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Example sentences for "dee"

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deductions; deductive; deductively; deducts; dedys; deead; deeal; deeath; deed; deede
  1. Picture: Picture of house in trees] Come, Nivver Dee i’ Thi Shell.

  2. Bimeby Mistiss en Miss Lady come back fum dee walk, en dee look like dee gwine drap w'en dee see w'at gwine on.

  3. Bimeby dee went up de steps en start to go by, but Marster he riz up en stop um.

  4. Marster look like he feel mighty bad, but Mistiss en Miss Lady, dee ain't say nuttin' 'tall.

  5. Every wight has his weird, and we maun a' dee when our day comes.

  6. Ye'll dee like a trooper's horse--wi' your shoon on.

  7. He that marries before he's wise will dee ere he thrive.

  8. The best that can happen to a poor man is that ae bairn dee and the rest follow.

  9. Ye'll neither dee for your wit nor be drowned for a warlock.

  10. Gae hap and hang yoursel, then you'll dee dancing.

  11. Jay Dee sat on the floor, his meek head swaying dizzily.

  12. Jay Dee would not expect to enjoy it if he were dead himself.

  13. A ghostly glimmer of white hair one instant, and Jay Dee was gone down the black pit of the gorge.

  14. Albion Dee was loud and persuasive for removing them, and Jay Dee secret, shy and resistant against it.

  15. So it came about that Albion Dee stood up sternly and faced the choir alone, with the old red, fearless, Protestant face one knows of Luther and Cromwell.

  16. A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, Along the briny beach-- DEE [Looks at DUM.

  17. ALICE Would you tell me which road leads out of-- DEE What shall I repeat to her?

  18. Three months ago the Dee Lish scenario writers had a brainstorm.

  19. All I get is an expense account from Dee Lish Baby Foods.

  20. You've seen the report of this new contest being run by Dee Lish Baby Foods, haven't you?

  21. And you," she turned on the Dee Lish agent, "quit gawping at me.

  22. The Dee Lish representative looked at his watch and raised his hands.

  23. The Dee is more a Welsh than an English river.

  24. The road from Hawarden to Boughton is exceedingly grand: we come upon one of the widest panoramas of the Dee and one of the most typical of English country scenes.

  25. Eaton and Wynnestay are the grandest of the Dee country-seats, though not the most interesting as to architecture.

  26. The mouth of the Dee is visible from this road, whence at low water it seems reduced to a huge sandbank, through which the tired river trickles like a brook.

  27. You don't believe it, but I couldn't help coming that night; and I did try all I could to keep Humpy Dee from hurtin' you.

  28. But at his first movement Humpy Dee leaped up, with his fetters clinking, to intercept him, a sour look upon his face, and the frightened women ran away.

  29. Pete stared as he recognised Humpy Dee and five other partners in the raid.

  30. You zee, they told Humpy Dee and the rest to give in, and they wouldn't; so the zailor officer wouldn't stand no nonsense.

  31. I don't mean Humpy Dee and his lot when I zay `we,' because you will go off wi' me if I zee a chance?

  32. Well," said Humpy Dee aloud, in the course of conversation, "I suppose it means work.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dee" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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