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Example sentences for "disbelievers"

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disbarred; disbelief; disbelieve; disbelieved; disbeliever; disbelieves; disbelieving; disburden; disburdened; disburdening
  1. So are disbelievers in a future retribution, generally.

  2. Then disbelievers in a future retribution are slaves.

  3. The governor still confided in the fidelity of the Delawares and the Miamis; but he apprehended, that although disbelievers in the Prophet's divine mission, they might be turned from the line of duty from a fear of his temporal power.

  4. There were disbelievers in the security of the assignats just as there were disbelievers in the paper money of the United States throughout our Civil War; but they were usually a small minority.

  5. The disbelievers in miracles deny them (rightly or wrongly) because they have a doctrine against them.

  6. Somehow or other an extraordinary idea has arisen that the disbelievers in miracles consider them coldly and fairly, while believers in miracles accept them only in connection with some dogma.

  7. Public men who are disbelievers are fully cognizant of this, and generally refrain from expressing sentiments that would tend to alienate those upon whom the retention of their positions depends.

  8. They riddled all divines, and not unfrequently made them skeptics, disbelievers as bad as themselves.

  9. Infidel is used by English writers to translate the equivalent word used Mohammedans in speaking of Christians and other disbelievers in Mohammedanism.

  10. An infidel; -- a term applied by Turks to disbelievers in the Mohammedan religion, especially Christrians.

  11. Note: Infidel is used by English writers to translate the equivalent word used Mohammedans in speaking of Christians and other disbelievers in Mohammedanism.

  12. Defn: An infidel; -- a term applied by Turks to disbelievers in the Mohammedan religion, especially Christrians.

  13. For disbelievers We prepare a shameful doom; S: Those who are niggardly and bid people to be niggardly and hide what Allah has given them out of His grace; and We have prepared for the unbelievers a disgraceful chastisement.

  14. Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them.

  15. Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites!

  16. P: Who debar (men) from the path of Allah and would have it crooked, and who are disbelievers in the Last Day.

  17. Thus doth Allah send astray the disbelievers (in His guidance).

  18. P: Think not that the disbelievers can escape in the land.

  19. Thus doth Allah print upon the hearts of disbelievers (that they hear not).

  20. If ye obey a party of those who have received the Scripture they will make you disbelievers after your belief.

  21. S: And We never sent a warner to a town but those who led lives in ease in it said: We are surely disbelievers in what you are sent with.

  22. But the plot of disbelievers is in naught but error.

  23. They say: Then do ye pray, although the prayer of disbelievers is in vain.

  24. And Moses was denied; but I indulged the disbelievers a long while, then I seized them, and how (terrible) was My abhorrence!

  25. Recognizing the magic influence that a great name carries with it, the clergy have inscribed in the Christian roster the names of hundreds who were total disbelievers in their dogmas.

  26. Many cynical disbelievers in sex-hygiene answer this question negatively by asking in biblical phrase, "Can the leopard change his spots?

  27. Of course, this is just what the strict ascetic does; but such radical disbelievers in the pleasures that we have associated with eating would be declared lunatics in any civilized country.

  28. A third set of disbelievers in a future life consists of those who advocate the "emancipation of the flesh" and assert the sufficiency of this life when fully enjoyed.

  29. Another party of disbelievers have repudiated the whole conception of a future state as a protest against the nonsense and cruelty associated with it in the prevailing superstitions and dogmatisms of their time.

  30. The directest and clearest way of giving a descriptive account of the active philosophical history of this class of disbelievers will be to follow on the lines of their tracks with statements and criticisms of their procedures.

  31. Peruse the pages of philosophical history with careful reflection, and the mystery is scattered, and various groups of disbelievers stand revealed, with earnest voices and gestures assailing the doctrine of a future life.

  32. Strengthen me then in Thy Cause in such wise that I may not be hindered by the ascendancy of the oppressors among Thy creatures nor withheld by the onslaught of the disbelievers amidst those who dwell in Thy realm.

  33. The disbelievers among the people of the Bayán are like the followers of the Shí’ih sect and walk in their footsteps.

  34. This is the Word which hath caused the limbs of disbelievers to quake.

  35. However, it is now clearly demonstrated that in the disbelievers this faculty hath remained undeveloped and hath, indeed, degenerated.

  36. One wondereth by what proof or reason the disbelievers among the people of the Bayán have turned away from the Lord of being.

  37. She was first and foremost among the disbelievers in the seriousness of her malady, and ascribed all the solicitude that was being shown about her to an epidemic of public benevolence, more or less due to misapprehensions set on foot by Dr.

  38. You must keep the disbelievers out--is that it?

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