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Example sentences for "dwindles"

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dwels; dwelt; dwelte; dwindle; dwindled; dwindling; dwining; dyad; dyah; dyar
  1. Untruth sometimes leads to the triumph of truth, and the latter dwindles into untruth.

  2. And the human population dwindles away over large tracts of country, and the regions of the earth, North and South, and East and West, become crowded with animals and beasts of prey.

  3. The volume of water is powerful in the first instance, but dwindles into fringes, and evaporates altogether in mist at the base.

  4. Malati dwindles until her form resembles the moon in its last quarter; her face is as pale as the moon at morning dawn.

  5. Through being out of sight, my child, in course of time the love dwindles away even of those who were firmly joined in tender union, as water runs from the hollow of the hand.

  6. The marksmen below will strain at last, eyes under hands, to see the circling battle that dwindles in the zenith.

  7. Little sin, by none at all, Were properly condemned for great: but great, By greater, dwindles into small again.

  8. If the words are taken in the common sense, they convey an absurdity; and if, in contempt of dictionaries and custom, they are so interpreted as to avoid the absurdity, the meaning dwindles into some bald truism.

  9. She crosses and presses her little fichu on her heart; we can see that distance dwindles affectionately in front of her.

  10. It dwindles in size, and gradually drops to its accustomed location within the pelvic cavity.

  11. If nursing is discontinued the secretion dwindles and the breasts dry up.

  12. The Colorado river is a large stream, but as seen here a mile below and several miles out, it dwindles into insignificance and appears no larger than a meadow brook.

  13. Following the A + b type in the same way, b is at first well marked, it dwindles to zero, and finally may become negative.

  14. It gradually dwindles until it disappears; beyond this point it either becomes reversed, or else the type has ceased to be a possible one.

  15. But it is continued by feeble hands, and dwindles away more and more under several unfavourable influences.

  16. After Tacitus and the younger Pliny, the main stream dwindles and loses itself among quicksands.

  17. There are times when "the Catholic Church" dwindles down to the one man and the small handful of those who speak the truth.

  18. Thus at one blow the heir of "Solomon in all his glory" dwindles into the kinglet of a paltry little province not nearly so large as the smallest of English counties.

  19. Though many of its summits exceed six thousand feet, the chain itself dwindles to foothills by the time it reaches Georgia and crosses into Alabama.

  20. My body dwindles the while, I shall soon be a skeleton; I can scarce forbear a smile, They have had such glorious fun.

  21. They are fruitful and multiply, My body dwindles the while; I watch them quietly; I can scarce forbear a smile.

  22. Dwindles the pear on autumn's latest spray, And apple sickens pale in summer's ray; 1815.

  23. Though a large and broad river, and in the rains containing a great volume of water, in the hot weather months it dwindles down to an inconsiderable stream.

  24. But when I take my neighbor himself, and first make him property, and then my property, the latter act, which was the sole crime in the former case, dwindles to nothing.

  25. But when I take my neighbor himself, and first make him property, and then my property, the latter act, which was the sole crime in the former case, dwindles to a mere appendage.

  26. Rosebrook watched the steaming craft as she crosses the bar, and dwindles out of sight.

  27. This ellipse contracts in breadth as the ring passes towards its nodes at A and E, where it dwindles into a straight line.

  28. The sun himself, when seen from Uranus dwindles almost to a star, subtending, as it does, an angle of only one minute and forty seconds; so that the surface of the sun would appear there four hundred times less than it does to us.

  29. The comet itself dwindles to a hairy star once more and goes--whither?

  30. This ice-cap melts when the pole which it surrounds is directed toward the sun, and sometimes in a hot summer it dwindles down almost to nothing, in a way that the ice-caps at the poles of the earth never do.

  31. The heavenly city fades into an earthly chamber, the vast cathedral of humanity dwindles to a spot on the horizon, it shrinks to the dimensions of "a chapel in the infinite".

  32. It dwindles in significance, in pathos, and in power to move us to imitation unless we clearly see the divine glory of the eternal Lord as the background of the gentle lowliness of the Man of Sorrows, and the Cross.

  33. To the faith which realises this great truth, death dwindles to a small matter.

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