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Example sentences for "eater"

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eatable; eatables; eate; eatee; eaten; eaters; eates; eatest; eateth; eath
  1. Here also I first met with the pretty Australian Bee-eater (Merops ornatus).

  2. Fire-eater at first remained as hard and unmoved as ice, but little by little he began to melt and to sneeze.

  3. And he pulled out the money that Fire-eater had made him a present of.

  4. She laughed at him and said, "Thou art surely an eater of bran: for thou art like a Bedouin bonnet that falls off at a touch, or a child's toy that a puff of air overturns.

  5. But if the sin-eater hates the dead man, he has the power to fling the transgressions into the sea, to turn them into demons that pursue and torment the flying soul till Judgment Day.

  6. Indian folk-tales appearing in English show that the Jigar-Khor, or Liver-eater of India is a cousin to the vampire, for he can steal your liver by just looking at you.

  7. The sin-eater is a person that by an ancient formula can remove the sins from an unburied corpse and let them in turn be swept away from him by the action of the pure air.

  8. If it had not been for my dream, I do not think the report of the man-eater would have brought me back.

  9. Besides, some natives who had come in before we broke camp told us of a man-eater which had been infesting the district.

  10. European bee-eater and pheasant it is the former, in the swallow and blackcock, the latter.

  11. From what has been said, it becomes clear why the meat-eater craves alcohol and xanthines.

  12. The organism of the meat eater must dispose not only of its own impurities produced in the processes of digestion and of cell metabolism, but also of the morbid substances that are already contained in the animal flesh.

  13. Foemen Among the West Dalers But when the spring was worn into April there fell new tidings: for on a morning early came Stephen the Eater hurrying into the hall at Wethermel and cried aloud: "Bows, bows!

  14. Osberne Parts from Stephen the Eater The next morning Osberne went his way riding on a good horse, and not without treasure in his scrip.

  15. So he turned hand in hand with the Knight of Longshaw, and cried out to Stephen the Eater to gather forth; and in an hour or so they had enough men and to spare.

  16. But gifts were given them largely, over and above their war-pay, and to Osberne and Stephen the Eater in especial.

  17. So then was supper brought in, and Stephen the Eater played as good a part as if he had eaten nought since sunrise.

  18. And Stephen the Eater called a health on the wayfarers; and then one drank to one thing, one to another, and men waxed merry and gleeful.

  19. Withal he had an inkling that Stephen the Eater was somehow his friend in more special way than he was to the rest of the household; so he came home to Wethermel in good case.

  20. And the Eater said: "I have been out a-gates of late, for I deemed that if I might find adventures it would be for thy health.

  21. The Eater smiled, and they fell to talking of other matters as folk came into the chamber to them; and all that came in wondered to see the captain looking so much mended in health.

  22. Even such a fire-eater as Si Kedge "threw up the sponge," as Bumpus put it, and knuckled down to the half grown tyrant.

  23. Thad, "I never before suspected what a fire-eater you could be, Step Hen.

  24. And the fire-eater of the 43rd now dare not face a glass of old port wine!

  25. Methinks sometimes I have no more wit than a Christian or an ordinary man has; but I am great eater of beef, and I believe that does harm to my wit.

  26. The carcass of the man-eater was dragged into the middle of the village amidst shouts of triumph, and the rest of the night was devoted to feasting and rejoicing.

  27. An old betel-eater like Ossaroo does not feel these effects, and would smile at the idea of getting "tipsy" upon pawn.

  28. Quoth Nick: "Your Tree-eater is in action, John.

  29. That was too much for me; and, as the Tree-eater bolted past me, I seized him.

  30. Sixthly that it tourneth not into the nature of the eater to his nourisshemente as other meate dothe: but turneth the eater contrariwise into the nature of it selfe.

  31. The bear is also celebrated in Kriloff's fables as an eater of honey.

  32. Lucian calls a great eater the greatest of all the vultures.

  33. And he said unto them, "Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness.

  34. And they took it up and carried it back to the town, singing as they went, 'He has killed the Nunda, the eater of people.

  35. The lad spent many days hunting the cat, which now bore the name of 'The Nunda, eater of people,' but though he killed many wild animals he saw no trace of the enemy he was hunting for.

  36. In the furthest Africa, at the Cape, the good serpent-eater defends man against the reptiles.

  37. The useful insect-devourer is proscribed as an eater of grain.

  38. While watching this snake-eater over his dinner, one is struck with the remarkable tenacity of life exhibited in the victim, or the slow action of the venom if poisoned in the first grasp.

  39. It is also a fruit-eater to the extent of about one-quarter of its entire bill of fare, but nature, not man, furnishes the supply.

  40. A third time the performance was repeated but now the ant-eater lost his temper.

  41. The ant-eater paid no attention to their clamor; he calmly established himself comfortably on a nearby branch and tore away at the nest, sending a shower of sticks and rubbish rattling to the ground.

  42. The ant-eater then dropped on all fours, leisurely ambled to the nearest tree and, scraping his back on the low branches soon brushed the cub off when he started unconcernedly away.

  43. The ant-eater and the cub discovered one another at about the same instant; but the former ignored the latter without a second thought feeling subconsciously that such an antagonist was not worthy of serious consideration.

  44. Then the ant-eater reared himself straight upright and fanned the air with his murderously armed forefeet; his long, round tongue played out of his minute, toothless mouth like a snake's.

  45. Castanier's attitude; he looked like an opium-eater in a blissful trance.

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