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Example sentences for "fireflies"

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  1. Then he pointed toward a spot where hoards of fireflies clustered around one tree, twinkling and swerving to and fro.

  2. Fireflies abandon every tree and shrub for the fire-tree the moment it puts forth its buds, and nothing can coax them away until the ominous scarlet blossoms have drooped and fallen to the ground.

  3. At these times the fireflies are seen flitting about from hedge to hedge.

  4. Numbers of fireflies were hovering about, and the musquitoes were very troublesome.

  5. A few fireflies flitted by us; and the solitary snipe, as it rose, uttered its plaintive cry.

  6. In their foreheads were little lights, and in the dark tunnels of the Earth these shone like fireflies or little lost stars.

  7. The obi, that crowning glory of a Japanese woman's dress, was of blue gray satin, with embroidered fireflies of gold.

  8. She wore a single hairpin, a filigree toy of gold and tinsel representing fireflies in a tiny cage.

  9. And all night long, I would swing and sleep While fireflies lighted their lamps to peep-- "Oh, hush!

  10. As I lay on my couch I could see the dark shadow and rugged crest of the mountain; above it, the silver stars against the blue, and below it the rival lights of the fireflies against the dark background formed by the mountain itself.

  11. They sparkle, these northern fireflies of ours, with a dainty glint that merely emphasizes the darkness.

  12. The lights of our fireflies are more like a frosting of the darkness, as when the moon shines in winter and the light glints from ice crystals hung on the frozen grass.

  13. After you see them, the glint of the fireflies flitting hither and thither, starring the meadows as thickly as distant suns star the sky, making a milky way of the brookside and flashing comet-like along the dry upland, is singularly vivid.

  14. Well, it was still evening, you know, and the little fireflies who had crawled into the lamps made them as bright as possible, so it wasn't hard to steer the automobile.

  15. Under it bend the silver tips of the dark blue coral trees, And fireflies like glass fish Drift and ripple upwards in the breeze.

  16. On all sides of the chapel, in every little niche, and at every shrine, tapers were burning like fireflies in a summer twilight.

  17. Perhaps that is what Froude saw which made him say in his book that there are fireflies in Barbados--who can tell?

  18. When the darkness settled their lamps were lit, according to the local laws, and the lanterns looked like fireflies as they spun along the hard roads.

  19. And yonder, behind the fireflies in the bushes?

  20. Natural Fireworks The fireflies in the valley Are having their display Among the river willows Like little bits of day!

  21. Then, oh, the world will wonder To see the willows shine, And even the fireflies will not know Their tiny sparks from mine.

  22. Although fireflies have been used here and there by primitive folk, they could hardly have been the first lamp.

  23. At dusk millions of fireflies came out, the earth grew velvet black, and the soft, tepid air breathed up from the river.

  24. The fireflies had been in bed since midnight.

  25. Fireflies glimmered in the rushes, and a bat pursued a velvety-winged moth.

  26. Anne watched them as she talked and somehow felt that wind and stars and fireflies were all tangled up together into something unutterably sweet and enchanting.

  27. One clear star hung over the orchard and the fireflies were flitting over in Lover's Lane, in and out among the ferns and rustling boughs.

  28. Again and again I thought we were at our journey's end, but the lights ahead of us proved to be fireflies which flitted off at our approach.

  29. Specks of phosphorescent light twinkled among the leaves, but the fireflies were familiar and Evelyn welcomed them.

  30. There was nothing to be seen but shadowy trunks that loomed through the mist a yard or two off, and faint specks of phosphorescent light where the fireflies twinkled.

  31. The stars could hardly be seen between the branches, but from the ground to the leafy roof the fireflies sparkled restlessly.

  32. The rose in the sky turned to pearl, the fireflies grew brilliant, and the wind brought the murmur of streams and the louder rustling of the poplar leaves.

  33. The restless and multitudinous flicker of the fireflies but emphasized the shadow, and the stars seemed few and dim.

  34. Fireflies shone and grey moths went by to the lighted windows; above the treetops a bat wheeled and wheeled.

  35. It was twilight when he dismounted, the fireflies thick in the oak scrub and up and down the pale roads, a crescent moon in the sky, and from somewhere the sound of wind in the pine-tops.

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