of violence dazed him and he fell upon the floor retaining naught of his senses.

  8. Hereat the Yuzbashi came up behind him and cuffed him with a mighty cuff upon the neck and laid him prostrate and insensible at the mouth of the shaft.

  9. And they cuffed him till his neck was red.

  10. Your father nigh cuffed my head up to a peak when I tried to tell him what my orders were.

  11. I stood the impertinence as long as I could and then I cuffed the ears of the fools and walked in.

  12. By the time an animal has cuffed one chair to pieces I can generally size him up and get at his disposition.

  13. And the way those spotted paws slapped and cuffed the rounds of the extended chair which served as a shield to Frenchy's legs was something to be remembered.

  14. Then it was that she lost her temper and cuffed his ears so soundly as to drive him back among his fellows.

  15. Jerking free from the arm that was all distasteful compulsion, Joan had slapped Tudor's face resoundingly and with far more vim and weight than when she had cuffed Gogoomy.

  16. Just as it is natural that there should be dogs and cats that are petted and loved and made much of, and others that have to crawl through life as they can, cuffed and kicked and starved.

  17. A wife one day, robed in brocade and dazzling with diamonds; the next a slave washing the feet of her who only a day ago waited upon her, and was cuffed and beaten at her command.

  18. My captors were cheered again and again, while I, as an unbeliever, was cuffed and spat upon.

  19. Ill-treated and cuffed by the stern black taskmaster whose duty it was to see that I performed the work allotted to me, I felt many times inclined to regard escape as utterly hopeless.

  20. One of my whilom friends, a fine, stalwart fellow, held fast by several of the hostile band quite close to me, fought desperately to rescue a woman of his tribe who was being brutally cuffed by two hulking fellows.

  21. Not a mutineer walks hand-cuffed to the jail, but I am hand-cuffed to him and walk by his side.

  22. You knock about de world, get kicked and cuffed and die like a dog.

  23. Useful as they are, the dogs get hardly treated, being constantly cuffed and beaten, and never getting even a mouthful of food thrown to them.

  24. Arriving there, she cuffed the children right and left with, all her remaining strength, saying in justification: "My soul!

  25. There he had been teased and petted, and cuffed and beaten, and cursed by turns, and being a child of unusually bright mind, and the constant companion of rough men, he had learned every form of evil a child can possibly know.

  26. Mind y'r mannerses," said the woman, as she cuffed him on the ear.

  27. She contented herself with gazing at his cuffed wrist resting on the table's edge, and at his hands.

  28. Whereupon they laughed till they fell backward and cuffed him on the neck, saying, 'No; that is not its name.

  29. I believe he cuffed him in the face yesterday.

  30. He cuffed it over the severed end of the artery, so cleverly that the inner linings of the vein and artery, the endothelium as it is called, were in complete contact with each other.

  31. McGuffey lost patience before the meal was over, and cuffed Captain Scraggs, who thereupon subsided with tears in his eyes.

  32. Lie to me agin an' I'll toss you overboard," and in order to impress Captain Scraggs with the seriousness of his intentions he cuffed the latter vigorously with his open left palm.

  33. Mark had used a strong arm and a stronger wit for him on occasion, and the little bastard was no longer cuffed at the random pleasure of every gentleman of Gorlois's guard.

  34. She cuffed the little beast aside, and looked at Gorlois.

  35. Gorlois cuffed the lad aside, mounted with a spring, took his spear from an esquire, and rode straight for the gate, his horse's hoofs sparking fire from the courtyard stones.

  36. After partaking at this table of our supper of pork and bread, I was hand-cuffed to a large yellow man, quite stout and fleshy, with a countenance expressive of the utmost melancholy.

  37. Had I not been hand-cuffed the attempt would certainly have been made, whatever consequence might have followed.

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