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Example sentences for "dosed"

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dort; dory; dos; dosage; dose; dosen; doses; dosh; dosing; dossier
  1. If she did not acquit herself in the field with all the credit expected by her trainer, he dosed her almost as a matter of course.

  2. If she does not, and it is thought advisable that she should be dosed whether she likes it or not, the hawk may be cast, and the tasteless pill slipped into her mouth, and pushed down with a small stick.

  3. A haggard, dosed successfully, and dieted with lucky precision, may surprise you by getting fit quite quickly, whereas an eyess which you expected to bring into fettle in a few days may prove more restive than she did when taken up from hack.

  4. They know not what it is to be really sharp-set; and unless dosed they make quite a favour of eating at all during the first two or three days of real captivity.

  5. The position on all fours is preferred by some authorities, who believe that more of the remedy is likely to reach the fourth stomach when the animal is dosed standing than when dosed in other positions.

  6. The animal may be dosed either standing on all fours or lying on the side.

  7. From one gallery men keep arriving with baskets of wine ready for the disgorger; while along another bottles of wine duly dosed with syrup are being borne off to be decorated with metal foil and their distinctive labels.

  8. She got pretty well dosed between us, for we first gave her one pound of salts.

  9. The same happens to us poor mortals when we have been dosed secundum artem.

  10. I must have been dosed with some narcotic, just as they dosed my poor brother, for I am now absolutely convinced that he also was sent to sleep and poisoned.

  11. The Englishmen spent an uncomfortable night on the sodden ground, and dosed themselves with quinine to ward off the malarial fever that so often ensues on exposure to the damp in tropical climes.

  12. In a few minutes the stranger had been dosed with quinine and made comfortable.

  13. It was true that they had fed and washed and clothed him, but it was also true that they had dosed and drugged him.

  14. He was not certain the bottle and packet were in the box when he got it down, although he thought they were; he had sometimes taken things out when he dosed the crew and he had used laudanum.

  15. Although Wyndham dosed him as the medical book directed, the fever did not abate.

  16. He had suffered for some days with severe headache, and had been well dosed with quinine.

  17. He was dosed with antipyrine and quinine, and I advised him to walk as little as possible.

  18. Yesterday I overhauled the medicine-chest, and I dosed my chunks of fat pork and bread with the contents of every bottle that bore a label of skull and cross-bones.

  19. Why, several days back, when Wada suffered from a severe headache, she was quite perturbed, and dosed him with aspirin.

  20. Out of the several hundred patent medicines which 18th-century Britain had available, Americans dosed themselves with that score or more which the major exporters shipped to colonial ports.

  21. And he dosed the family all round, leading the way himself with a double quantity.

  22. Gas shells dosed the centres of communication and bivouac areas, and every quarter of the defences was made uncomfortable.

  23. It could not be used during the day because it was under observation, and anything moving along it was liberally dosed with shells.

  24. But I fooled the pair of them, and dosed them with their own medicine, which was faith-cure.

  25. Inside half an hour after Charmian had been refused the right of way, she was being rushed aboard the Minota, packed in blankets, and dosed with quinine.

  26. Until that time comes, poor unfortunate babies must be, occasionally, dosed with an aperient.

  27. They dosed me with drugs until my mind is topsy-turvy.

  28. Some years ago, I had occasion to spend a day at Blair Athol, where I was dosed with nothing but kindness by a genial son of the famous Clan Macdonald.

  29. You see it was like this: when we dosed Junior with Multiopolis, the old threshing machine took a hand and did some things to him that wasn't on the program; he found out about it, and it made him mad.

  30. If you want your boy dosed just sick as a horse on what a workingman gets in Multiopolis 'tween Sunrise Alley and Biddle Boulevard, just you turn him over to me a week.

  31. I dosed off for a bit, but about eight bells, as near as I can guess, I heard a deep grating sort of noise.

  32. He would give me no solid food, but dosed me with brewed herbs and great draughts of steaming broth.

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