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Example sentences for "firelight"

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  1. The firelight faded into the distance, and half-dreaming, half-waking, she drifted into a chaotic world of fancies and realities.

  2. She stood opposite her brother, with her elbow resting on the mantelpiece, and the firelight betrayed a warning flash in the wide-open eyes and a tense line about the mouth which boded not altogether well for peace.

  3. My dear, the look in your poor face to-night, as you sat with the firelight gleaming upon it, will haunt me till I die.

  4. A lady stood on the top step of the flight; but in the darkness, with her eyes blind almost with looking at the firelight and the future, Dolly did not recognize Mrs. Werner.

  5. Lylda's fingers stroked his brown curly head as it nestled against her knees; the firelight shone golden in his tousled curls.

  6. Her skin was smooth as a pearl; in the mellow firelight it glowed, with the iridescence of a shell.

  7. People did not call him old, for the alertness and force of youth radiated from him, and his gray eyes were clear and his color fresh, yet the face was lined heavily, and the thick thatch of hair shone in the firelight silvery white.

  8. In my cozy, soft bed under the blankets, the firelight playing on the walls, the fine organ open and ready for use, I lay often with wide open eyes, wondering if I were myself or another.

  9. Where the firelight fell Audrey could faintly distinguish a line of road, probably the one leading to the mansion.

  10. Again the cart drew up, and a glimmer of firelight showed her the low thatched roof of another shanty.

  11. In the camp surrounded by a hedge of thorns, in the firelight flickering on the shoulder blades and teeth of the negroes, the wraith of her living self would sit at his side, radiant in the dress that she had worn last night.

  12. The firelight appeared to give life to the many rows of books, as though all the fine emotions stored between those covers were consuming the leather that was intricately tooled with gold.

  13. They had seen the whips of hippopotamus hide, long and flexible, translucent in the firelight like streams of amber.

  14. Banking on this, I venture to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the "Firelight Fairy Book.

  15. One of the pleasures of my visit to the old house was listening in the firelight to grandfather's 'dragon tales,' as we called them.

  16. Phil snuggled down against him like a little bird in a warm nest, and there they sat in the firelight together.

  17. See that house over there with the firelight shining through the windows, so bright and warm?

  18. Now and then he took the pipe from his mouth, and she knew the look that had come into his gray eyes, though she saw only the profile of his bearded face as the firelight limned it.

  19. She turned so that the firelight fell upon her face and raised a fan to shield her cheek from the heat.

  20. There they knelt with folded hands, and said Low, soft words in stammering accents sweet; In the firelight shone their golden hair And white robes: my darlings looked so fair, With their little bare and rosy feet!

  21. Altogether, it was with a curiously disturbed and divided mind, in which bitterness and resentment were uppermost, that the Wolfhound gazed now at the man sitting in the firelight by Bill's gunyah.

  22. No sooner had Finn entered the outermost ring of dim firelight than the man looked up and saw, not the whole of him, but the light flickering on his legs.

  23. Now we see the glad face and glowing form of Joy, sitting merrily in the old chair, and throwing a warm firelight radiance over all the household.

  24. The rays of firelight were flickering upon it in such a manner that it really seemed as if its oaken frame were all alive.

  25. On a gleaming mahogany sideboard were bottles of cut-glass, ruby, diamond, and amber; bottles in which the soft firelight gleamed and was repeated in a thousand twinkling points.

  26. For he sensed that he was still deep underground, and was puzzled by the dancing firelight and warmth all around him.

  27. The firelight returned with its dancing glow, as Kalus slumped to the ground.

  28. The flickering firelight showed sheer anger on the young man's face--sheer brutal anger.

  29. The firelight upon her face showed him her thoughtful eyes; but they were turned not toward him but toward the bed of coals.

  30. He came a step closer and the firelight showed how the muscles of his throat were working.

  31. Home I came back late and tired last night Into my little room, To the long chair and the firelight And comfortable gloom.

  32. It was some trick of the firelight That made me see her there.

  33. The firelight flickering on the face of the stranger showed no sign there of annoyance.

  34. The bags full of their other belongings lay at a little distance, and the firelight playing upon them showed that they were secure.

  35. For the clouds outside had broken at last, the rain was pouring and the blue room save for the firelight would have been in darkness.

  36. In the firelight he flushed deeply at the thought, and again impulse stirred and nearly overwhelmed him.

  37. The dogs were beyond, herded far within the shelter, their fierce eyes agleam with a reflection of the feeble firelight as they gazed out hungrily in its direction.

  38. Slowly the power of the firelight lessened.

  39. The fitful firelight only served to emphasize the intensity of surrounding darkness.

  40. Harley lingered a little by the firelight and joined Hobart and the crowd.

  41. To Harley, with the flame of the firelight on her face and the glow of the coals throwing patches of red and gold on her hair, she seemed some brilliant spirit come to light up the gloomy place.

  42. There was even a cheerful smell of cooking at the end of one of the corridors, and he had caught a glimpse of two or three aproned lay brothers, busy in the firelight and glow of a huge kitchen, over great copper pans.

  43. The firelight seemed to make the ferocious faces of the tribe still more hideous.

  44. Soon Dot could see a great red glare of firelight through the trees ahead of their track, and she knew that in that place the tribe of Black men were having a festive dance.

  45. She thanked him with words that he did not hear, he was so intent in watching her face, as the firelight played on it.

  46. Now the firelight was too feeble to show more than one thing--the haunted eyes of the girl, as she cowered away from him.

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