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  1. The infra-red dosage is probably less important because of its smaller intensity.

  2. Then, secondly, the emanation, being a gas, is very convenient for subdivision into a large number of very small tubes according to the dosage required.

  3. There is comparatively little inconvenience to the patient in inserting these needles, and there is the most perfect control of the dosage in the number and strength of these tubes and the duration of exposure.

  4. The material seemed to have no ill effects, however, and a definite dosage could be used without the necessity of taking patients into one's confidence.

  5. The one stimulant that is of service in the affection is oxygen, and even that should be given in nature's dosage rather than by artificial means.

  6. And since we don't know what dosage of the drug is required for each of us, we'd be asking for trouble by approaching the Antares in the ship.

  7. In each case the dosage had been built up gradually to the quantity the man in question required to remain immune to the generators.

  8. I can hardly resist the conclusion that faith in dosage is, by as much, inability for the deduction of science.

  9. He had never received anything from me more violent than caresses, and this abomination of dosage was to be sent down a bleeding, ulcerated way, over raw surfaces that would writhe and quiver under the added torture.

  10. After all the years since I cannot believe that, except for the relief of pain, any patient was made better by my dosage; and in all fatalities the post-mortem revealed the fact that the wisest dosage would have been without avail.

  11. On my return I found him under heavy dosage for the recovery of strength and lost appetite.

  12. Practically all the work done with this vitamine to date has been concerned either with dosage or with reaction to heat, drying, etc.

  13. Dogs stand large doses of morphin without apparent ill effect, so that repeated injection may be given in smaller dosage until the desired degree of relaxation results.

  14. The dosage of radium or the therapeutic ray must be determined by the radiologist for the particular individual case; its method of application should be decided by consultation of the radiologist and the endoscopist.

  15. Dosage must be governed in the clog as in the human being by the susceptibility to the drug and by the temperament of the animal.

  16. If given in sufficient dosage cocain can be altogether dispensed with in any case.

  17. Dosage is more dependent on temperament than on age or body weight.

  18. In the treatment of hookworm disease it should be given in as finely divided state as possible in dosage of from 0.

  19. The dosage may be regulated according to age as follows: Up to 5 years of age, 0.

  20. Pills are dosage forms of medicinal substances intended for administration by the mouth.

  21. In some cases in which this statement was felt to be inadequate or unsatisfactory, further suggestions as to dosage have been added.

  22. The dosage of Digalen cannot be controlled any better than that of other digitalis preparations, since its activity is variable.

  23. Tablets of Digalen were accepted by the Council as a dosage form of Digalen.

  24. The mercury could conceivably enhance its effect, but the dosage appears too small and the course too short for this influence to be pronounced.

  25. The dosage is recommended as follows: “From one to three tablets before meals, or two hours after eating.

  26. They laid down the indications and the dosage for opium.

  27. The dosage should be large enough to produce results.

  28. This is known as a dosage tank because periodically a dose of the effluent is discharged into the filter bed.

  29. Sectional view of a two-chamber septic tank with a dosage siphon.

  30. National and racial decline beginning in eliminating one by one the last and highest styles of development of body and mind, mental stimulus of excessive dosage lowers general nutrition.

  31. His dosage of work must be kept well within the limits of his vitality, and be carefully adjusted to his recuperative power.

  32. Hard, patient, regular work, with the right dosage for this self-cultural end, has thus at the same time a unique moral effect.

  33. No drug in therapeutic dosage except the iodin compounds causes a febrile response; no drug causes a chill; on the other hand, all specific toxins cause febrile responses and many cause chills.

  34. In our experiments, alcohol in large and repeated dosage caused marked morphologic changes in the brain-cells which went as far even as the destruction of some of the cells (Fig.

  35. While large doses of digitalis are advised, and large doses are given as soon as a patient with auricular fibrillation comes under treatment, such large dosage is dangerous practice.

  36. The treatment of this acute or gradual dilatation is absolute rest, with small doses of digitalis gradually but slowly increased, and when the proper dosage is decided on, administered at that dosage but once a day.

  37. Such a dosage may be of value, and certainly is better than the administration of too much strychnin.

  38. It probably should not be given if the patient has previously had good dosage of digitalis.

  39. It should also be remembered that, if the patient is receiving digitalis in good dosage for broken compensation, tachycardia may be caused by an overaction of the digitalis.

  40. The first dose may be from 5 to 10 drops, and the dosage may be increased by 5 drops at each dose, until improvement is obtained.

  41. Iodid in this dosage does no harm and may do a great deal of good.

  42. The preparation selected must be the best obtainable, but the exact dosage of any preparation can be determined only by its effect, as all preparations of digitalis deteriorate sooner or later.

  43. While many patients with ordinary dosage of digitalis may take the drug for months and years without ever showing cumulative action, other patients show this effect quickly.

  44. It must be sufficient, and appropriate for the disease in which the complication occurs, but it must be in such dosage and administered with such frequency as to cause the least possible indigestion.

  45. He had given him a careful sponge bath, then fed him another intravenous dosage of the combined liquid protein, salt, sugar and glucose.

  46. Carefully he administered the dosage of nutrients to the other three, then lay down on his recline seat and gave himself his own dose.

  47. The initial dose should always be a small one, particularly if the disease is acute, and the subsequent dosage will be regulated by the effect produced.

  48. In the routine treatment of disease by radiations, injury is sometimes done to the tissues, even when the greatest care is exercised as to dosage and frequency of application.

  49. The principle, in regard to direct war news, may be to tell all, to tell nothing, or to alter the dosage according to the temper of the people.

  50. In febrile cases, if the fever be slight and intermittent, dosage the same as above; if continuous and intense, inject 160 [min.

  51. Decreasing dosage at conclusion of treatment, with a return to the "Mitis," is usual.

  52. Constitutional effects and idiosyncrasies are to be watched, and dosage modified accordingly.

  53. Frequently, the case has been rendered incurable by massive dosage or surgery.

  54. Give me but a clear cut case--one that has not been spoiled by massive dosage or surgery, and I am willing that the system shall stand or fall by the result.

  55. Thirst and taste do not lead to excessive drinking; and there is good evidence that the degree of concentration and the dosage are important factors in the amount of harm alcohol may do to the individual.

  56. But it must not be thought that the authors intend to deny that alcohol is a racial poison, where the dosage is very heavy and continuous.

  57. Several series of experiments with rats indicate that if the dosage is large enough, the offspring can be affected.

  58. The dosage Nice employed was too small, however, to give his experiment great weight.

  59. As far as reported, it confirms the work of Professor Nice, above mentioned, and shows that what is true for guinea pigs may not be true for other animals, and that the amount of dosage probably also makes a difference.

  60. Rip watched his dosimeter climb steadily as the radiation dosage mounted.

  61. They would be exposed for the entire trip, at a daily dosage of-- Koa interrupted his train of thought.

  62. If the ship doesn't come back, the dosage will mount.

  63. If the Scorpius gets back soon, we can get the shielding before our radiation dosage has built up very high.

  64. That would at least have kept our dosage down enough for safety.

  65. Plans are being made for an elaborate exhibit of weights and balances used in many countries throughout the centuries, their impact on accuracy of dosage and weighing of drugs, and their use in the apothecary art.

  66. Whitebread added a number of specimens of medical-dosage forms and pharmaceutical preparations to the Division's collections.

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