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Example sentences for "evaluating"

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  1. Evaluating the Seedlings The nuts were harvested in the fall after they had dropped, or, with the later maturing seedlings and those which tended to cling to the tree, they were harvested by picking or shaking them from the tree.

  2. A method of evaluating the nuts of black walnut varieties.

  3. The quality and value of the nuts are, however, the most important initial consideration in selecting a variety on its merit and there should be some objective test adopted to aid in evaluating nut samples.

  4. Because the individual organism lacks adequate data for evaluating the available programs.

  5. Each item of data, which is considered significant in evaluating an applicant, is plotted individually against standards which have been derived from an examination of all possible sources of information.

  6. This offers no support to the opinion expressed by Yerkes and Bridges that "at certain ages serious injustice will be done individuals by evaluating their scores in the light of norms which do not take account of sex differences.

  7. It means the perfection of another and a very important measuring stick for evaluating educational practices, and in particular for diagnosing individual possibilities and needs.

  8. Treatment of BW agent patients may require observing and evaluating the individual to determine necessary medications, isolation, or management.

  9. In comparing the value of different chemical fractions it probably gives a fair enough basis for evaluating their relative power but it is not entirely satisfactory as a quantitive measure of vitamine content.

  10. Is there any way of evaluating his score of 113?

  11. CRANE: We are not evaluating the black walnut, though.

  12. Now, at the present time we have no standard method for evaluating the nut.

  13. A simple system for evaluating and presenting avian data is badly needed so that those interested in birds, whether technically trained or not, can easily grasp the implications of proposed actions.

  14. Because the dearth of easily available, applicable information poses a problem in evaluating the various factors, our scoring was conservative.

  15. Under a grant from the API, the center is currently evaluating various cleaning agents, and testing the pressurized jet versus serial baths and the re-establishment of feather waterproofing.

  16. The maximum size fish that can be eaten by marine birds is, therefore, important in evaluating predation on a given species of fish.

  17. The approach is on a commercial basis and the method is not intended for use in evaluating small samples.

  18. Size of nut, thickness of shell, cracking qualities are desirable traits but they might not be deciding factors in evaluating a tree.

  19. Any process for evaluating a definite integral is a process of integration, and the rules for evaluating integrals constitute the integral calculus.

  20. When he made out these laws there was no method of evaluating areas except the Greek methods.

  21. The notation refers to a method of evaluating the integral.

  22. This resolution is the inverse of the process of evaluating an indeterminate form of the type [oo] - [oo].

  23. An important application of the theorem of intermediate value and its generalization can be made to the problem of evaluating certain limits.

  24. Evaluating Potential Rooting Ability One of the most instructive things a water-wise gardener can do is to rent or borrow a hand-operated fence post auger and bore a 3-foot-deep hole.

  25. In further evaluating this head wound, I will refer back to the X-rays which we had previously prepared.

  26. While politicians might still perform their script in a literate manner, the centers of power choose the most efficient means for evaluating each new coalition.

  27. It has reflected changes in criteria for evaluating writing and writing skills as the pragmatic framework of human activity changed through time.

  28. We do not yet know how to express and quantify the need for education, how to select the means and criteria for evaluating performance.

  29. They develop their own language and criteria for evaluating the efficiency of their specialized practice and of their mediating function in a society of many and varied forms of mediation.

  30. The following standards are offered as a basis for evaluating the various possibilities for such laboratory problems: 1.

  31. As suggestive of ways for evaluating results.

  32. A useful tool for evaluating political democracy can be found in Ranney and Kendall's Democracy and the American Party System.

  33. This study has investigated the full institutional structure of the Fair Play frontier, evaluating that structure in terms of a developing democracy, or, at least, of democratic tendencies.

  34. In evaluating Nicholson's doctrine, I wish to point out, first, the inaccuracy of the statement that all credit rests on a gold basis.

  35. Let us enumerate some of the points: There is nowhere in the world so much expert judgment in the grading and evaluating of hundreds of commodities from all parts of the world.

  36. An average price-level P means nothing till the rules for obtaining the average are specified, and independent rules for evaluating P and T may not satisfy [the equation.

  37. We have held constructive comparison in its economic phase to be a reciprocal evaluating of the "salient members" of two budgets.

  38. He had probably eliminated the problem of their escape by evaluating it as impossible.

  39. You cannot be evaluating properly under such conditions.

  40. She had no idea if his oath covered sex with his chosen lady--she suspected it could if she wanted it to--but either way she was supposed to be evaluating a new technique, not thinking about who to take to bed.

  41. Odeon had been more concerned with keeping his stomach under control than with evaluating her methods and techniques, but thinking back, he realized she had kept them to the basics.

  42. Is there anything else depicted by that X-ray of material assistance in evaluating the Governor's wound?

  43. Mr. Cole, would the production of Cyrillic writing, that is writing in the Russian language, be useful to you in evaluating the signature on 819?

  44. His dark eyes assessed Hawksworth with a practiced sidelong glance, evaluating his attire, his importance, and the approximate cash value of his sword in a single sweep.

  45. The man took the sword without a word, examined it for a moment as though evaluating its workmanship, then turned to lead the way.

  46. Instead he traced his finger along the railing of the balcony in silence and seemed to listen to the distant pigeons as he rotated the answer in his mind, knowing it was a lie and quickly evaluating the possible reasons why.

  47. He knew his own brain was not dictating the commands of control to his fingertips, nor was it evaluating for itself the madly fluctuating values indicated on the panels.

  48. There was silence for a tiny eternity, and he could feel them probing, evaluating him, as a human scientist would study a rare species in a cage.

  49. Here again is noted the close parallelism in the process of evaluating direct and indirect goods.

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