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  1. A bold Deist whilst he was a bachelor, he became a timid Deist in private life on becoming a father.

  2. Whilst the Christian of the dialogue may be described as an Atheist in disguise, Theosophus is less a Deist than a mere derider of Christianity.

  3. Craft Masonry may thus be described as Deist in character, but not in the accepted sense of the word which implies the rejection of Christian doctrines.

  4. The Deist who was to have suffered to-morrow?

  5. Then you have never heard what punishment awaits the Deist here.

  6. But stop--write first the address of the person who presumes to avow herself a Deist in the face of my laws.

  7. Coleridge put the case in a nutshell when an English deist inveighed bitterly against the rigid instruction of Christian homes.

  8. The deist said: "Consider the helplessness of a little child.

  9. Whatever may be the difference of faith, vice predominates alike with the Christian and the Jew, with the Deist and the atheist.

  10. A good atheist has no more reason to be afraid to be re-produced than a good Deist or a Christian.

  11. And if it is observed that the Energy of Nature having produced men may be capable of re-producing them, so that an atheist is not sure to escape punishment for his crimes, it is easy to say in return, neither is a Deist sure.

  12. God, instead of being opposed to nature, is conceived by the deist as a power that expresses his goodness and loveliness through nature.

  13. The pantheist differs above all from the deist in that he would dethrone man from his privileged place in creation, which means in practice that he denies final causes.

  14. At a still more advanced stage God disappears, leaving only nature and man as a modification of nature, and the deist gives way to the pantheist who may also be either rationalistic or emotional.

  15. The deist finally pushes this harmony in God and man and nature so far that the three are practically merged.

  16. It is not enough, the Deist might justly say, that there is no cogent reason why I should not believe the Trinity; you must show me some cogent reason why I should.

  17. Some say that an Atheist who ponders over the possible existence of a God is better than a Deist who never thinks of the Deity, but I will not venture to decide this point.

  18. However, Frederick the Great was a Deist and not an Atheist; but that is of little consequence, since he never allowed the belief in a God to influence his actions in the slightest degree.

  19. The articles are so drawn up as to enable any deist to subscribe (without Vedantic belief as a condition of acceptance) to the essential creed of the Congregation.

  20. Young as these companions were, they avowed themselves Deists; but he received no impression as to the word, and was wholly ignorant as to what a Deist signified.

  21. But now you are called on to prove your christian tradition; and what have you to convince the Deist with?

  22. Its maxims contain all the morality you know of, and all that a Deist calls natural religion, he has been taught from the revealed wisdom of God.

  23. According to the deist there was once at a definite point of time a relation between God and the world, the relation of creation.

  24. The deist believes in God; but his is a self-contained God, who does not interfere in the course of things or continue creating.

  25. Bishop Stillingfleet's Letter to a Deist (1677) appears to be the first published attack on deism by name.

  26. Or how could any of these cement with a Deist or Freethinker, when they came to consult upon settling points of faith?

  27. See then the Deist lost: remorse for vice Not paid, or paid inadequate in price: What farther means can reason now direct, Or what relief from human wit expect?

  28. The Deist thinks he stands on firmer ground; Cries [Greek: eureka]!

  29. Nearly two centuries ago, for example, a deist pointed out that the writer of the Book of Daniel, like other people, must have written after the events which he mentioned.

  30. The most famous philosophers of my youth endeavoured to upset the deist by laying the foundation of Agnosticism, arbitrarily tagged to an orthodox conclusion.

  31. Now an orthodox professor will admit that the deist was perfectly right, and only tries to persuade himself that arguments from facts are superfluous.

  32. If so, it was the more remarkable to see the aged Franklin, who was a deist at fifteen, and had just returned from France, coming back to the sentiments of his ancestors.

  33. The reader may ask what we mean by a deist here.

  34. A deist or theist in Franklin's time was one who believed in a God, but questioned the Christian faith and system.

  35. The foundation of the Christian Church should be--as the simple deist might suppose--always the same, but Saint Thomas knew better.

  36. We then systematize as follows: first, the Deist who accepts the character of Christ as exhibiting a superior life.

  37. A Deist need have no trouble in believing a miracle.

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