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Example sentences for "dependency"

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dependant; dependants; depended; dependence; dependencies; dependent; dependents; dependeth; depending; depends
  1. Ostensibly, the Dependency is loyal, and no doubt a large number of its inhabitants are sincerely attached to the British rule and strongly opposed to Boer domination.

  2. It was a struggle to keep South Africa not a dependency of Great Britain, but a part of the empire.

  3. Such a claim would have been resented at any time; but Otto had specially offended Bohemian feeling, by consenting to hold the province of Moravia as a fief from the Emperor, instead of a dependency of the Duke of Bohemia.

  4. Time has now reconciled the greater number to the change; and, I believe, Chiloe may be considered a contented dependency of the republic of Chile.

  5. Yes, certainly; the fraternity are to understand that they are sent to some dependency or some neighbouring abbey.

  6. It could not be pretended that the Khalifa was in any way a source of danger to the Suez Canal, the great highway to India, or that he threatened the interests of that dependency in the slightest degree.

  7. The conference at London determined not to permit Belgium thus to become a dependency of France.

  8. That he had larger and more statesmanlike views for the new dependency than he was ever able to carry out there can be no question.

  9. Henry had gone, and the best hopes of the new dependency departed with him never to return again.

  10. Act for better securing the Dependency of Ireland, i.

  11. Leeds, Duke of, protests against Act for Dependency of Ireland, i.

  12. The US, Belize's main trading partner, is assisting in efforts to reduce dependency on sugar with an agricultural diversification program.

  13. The island remained under Admiralty control until 1922, when it became a dependency of Saint Helena.

  14. Turns to the left would have fetched Mill Hill Midland Station, whence a path leads to the winding lane that reaches the London end of Edgware through its dependency Hale.

  15. Like Washington or Ottawa, indeed, it seems to be an artificial capital, originally having no rank but as dependency of the adjoining parishes of Ealing and Hanwell.

  16. Then above Syon Park and Isleworth Church, at one mouth of the Crane, the villas of St. Margaret’s make a transpontine dependency of Richmond, almost joined also to the spread of Twickenham.

  17. Poland lost its independence and was parceled out among three nations; Bohemia had become a mere dependency of the Hapsburg Empire; Serbia and Bulgaria were under the Turkish yoke and did not even dream of a separate political existence.

  18. Richest and most populous dependency of the English Crown.

  19. A dependency of Turkey, situated in North Africa.

  20. Their silence is explained if we assume that Thebes, being a dependency of Ethiopia, retained at that date, i.

  21. We have abundant information about Herford, the dependency of Corvei.

  22. The first religious house for women of which we have definite information is Herford, which was situated close to Corvei in Westphalia and had originally been founded as a dependency of it.

  23. Should the giving of alms by individuals be abandoned in favor of the practice of treating dependency entirely through professional or official agencies?

  24. Under such circumstances, the problem of dependency became increasingly serious.

  25. Study the causes of dependency in your community with regard to the influence of economic, social, personal and political factors.

  26. The attempt to meet the problem of modern dependency solely by the giving of alms illustrates the difficulty of employing an ancient and simple method of treatment for a disease which has become highly complex.

  27. Perhaps a reasonable estimate of dependency in the United States is that at some time during the year about five per cent of the population seeks charitable assistance.

  28. Closely connected with the economic causes of dependency are the social causes.

  29. What is the extent of dependency in modern times?

  30. Dependency is a familiar problem, but one which, in the light of an awakened community spirit, is now being studied from new and interesting angles.

  31. Generally the applicant for charity is not in a state of dependency because of a single isolated cause, but because of a number of combined causes, interlocking in a most confusing way.

  32. From the economic viewpoint much dependency is the result of maladjustments in industry.

  33. The whole period since the Industrial Revolution has been one of neighborhood readjustment, of which many aspects of the problems of crime, the family, and dependency are phases.

  34. To what extent is the number of inmates in institutions for the dependent classes an accurate guide to the extent of dependency throughout the state or nation?

  35. The percentage of dependency among immigrants is rather high.

  36. Probably we shall eliminate a share of dependency when we shall have established a comprehensive system of state and Federal employment bureaus.

  37. The causes of dependency in a modern community are difficult to analyze.

  38. Statistics are meager, and the complex nature of dependency renders it difficult of measurement.

  39. Cuba, as you know, is a dependency of Spain and St. Domingo of France.

  40. And so you are from that dependency of the crown?

  41. Indeed it was manifest that, although the Dutch did not dispute the sovereign rights of the Archduke Charles, they intended to make the southern Netherlands an economic dependency of the Republic, which provided for its defence.

  42. They would not believe that a governor of a dependency could occupy exactly the same relation with respect to his responsible advisers and to political parties as is occupied with such admirable results by the sovereign of England.

  43. This relation of dependency on the community is occasionally expressed by the term: "thy stranger that is within thy gates.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dependency" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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