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Example sentences for "destinies"

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destine; destined; destinee; destines; destinie; destino; destiny; destitute; destitution; desto
  1. Hands that hold the destinies of mighty empires have clasped theirs in frankest friendship, and crowned heads have bowed low before 'em to hide the tears their sweet voices have called forth.

  2. As sure as the Lord lives, the sun will shine agin; and He who holds you in His hand, holds the destinies of the nations.

  3. The first Duke of Marlborough "wrote English badly and spelled it worse," yet he swayed the destinies of empires.

  4. He was absolute monarch, holding the destinies of millions at his will.

  5. Having once abandoned neutrality and isolation we are not likely to remain neutral again in any war which involves the balance of power in the world or the destinies of the major portion of mankind.

  6. It was clear a battle was going on--that a night attack had been made by Monmouth on the king's troops, and that mighty destinies hung upon the events which were taking place on one spot in the midst of that wild moor.

  7. The luminous influences which rule the destinies of mankind, and which have been read with truth and certainty, from the days of the Chaldean sages down to this present hour, are the letters of the book I study.

  8. When he spoke of the Great Spirit who rules our destinies revealing himself, and his manner of doing it, he was almost sublime.

  9. Yet this being who will establish our destinies according as we please him, tells us not how to do it.

  10. Foreign barbarians of all sorts swarm; they creep through postern doors; they privately influence all the destinies of that world of which Romans have the name publicly of being masters.

  11. The literary world is flooded with old men seeing visions and young men dreaming dreams, with various stages of anti-competitive enthusiasm, with economic apocalypses, elaborate Utopias and mushroom destinies of mankind.

  12. At that date, and even before it, the theorists have taken the bearings of their destinies and accepted the conditions of their undertaking.

  13. In the previous chapter I have given a detailed account of the ceremonies of court life, because a knowledge of this life is essential to a grasp of the spirit which animates those ruling the destinies of the German Empire.

  14. As I have explained in a former chapter, the military have always claimed to take a hand in shaping the destinies and foreign policies of Germany.

  15. So, during the first winter I gradually made the acquaintance of those people who sway the destinies of the German Empire and its seventy millions.

  16. Some of us are born with destinies mapped out by human hands; some of us are free to make life what we will.

  17. It is one of those things which are denied to people who have their destinies mapped out by human hands.

  18. Lablache had too long swayed their destinies with his ruthless hand of extortion.

  19. It was a different man who left the little office on that evening to the man who had for so many years governed the destinies of the smaller ranching world of the Foss River district.

  20. My eyes were gradually opened to the dreary injustice that casts its shadow over the fairest destinies of women.

  21. And I think of those destinies which have been linked with Rose's during the past fortnight, while I am still unable to obtain a clear idea of any one of them from her involved and incoherent accounts.

  22. What a mysterious subject of meditation and revery to those who love to contemplate great destinies thwarted!

  23. For a long time your father rejected me on account of his deplorable position; he would not consent, he said, that I should bind my future to the sad destinies of his family.

  24. It seems that there was held in it a decisive deliberation, in which the destinies of Christianity were solemnly discussed.

  25. The proud, strong-minded mother guided the destinies of the family through the troublesome times that followed.

  26. Those who guided the destinies of railroads were as wise in those days as these of the present.

  27. Captain O’Connor reported that the whole demeanour of these Lhasa monks, who were the men who really guided the destinies of Tibet, was impracticable in the extreme.

  28. The first p'inter the Major gets of a new deal in his destinies is a grand crash as the entire teepee upheaves an' goes over, kerwallop!

  29. As Colonel Sterett says, these pore aborigines experiences bad luck the moment ever they takes to braidin' in their personal destinies with a paleface.

  30. Reinhard of Zurich, the Swiss Landammann, went, meanwhile, at the head of an embassy to Vienna, for the purpose of settling in the congress the future destinies of Switzerland by means of the intervention of the great powers.

  31. The laws of physiognomy are precise, not only in their application to character, but also in relation to the destinies of life.

  32. Well, if that is so, the destinies of France are in the scale at the very moment we are speaking.

  33. Personally, the English do not attract nor shine; but collectively they are a race to make their mark on the destinies of mankind.

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