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Example sentences for "drapes"

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draper; draperied; draperies; drapers; drapery; draping; drapings; drapped; drappie; drappy
  1. The candlelit audience chamber of the podesta was hung with somber maroon drapes drawn against the night air.

  2. The walls of the small room were hung with yellow silk drapes framing frescoes showing nude, smiling women fleeing from creatures that were half man and half goat, with things that stuck out before them like spears.

  3. Drapes stayed behind in the camp with part of the army to protect it; Luterius conveys the train with provisions into the town.

  4. In that battle, Drapes himself was taken prisoner.

  5. The scheme having met with approbation, the following night Drapes and Luterius, leaving two thousand men in the garrison, marched out of the town with the rest.

  6. Drapes and Luterius, having laid in a large supply of corn, occupy a position at about ten miles distance from the town, intending from it to convey the corn into the town by degrees.

  7. Perhaps she has some ideas about climbing the mountain heights, drapes herself in Alps, eternal snow, and rising sun, sails gracefully on the lake, and bends over precipices.

  8. Ay, and who fronts thee, King Darius, drapes His form with purple, fillet-folds his brow.

  9. Hardly night, Which drapes you, ought to make real flesh and blood so white!

  10. Now twilight drapes the woodland dells, And shadows lie On the closed eye Of flowers that dream beneath the sky; Yet fainter, sweeter, tenderer swells Your dying chime, sweet evening bells!

  11. I think Phoebe doesn't care for the drapes of this life so much as some women do and as this is for her birthday let's have the flowers, sturdy ones with stiff stems and good head pieces.

  12. We might borrow a few drapes from the madam, or would you trust to the flowers?

  13. Downward from this line a heavy robe of dark forest drapes the mountains; above it the treeless heights rise cool and apparently barren, piled with old and eroded snowdrifts amid silent moorlands and rocky terraces.

  14. Seen from a distance the aspen groves suggest bright ribbons and pockets on the sombre cloak with which lodge-pole drapes the mountain.

  15. Clarissa showed him through the entry--he knocked over no furniture--into a parlor dim with heavy drapes at the windows such as Ben had never seen.

  16. Clarissa moved to the drapes with the grace of a wild being incapable of clumsiness.

  17. Clarissa spread open the drapes at the window, startling him; he had thought that in her noiseless slippers she had already left the room.

  18. It was delightfully furnished in wicker and the walls were a soft grey with rose-colored drapes at the full-length windows which looked out upon the field.

  19. Soft tan drapes were at the windows and a rug of tan and black squares covered the floor.

  20. He there appears as a young man with large and decidedly handsome features, a great shock of dark curled hair escaping from a yellow cap, and flowing down over a rich mantle which drapes his shoulders.

  21. I didn't see the wound of his wrist until after the chest operation had been completed, because his arm was covered by the operation drapes, the surgical drapes for the chest procedure.

  22. In view of the drapes that were on the Governor at the time, I will have to speculate, but as I recall best, it was in an area probably 2 inches below and medial to the right nipple.

  23. The tea gown, on the other hand, drapes the figure loosely so as to fall in graceful folds, and may be regarded as a distinct economy, as it so often takes the place of a more expensive dress.

  24. A breeze made the drapes billow inward and blew out the flame of the candle on his desk, plunging the room into a deeper darkness.

  25. Ugolini, dressed in a white gown tied at the waist with a cord, walked to the half-open windows and pulled the violet drapes across them, darkening the room.

  26. Another gust of wind lifted the purple drapes and sent scraps of parchment from Ugolini's table to the carpet.

  27. It had moved softly and with purpose towards the white wall, where it drew the drapes shut.

  28. Did you close the drapes over the wall, and shut my cabinet door?

  29. Quickly, long drapes on the far wall rolled away and revealed a blank, white, wall that soon began to produce pictures that moved like life itself.

  30. Lloyd watched the wall and the drapes covering it, pull back, into the corners.

  31. He followed the voice until he passed through some heavy blood-red drapes and saw Eckma lying naked on a huge round shaped bed, with the child beside her.

  32. He pulled so hard on my drapes they swept back from my windows like a stage curtain--and I looked.

  33. I subsequently called at the apartment to consult with Oswald or his wife concerning the color of the drapes or curtains to be installed in the apartment.

  34. Well, it just had side drapes and panels.

  35. Oswald never mentioned the new drapes or curtains after that time and they were never installed in the apartment while he lived there.

  36. A veil of uniform rose-color covers them all, but as the light augments in intensity, the thin gauze drapes and folds in shades of pale carnation, while the advancing plains grow clear in white and dazzling splendor.

  37. The drapes were drawn shut and I preferred them to remain so; natural light never seemed to enhance the appearance of a motel room and lent the furniture and other appointments a rather brash, gaudy flavor.

  38. Outside shutters and faced drapes provide the necessary shelter and privacy.

  39. The supple-jack erects its slender black stems among the tall trees, and the bush-lawyer drapes fuchsias and tree-ferns with festoons of green; but it is all far less luxuriant than the Westland bush.

  40. There is less danger when man shows frankly as a brute than when he drapes himself in a false and sickly idealism.

  41. The war had broken through the thin disguise, and Clerambault saw the cruel beast without the mantle of feline courtesy in which civilisation drapes itself.

  42. I don't see why a man or woman who drapes the human figure in stuffs, isn't an artist as well as the man or woman who drapes it in paint or clay.

  43. Certainly a timid-appearing boy would not, without some very pressing reason, remain hidden behind drapes at the edge of a great empty space which until that night had been practically unknown to him.

  44. In the darkness I concealed myself in the drapes that seemed to hide a window and did not.

  45. These drapes might have concealed some very long windows.

  46. The spinet desk with chair that matched, the drapes and tapestries, the andirons before the broad open fireplace, the great comfortable upholstered chair, all these were made in America.

  47. Only before her, where a pair of heavy drapes parted, was there a narrow slit of eery blue light.

  48. Tis no sign Of treachery, which ever drapes with smiles The most perfidious purpose.

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