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Example sentences for "felicitations"

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felici; felicitate; felicitated; felicitating; felicitation; felicitatis; feliciter; felicitie; felicities; felicitous
  1. The next morning he received the felicitations of the national guard, the municipal body, &c.

  2. Retarded by the crowd, that accumulated on his way, and by the felicitations of the troops and the generals, who had run to meet him, he could not reach it till nine in the evening.

  3. And Alfred appeared from the inner salon, where he was talking to Madame Beck, receiving the blended felicitations and reprimands of that lady.

  4. Do me the favour to leave this little basket at the house of Madame Walravens, with my felicitations on her fête.

  5. Felicitations on long life and a list of the most venerable persons of all times serve to remind the controlling deities to what length human endurance can proceed if suitably encouraged.

  6. To his own supreme confusion, Dick Kennedy came in for a large share in the jovial felicitations of the night.

  7. The warm greetings and felicitations of which our travellers were the recipients may be imagined.

  8. At once, upon word of all this, a thousand encouragements were offered, and felicitations came pouring in from all quarters.

  9. Meanwhile, the room became crowded with townspeople in holiday costume, all wearing the white cockade, and exchanging with one another the warmest felicitations at the happy event.

  10. While he hurried me to a dressing-room, he overwhelmed me with felicitations on the result of the day.

  11. Many pupils refused to add their felicitations to the mean adulations of the constituted bodies.

  12. II It was entirely fitting, no doubt, when the felicitations of certain of the older parishioners on his initial sermon were over, that Mr. Hodder should be carried westward to lunch with the first layman of the diocese.

  13. The felicitations of his new-found friend and convert, Mr. Tooting, Mr. Crewe cut short with the terseness of a born commander.

  14. These are specimens of the Hungarian nation of the frantic description, who, after carrying felicitations to the Provisional Government in the name of their country, are now parading the streets to show themselves off.

  15. Here again, proposals for congratulatory addresses, and felicitations to the Government, from all manner of various representatives of nations resident in Paris.

  16. Richelieu attempted to make head against the storm and repaired to the King’s apartments, where he found his Majesty receiving the felicitations of a crowd of courtiers with the air of one who had just gained a great battle.

  17. After rather a whirl of felicitations we went into the drawing-room for a few minutes, had tea (of course), and I talked to some of the people whom I had not seen before.

  18. We were all again in Court dress at 11 this morning to go to the Palace and present our felicitations to the Imperial couple.

  19. They had supposed everybody knew it, by this time, but she said she had not heard a word of it; and she went on with some felicitations which March found rather unduly filial.

  20. At the foot of the grand staircase leading to the boxes the manager stood in evening dress, receiving his friends and their felicitations upon the honor which the theatre was sure to do itself on an occasion so august.

  21. The world outside is bidden to the feast, and to beautiful Rio de Janeiro many nations are sending their envoys with felicitations and gifts.

  22. Then came glory,--forty conquered kings, and at last the triumphal tribute of three hundred nations, and the united felicitations of western crowns.

  23. Sophia Clarke received her cousin at the Euston station, and was profuse of felicitations and compliments upon her arrival and personal appearance.

  24. It was a boisterously jolly meeting, as far as shaking hands and mutual felicitations on each other's good looks and health went.

  25. Dear Sir, I received two days ago your favor of the 16th, and thank you for your kind felicitations on my election: but whether it will be a subject of felicitation permanently, will be for chapters of future history to say.

  26. The parents of the bride stand a little apart from this party and receive the felicitations of their guests in behalf of their daughter's welfare.

  27. Felicitations follow as a matter of course.

  28. To hear his courtiers, one would have said that the age of gold had returned in France; the felicitations offered him took an idyllic tone.

  29. The next day the King received the felicitations of the Corps de l'Etat.

  30. Sophia Clark received her cousin at the Euston station, and was profuse of felicitations and compliments upon her arrival and personal appearance.

  31. The crowd, which followed the train of Hymen, had begun to weary with the repetition of the same ceremonies, and it now gladly lent itself to the episode of the felicitations and entreaties of the half-intoxicated Neapolitan.

  32. The Allied representatives felt more happy and secure as a result of these felicitations than they had done for some time, and the Russian authorities began to feel it possible to press on with the work of "resurrection.

  33. It was a boisterously-jolly meeting, as far as shaking hands and mutual felicitations on each other's good looks and health went.

  34. There followed an overflowing half-column of warmest praise, embodying felicitations to the unnamed city so fortunate as to secure this "peerless pleader and Prince of Gentlemen.

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