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  1. You see, it's the only appetite of which we are capable that can't be controlled by shifting endocrine balance.

  2. The man can't control his endocrine system properly.

  3. They have no control over their endocrine systems.

  4. And they don't go away entirely when you shift your endocrine balance?

  5. Ah, but perhaps you don't know that our race at one time had no more control over our endocrine systems than those little animals.

  6. I'm not so sure about that endocrine shift, sir," Tensor stated emotionlessly.

  7. But then, after an incredibly short time, the essential chaos within its body due to lack of endocrine control causes it to deteriorate.

  8. Abruptly, he caught himself and readjusted the endocrine balance in his own body to compensate for the character of his thought, and the moody spell passed.

  9. Before this can happen an event announced in the female by the onset of menstruation, two conditions must be fulfilled in the endocrine history of the individual.

  10. An important member of the endocrine board of directors thus drops out, and so a rearrangement of gland activities, a new régime, becomes necessary.

  11. The endocrine is concerned with the fundamental chemistry of sex, the internal secretions, which determine the chemical reactions that provide the free energy for the sex process.

  12. All the landmarks of the life of woman, in their entirety, are erected and dominated by the tides and currents, the phases of concentration and dilution, of the different internal secretions in the endocrine mixture which is the blood.

  13. These, of course, are the crude and simple lines upon which the finer and more complex evolution of the endocrine problems of the school child will build.

  14. Injury to the endocrine organs of one sort or another, ranging all the way from emotional exhaustion to bacterial infection, is the reason usually considered sufficient.

  15. They may also be described as the pure endocrine types, which include a minority of a population.

  16. Only, admittedly, as yet the endocrine label is but roughly qualitative and most crudely quantitative, whereas the chemical formula is the essence of the exact.

  17. Comparison of the endocrine type and the disease assaulting has yielded an even more interesting principle.

  18. There is an endocrine aspect to every human being and every human activity, normal and abnormal, internal process and its external expression, regulated by laws of which we are beginning to catch a glimpse.

  19. They represent what happens when an unbalanced endocrine system is attacked by the placenta.

  20. As happens in a number of thymocentrics, his pituitary must have attempted to compensate for the endocrine deficiencies always present in them.

  21. Often these are endocrine system imbalances or weak endocrine glands, anemias, mild heart conditions.

  22. She was able to stop taking synthetic thyroid hormones and instead, supported her endocrine system with protomorphogens.

  23. Intersexuality and the Endocrine Aspect of Sex.

  24. It is simply all the endocrine or hormone-producing organs organized into a balanced chemical system--adjusted to each other.

  25. They are called endocrine glands or organs, and their chemical contributions to the blood are known as hormones.

  26. This takes us out of cell and endocrine biology and into the general problem in group adjustment to environment which that specialization entails.

  27. The hormones (endocrine or internal secretions) do not come from the ductless glands alone--but the liver and other glands contribute hormones to the blood stream, in addition to their other functions.

  28. The sex glands are especially important as endocrine organs; in fact the somatic cells are organized around the germ cells, as pointed out above.

  29. This secretory or endocrine idea has also given us an entirely new view of sex differences.

  30. That is, the endocrine explanation is the correct one.

  31. Endocrine imbalance should be investigated and treated, as urged by MacNab.

  32. Milder cases get well under liquid diet, rest in bed, endocrine therapy, cure of associated abdominal disease, etcetera.

  33. But you take an ordinary human being and train him on Jupiter, speeding his time-sense and metabolic rate tremendously with certain endocrine secretions so that one day is as a month to him.

  34. The latter gains added interest because it is a disease of the bones which is attributed to dysfunction of the endocrine glands, to a disturbance especially of the parathyroid.

  35. In endeavoring to elucidate this fascinating problem, it has gradually been realized that pathology may be of service--for example, in relation to the involvement of the endocrine glands.

  36. The endocrine hypothesis, suggested by Funk in his monograph, is not without some corroborative evidence.

  37. If the polyneuritis of beriberi and the hemorrhages of scurvy are attributable to a diminished secretion of the endocrine glands, then it will be necessary to revise present conceptions of their physiologic functions.

  38. It has been suggested that scurvy is due to a lack of secretion of the endocrine glands, a question which will be referred to again in considering the relation of scurvy to other "deficiency diseases.

  39. The blood-picture bears a remarkable similarity to that of chlorosis, a point of interest, in view of the fact that both scurvy and chlorosis have been attributed to a disordered function of the endocrine glands.

  40. In general, it may be stated that there are two main views: one that the vitamine acts directly, and the other that it acts indirectly through the function of the endocrine glands.

  41. Of the endocrine glands, we will mention only two, which are known to play an important part in mental life.

  42. Another physical anomaly, which is presumably of endocrine origin, is the suppression of the menses.

  43. Another symptom suggestive of involuntary nervous system or endocrine disorder is the highly frequent suppression of the menstrual function.

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