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  1. This pulp is the eatable part, and its consistency and flavour are indescribable.

  2. At 6,000 feet, raspberries abound, and thence to the summit of the mountain there are three species of eatable Rubus.

  3. You will see in another week, when people begin to recognize generally what a siege means, that everything eatable will double in price, and in a month only millionaires will be able to purchase them.

  4. The breast is the only eatable part, except when hashed.

  5. The slaughtered animals are chiefly, and almost exclusively, cows selected from the herd; the bulls being eatable only in the months of May and June.

  6. Every eatable part of the animal is carried to the camp and preserved, excepting the feet and the head; but the brains are taken from the skull for the purpose of dressing the skin, or converting it into Indian leather.

  7. It may then be readily boiled to an eatable softness, and affords a palatable food.

  8. By earliest daylight they come crowding around the camp, as though they expected to find something eatable there.

  9. They do not dare to have a meal cooked during daylight, as some of the savages are always on the alert to snatch at anything eatable with bold, open hand.

  10. This manoeuvre is intended to deceive the fish into thinking something eatable has fallen into the water.

  11. In his retrograde movement, as he reported, he "destroyed everything eatable south of Winchester.

  12. A Frenchman lays out his whole revenue upon tawdry suits of cloaths, or in furnishing a magnificent repas of fifty or a hundred dishes, one half of which are not eatable nor intended to be eaten.

  13. A Frenchman lays out his whole revenue upon taudry suits of cloaths, or in furnishing a magnificent repas of fifty or a hundred dishes, one-half of which are not eatable or intended to be eaten.

  14. These arose from a very heavy tax upon land and houses, the portions of maidens, and suits at law, besides the duties upon traffick, a severe gabelle upon the necessaries of life, and a toll upon every eatable entered into this capital.

  15. There are but three houses round London at which an eatable dinner may be obtained.

  16. As in salad, the garnish should be eatable and easily prepared.

  17. Make the garnishing simple, and have it eatable when possible.

  18. No one, who has not served during a campaign, can conceive how impossible it is to get anything like a comfortable meal, or to procure good and eatable bread, not to mention good butter, which was a rarity indeed.

  19. The meat is therefore baked; and the consequence of this baking is, that no meat is eatable or eaten, with its own gravy, but is always accompanied by some sauce more or less piquant.

  20. In order to obtain well-flavoured and eatable meat, we must relinquish the idea of making good soup from it, as that mode of boiling which yields the best soup gives the driest, toughest, and most vapid meat.

  21. They will satisfy their hunger with putrid carcass, or, in short, with anything that is eatable by any other creature.

  22. This was an important question; and by way of answer to it, Basil and Francois took up their guns and walked out to see whether they could fall in with a squirrel or some other eatable creature.

  23. The most extensively diffused eatable roots of Van Diemen's Land are those of the tara fern .

  24. He began by killing and eating his aboriginal congener, and then made it more difficult than ever to keep anything eatable out of reach of his teeth.

  25. The same expedient is to-day in use on Stewart Island and the West Coast --in fact, wherever properly constructed buildings are not available for the storage of things eatable or destructible by the rodents in question.

  26. Chance rewarded our search for eatable vegetables, and one of the most useful products of the tropical zones furnished us with precious food that we missed on board.

  27. He had already eaten many during his numerous voyages, and he knew how to prepare the eatable substance.

  28. Happy Ned proposed to return to this enchanting island the next day, for he wished to depopulate it of all the eatable quadrupeds.

  29. It is eatable from the time it has four or six leaves until it has a hard heart.

  30. Neither had she remembered to bring anything eatable up-stairs with her when the flood drove her from the lower rooms.

  31. The supper was eatable to-night; and so was the breakfast on the Sunday morning; and yet Roger scarcely touched anything.

  32. They were a species of ficoide, some similar to those of the Cape, with eatable fleshy leaves, others bearing seeds containing a sort of flour.

  33. Lories are better food than the jacamar, the flesh of which is rather tough, but it was difficult to persuade Pencroft that he had not killed the king of eatable birds.

  34. Valentyn in his description of the small swallow which builds the eatable nests, says nothing of spots, and only states that the body is veined white and black.

  35. We searched the bottles and knapsacks of the dead for eatable and drinkable things, and enjoyed the things found with the heartiest appetite imaginable.

  36. We took away the papers and valuables of the dead, took possession of the eatable and drinkable stores to be found in the saddle bags attached to the horses and, when the grave was ready, we began to place the dead bodies in it.

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