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Example sentences for "discriminative"

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  1. Impedance Changes in Cerebral Tissue Accompanying a Learned Discriminative Performance in the Cat.

  2. Shall and will, discriminative application of, in the fut.

  3. Here, indeed, the word what might be substituted for which; because that also has a discriminative sense.

  4. Similar discriminative effects of different rays of light in excitation of motile and growing organs.

  5. And in this connection nothing could be more significant than the discriminative manner in which both the pulvinated and the growing organs respond to certain lights and not to others.

  6. Is he to set up a two-faced sentiment, gazing with mutable and discriminative expression on things approaching, but with unvaried complacency on things departed?

  7. Of one important fact I am certain, that discriminative sensitiveness increases up to a certain point with age and with training.

  8. It was my purpose to discover the nature of the mouse's visual discriminative ability.

  9. I have noted few changes in discriminative sensitiveness, other than those with regard to auditory sensitiveness, which could be correlated with age.

  10. Translate whatever you see or hear into definite discriminative judgments regarding him.

  11. Sidenote: Tone Units] The discriminative use of various units of tone is as helpful in making suggestive impressions as is the employment of character pitches.

  12. Therefore restrict your size-up to the discriminative observation of the muscle signs of his mind habits and mind actions.

  13. Adapt your previous discriminative knowledge to the prospect you are sizing up.

  14. For illustration, ideas of mind, of feeling, and of power can be correctly expressed by the discriminative use of particular pitches of tone.

  15. The discriminative reading of the tones of objections will greatly reduce the danger of "getting your wires crossed" when you reply.

  16. When he had provided the natural means of discriminative development, he left the rest to the natural growth of his prune trees.

  17. This is the reason why your size-up should be restricted to discriminative observation of indications of the ego.

  18. There you studied the principles of restrictive-discriminative growth--the Burbank method of developing selected qualities of manhood.

  19. In him the discriminative sensory perceptions kept pace with great intellectual activities--attention and judgment.

  20. These exercises are an introduction to the acquisition of language, and serve in a very special way to centre the children's discriminative attention upon the "modulations of the sound of the human voice.

  21. Else in discriminative perception there could not be shown to be a cognition characterised by an already presented form.

  22. Of these apprehension is a non-discriminative instrument of knowledge as other than mere representation; cognition which is discriminative is not a form of evidence, as being a merely ideal cognition.

  23. Here some one may say: If discriminative cognition be unauthentic, how is the apprehension of real objects by one energising thereon and the universal consentiency of mankind to be accounted for?

  24. Even in non-discriminative perception it is a determinate (or conditioned) thing that is cognised.

  25. Value of the Discriminative Power; Method by which it may be developed.

  26. The retentive power works up to the height of the discriminative power; it can do no more.

  27. In this field his fine perception and discriminative taste had full scope.

  28. Sidgwick's attitude toward the Benthamite system of Utilitarianism illustrates the cautiously discriminative habit of mind I have sought to describe.

  29. When human attitude is so finely discriminative as regards different grades of his own species, it might be extravagant to believe that the frog could have any consciousness of pain.

  30. At first you might be discriminative about the exterior of Amiens cathedral, having in mind only the interior as being worth while.

  31. After weeks you ceased to be discriminative about the exterior.

  32. The style of band was a subject of discussion calling on their discriminative views of Jim's personal tastes.

  33. In the presence of a supreme standard, every shade of discriminative criticism and appraisal became threads woven into a fabric of rapture.

  34. Even nouns significant of inanimate objects came thus to possess one mark of nouns discriminative of Sex, as they happened to be accompanied by an adjective of the masculine or by one of the feminine gender.

  35. The same thing is still more strikingly true of the variations on the termination of nouns, as prince, princess; lion, lioness, which are all discriminative of Sex.

  36. In the exercise of the discriminative faculty men were helped by their elder brothers, the Rishis and Mahatmas of every period, and by Avataras Who apeared from time to time.

  37. The ways of acquiring discriminative knowledge are then given in eloquent terms for which read the original).

  38. I know the truths, by a discriminative study of the body.

  39. Its secondary sense given in the Vedic lexicon is one endowed with the discriminative faculty.

  40. It may, however, be observed that in the last of these passages Tasso does not show a just discriminative faculty.

  41. This toleration and acceptance of unavoidable change need not imply want of discriminative perception.

  42. The war having resulted in the anomalous condition of the several millions of freedmen, some such legislation was necessary, especially in view of the fact that discriminative legislation was being enacted in the South.

  43. They utterly failed to realize the injury which their discriminative legislation, the New Orleans riots, the widely spread reports of cruelty and oppression, and the defiant attitude of their press, had inflicted on their cause.

  44. This analysis involves discriminative resolution into more ultimate simples.

  45. They express the last results attainable by present physical methods of discriminative analysis employed in the search for dependable data for inference.

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