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Example sentences for "curial"

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  1. In commending the curial and illustrious vernacular, as something distinct from the dialects, he was in truth praising the dialect of his own province, refined by the practice of polite versifiers.

  2. On the other hand, it is well to remember that the young Emperor did not take the side of the Pope nor commit himself to the Curial ideas of the absolute character of papal supremacy.

  3. In like manner Dionysius represents Romulus as dividing the land into thirty curial districts, and Numa as establishing boundary-stones and introducing the festival of the Terminalia (i.

  4. The curial organization was virtually rooted out, in so far as it was based on the clan-organization and this latter was to be found in its purity exclusively among the old burgesses.

  5. Campanianus, dwelling in Lucania, from the album of her Curia, and her sons also, so that posterity may never know that they were formerly liable to Curial duties.

  6. Jovinus the Curialis, according to the report of the Corrector of Lucania and Bruttii, had an angry altercation with a fellow Curial (collega), and in his rage slew him.

  7. It was in no way what we could call a municipal government, even admitting a rather loose interpretation of the term, as the supporters of the theory of the survival of the Roman curial system would have us believe.

  8. The improved Curial Breviary was imposed on the churches of Rome by the Franciscan Pope, Nicholas III.

  9. This Curial Breviary was adopted by the Franciscans in their active lives.

  10. It was adopted into Gallican liturgy and office about 980, and in the Roman office only when the Curial Breviary was adopted.

  11. The Curial Breviary was drawn up in this way to make it suitable for persons engaged in outdoor pursuits and journeys.

  12. This criticism applies, mutatis mutandis, to what may be called the Curial system of Dublin Castle.

  13. No," he replied, "the Curial system is the growth of centuries, and there can be no change of any consequence while it lasts.

  14. When the clergy go in a body: For the curial fee.

  15. Of persons above twelve years old: For the curial fee.

  16. I saw by the way their things were packed in the curial that they did not intend to return for some days.

  17. First, a warm invitation from the Dufferins to Rome; as to which, however, there are cons as well as pros, for a man who like me is neither Italian nor Curial in the view of present policies.

  18. First, a warm invitation from the Dufferins to Rome; as to which, however, there are cons as well as pros for a man who like me is neither Italian nor Curial in the view of present policies.

  19. The cities took advantage of the general passion for place and social precedence, and, often from sordid motives, crowded their curial lists with patroni and persons decorated with other honorary distinctions.

  20. After the local aristocracy of curial rank came, in order of social precedence, members of the knightly class and the order of the Augustales.

  21. On many inscriptions they appear side by side with the Curial "ordo" and the Augustales.

  22. The names of the duoviri appeared at the head of every curial decree, as those of the consuls in every senatusconsultum.

  23. The curial had to pass through the various offices in fixed order before he attained release from burdens which had been laid upon him by the State’s system of taxation.

  24. This policy affected both the humble artisan and the citizen of curial rank.

  25. I met him but now in the forum, and learnt that his lord lodges at the house of the curial Venustus; hard by the Temple of Diana.

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