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  1. The omission of one of the two light syllables from the foot in trisyllabic verse is so common as to make it difficult to find pure anapestic or dactylic verse in English.

  2. It will be observed that the fundamental rhythm of both iambic and trochaic verse is the same, as is also that of both anapestic and dactylic verse; the distinction belonging only to the metre as measured into regular lines.

  3. Of this song Mr. Saintsbury says that it is "one of the rare examples of a real dactylic metre in English, where the dactyls are not, as usual, equally to be scanned as anapests.

  4. The breathlessly continuous character of such long anapestic or dactylic lines may of course be interrupted, by way of relief, by the substitution of iambi or trochees.

  5. Imitations of classical verse in English may conveniently be divided into two classes: imitations of lyrical measures, and imitations of the dactylic hexameter.

  6. The metre is dactylic hexameter with the leonine and tailed rhyme, each line being broken up into three parts.

  7. The poet does not handle dactylic measures quite easily; on the other hand, he is masterly in the lighter lyrical forms.

  8. The general anapaestic or dactylic rhythm is much disturbed by the iambic fourth line of the first stanza.

  9. To Some One", by Margaret Trafford, is a poem in dactylic measure, dedicated to the women of Britain.

  10. Estella Shufelt, is a religious poem of different sort, whose tuneful dactylic quatrains contain much noble and appropriate metaphor.

  11. The line, "Softly the breezes descend in the valley," is dactylic tetrameter, though the last foot is a trochee.

  12. The distinction between quantitative and accentual metres has been pressed too far by men who have wanted patience to cope with those peculiarities which render our language somewhat intractable to dactylic verse.

  13. That is, if he ever was an infant, and called for his bottle in dactylic hexameter.

  14. I'll bet the old fellow, when he has the toothache, groans in dactylic hexameters and calls for his breakfast in the Ionic dialect.

  15. On the whole, however, among the Dactylic poets, from Ennius to Juvenal, the balance between natural and metrical accent remained unchanged.

  16. Dactylic poetry is not here included, as its progress is somewhat different.

  17. Those which he prefers are the Cretic and Bacchiac, though Dactylic and Choriambic systems are not wholly unknown.

  18. By this means he gave a dactylic direction to Latin prosody which it afterwards, though only slightly, extended.

  19. Ennius compelled the intractable forms of Latin speech to accommodate themselves to the dactylic rhythm.

  20. Rejoicing I sing to the accompaniment with dactylic measures; do not despise them because they are bad, but praise in your gentle heart the workings of God[496].

  21. Herrad's poems are composed in different metres; some have the dignity of the hexameter, some the easier flow of shorter-lined dactylic verse.

  22. And in the same manner the hexameter, a dactylic measure, must have the last two feet regular, while the four preceding feet may each be either trissyllabic or dissyllabic.

  23. It is also remarkable as introducing the dactylic hexameter of the ancients, ever since popular in America.

  24. In which is the dactylic hexameter popularized?

  25. A dactylic origin of =V= as an open hand, complete with outstretched thumb, has been favoured.

  26. An extract from the "Bridge of Sighs," a dactylic poem, will illustrate this.

  27. Hear what a motion, what a tumult, is given by the dactylic close to each of the introductory lines!

  28. How intoxicating, after deserts of iambs, is the dactylic swell of "Wol mich der stunde, daz ich sie erkande"!

  29. The dactylic pentameter consists of two parts separated by a di\'91resis.

  30. In dactylic hexameter how many of these feet are there in a line?

  31. Yet it is only by mere accident that Homer dealt with gods, wars, mythical events and employed dactylic hexameter.

  32. The perfected poems in a pattern as regular as the dactylic hexameter were a stage of evolution and did not spring up out of the darkness of an age which had no literature.

  33. Why should Conrad's supreme poetic description of a storm at sea in his Nigger of the Narcissus not be called a poem, when you designate by this word Virgil's famous description in dactylic hexameters in the first book of the Aeneid?

  34. No one doubts that the Odyssey is written in "dactylic hexameters," i.

  35. It was no easy thing for the average boy to read three lines of the resounding dactylic hexameters of "P.

  36. Young gentlemen, there's a capital start on a fine, sonorous line, dactylic hexameter.

  37. Dactylic verses are measured by single feet, and are designated as tetrameter, pentameter, hexameter, accordingly.

  38. The Dactylic Hexameter, or Heroic Verse, consists theoretically of six dactyls.

  39. The Dactylic Pentameter consists of two parts, each of which contains two dactyls, followed by a long syllable.

  40. Without such dactylic movement, the vocal expression of a pathos so intense would be hardly possible to the human voice.

  41. I have known readers, speakers, and actors who have completely lost the dactylic and even the trochaic spirit or mode of expression.

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