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  1. But the cour des pairs in this sense was not separate from the curia regis, and later from the parlement of Paris, of which the peers of France were by right members.

  2. Finally, the curia regis was gradually transformed into a regular court of justice, the Parlement (q.

  3. It was time: the curia was on the point of being surrounded by a detachment of troops, which were already approaching.

  4. The fire communicated to the Curia Hostilia, and thence gained the Basilica Porcia, and the two buildings were reduced to ashes.

  5. The care of rebuilding the Curia Hostilia was entrusted to the son of Sylla: it was decided that it should bear the name of the old dictator, the memory of whom the Senate sought to place in honour.

  6. Aquilius, fearing that they might prevent him from approaching the public place, conceived the idea of hiding himself the previous evening in the Curia Hostilia, which opened upon the Forum.

  7. Pompeius Rufus, of the fire which burnt the Curia Hostilia.

  8. Roman senate house, either the Curia Hostilia, adjoining the Forum, or the Curia Pompeia, built by Pompey in the Campus Martius.

  9. Caesar was slain in the Curia in the Campus Martius.

  10. The following is the list of the tribunals and offices, including the changes introduced by the reorganization of the Curia by Pius X.

  11. In his work Tractatus de legibus Angliae, Ranulf de Glanvill treats of the procedure of the curia regis as a court of law.

  12. The court of chancery is also an offshoot of the curia regis.

  13. Hence the ancient senate house at Rome was known as the Curia Hostilia.

  14. The word curia is more particularly reserved to the tribunals and departments which actually deal with the general business of the Church.

  15. Thus the court of king's bench (curia regis de banco) was founded, and the foundation of the court of common pleas was provided for in one of the articles of Magna Carta.

  16. The men who had in hand its daily working in curia regis and exchequer and chancery were certain of his favour, when they strove to devise better ways of doing things and more efficient means of controlling subordinates.

  17. It has already been said that the single organ of the feudal state, by which government in all its branches was carried on, was the curia regis.

  18. Before the great curia regis the case was very simple.

  19. We find in this reign evidence of a large curia regis and of a small curia regis.

  20. Towards the end of March the Roman curia took action on the proposal, and Anselm was informed, in a letter from the pope, that the required concessions would be allowed.

  21. The small curia regis was the same as the larger; the larger was no more than the smaller.

  22. Finally a case arose involving the archbishop's own court, and on his disregard of the king's processes he was summoned to answer before the curia regis at Northampton on October 6.

  23. More frequent meetings of the curia regis were necessary, but the barons of the kingdom could not be in constant attendance at the court and occupied with its business.

  24. The curia now sent to Chili, avowedly to obtain more accurate information, an apostolic delegate who took advantage of his position to stir up strife, so that the government was obliged to insist upon his recall.

  25. But all efforts to restore the bishopric of Basel-Soleure came to grief over the person of Bishop Lachat, whom the curia would not give up and the Federal Council would not again allow, until at last a way out of the difficulty was found.

  26. The pious and learned historian of the Council of Trent and adviser of the State, Paul Sarpi, proved a vigorous supporter of civil rights against the assumptions of the curia and the Jesuits.

  27. The Catholic prelates were now simply paid servants of the state, and thus their double connexion with the curia and the state brought with it in later times endless entanglements and complications.

  28. By an understanding with the curia in 1847 the choice of the bishops was given to the emperor, their canonical investiture to the pope.

  29. Subsequently negotiations were continued at Gastein, and then in Vienna with the there resident nuntio Jacobini, but were suspended owing to demands by the curia to which the state could not submit.

  30. But all Vienna, all Austria held jubilee, and the Chancellor von Beust rejected with energy the assumptions of the curia over the civil domain.

  31. Now at last the Roman curia agreed to the deposition of Guevara and confirmed the nomination of his previously appointed successor.

  32. But for immediate preservation of its interests the curia had appointed a nunciature at Lucerne in 1588.

  33. The position of the chancellor as speaker or prolocutor of the House of Lords dates from the time when the ministers of the royal Curia formed ex officio a part of the commune concilium and parliament.

  34. In the papal Curia the apostolic chamberlain (Lat.

  35. The papal or apostolic chancery is dealt with in the article on the Curia Romana (q.

  36. Curia or the exchequer without his consent.

  37. In William the Conqueror's time the Curia Regis was the Great Council which he consulted on questions of State policy.

  38. Curia Regis separated from Parliament and became a Privy Council.

  39. This Court, or Curia Regis as it was called, met at different times and in divers places.

  40. Contarini the representative of the curia at the religious Conference of Regensburg in A.

  41. The papal curia thundered against him and his followers the great excommunication, with its terrible curses.

  42. His principal writings on civil and ecclesiastical polity, powerful indictments against the Roman curia inspired by love for his German fatherland, appeared at Frankfort in A.

  43. Inquisition, and the reforming influence which he allowed to his talented nephew Charles Borromeo over the affairs of the curia bore many excellent fruits.

  44. Hence the popes, in special cases when the ordinary revenues of the curia were insufficient, had no hesitation in exercising the right of levying a tax upon ecclesiastical property.

  45. And so in spite of the renewed opposition of the cardinals and the French court, the curia again returned to Rome in A.

  46. All this happened under the eyes of the two papal nuncios staying in Z├╝rich; but they did not interfere, because the curia was extremely anxious to get auxiliaries for the papal army for an attack on Milan.

  47. The continued indulgence of the curia allowed the Reformation to take even firmer root.

  48. The date of the first Chapter of the first Decade is, Ex Hispana Curia Jdus Novem.

  49. But the argument which appealed most powerfully to the Roman Curia was the fact that the sales of the Papal Tickets had been declining since the publication of the Theses.

  50. His letters to the Curia insist that the policy of the strong arm is the only effectual way of dealing with the Lutheran princes.

  51. Curia hated a public appearance of Luther worse than foreigners dislike "Einbecker beer.

  52. The Roman Curia was the highest court of appeal for the whole Church of the West.

  53. The Roman Curia was the only opponent to all reforms of any kind.

  54. These are the threefold lines of fortification behind which the Roman Curia has entrenched itself, and the German people has long believed that they are impregnable.

  55. The fears aroused by the attempts at a reform through General Councils had died down, and the Curia had no desire to reform itself.

  56. It became the sketch outline which the jurists of the Roman Curia gradually filled in with details by their strictly defined and legally expressed claim of the Roman Pontiff to a universal jurisdiction.

  57. The Italian Humanists continually express their wonder at the strength of the religious susceptibilities of the Germans; and the papal Curia looked upon German devotion as a never-failing source of Roman revenue.

  58. Men who had no great admiration for Luther personally had no wish to see him crushed by the Roman Curia by mere weight of authority.

  59. Germany pays more to the Curia than it gives to its own Emperor.

  60. Item in casu quo facta esset commissio alicui abbati a curia Romana et a generali capitulo.

  61. He was not thwarted and subjugated by the curia during his life, but his ideals were not maintained by the men in the order.

  62. From Cambaya he sailed for Cape Guardafu; and as his ships were foul, he proposed to lay them aground to be careened at the islands of Curia Muria[4].

  63. In their passage from Curia Muria towards Cochin, they encountered several severe storms, and were often in great danger of perishing.

  64. His reading must have enlightened him on this point, and even without it he must have known the practice by his active intercourse with those theologians of the Curia who were friendly to him.

  65. Prantl also admits in regard to Ingolstadt: "The Papal Curia did its best to furnish the university" (Gesch.

  66. These itinerant commissioners were selected from the staff of the royal law court (Curia Regis), a tribunal which, in the thirteenth century, was subdivided into the three Courts of Common Law and acquired a fixed domicile at Westminster.

  67. Almost all the institutions of modern states go back to the curia regis, branching off from it at different dates as the growing complexity of business forced differentiation of function and personnel.

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